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resize, rename and save photo as new?

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As a real estate web admin, I get dozens of photos every day.

Since our site uses them in different ways, I need to resize each one in photoshop to at least 3 different sizes, and upload them into three different folders. I do it this way because some ways they are used cannot handle the full sized photo simply "virtually" resized (the file size is still the same and uses the same bandwidth as the original photo even though it displays smaller).

What I would like to do is be able to dynamically resize, rename and save the original to the various folders ... and have three completely new originals with their respective actual file sizes.

I tried playing around with some code, and can get it to resize, rename and store, but they all still retain the original file size from the server.
Any ideas?


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html has something really sweet for that called img :)

if u put in this:

<img src="upload8647987448.jpg" name="size1" width="32" height="32">
<img src="upload8647987448.jpg" name="size2" width="64" height="64">
<img src="upload8647987448.jpg" name="size3" width="128" height="128">

then when you right click on this photo and click save target as... the picture will be 32,32 or 64,64 or 128,128 i do not recommend to enlarge a photo from it original size through <img> how would you feel if they stretched you? (blurred?) ofcourse the smaller a large photo is resized the better it will look :)

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