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Having An Issue

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Hello Guys & Gals.

I had someone design a Script for me for my poker tour, and I made a New Layout and Now there are errors and Can not install the rest of it to work.

Can Someone please HELP!!!

[a href=\"http://www.royalflushpt.com/schedul.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.royalflushpt.com/schedul.php[/a] And [a href=\"http://www.royalflushpt.com/normal_lb.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.royalflushpt.com/normal_lb.php[/a] plus there are other scripts that need to be setup so that I can have everything working.

My Deadline was 10Am Today, so if someone can help me please contact me....!

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From the errors it looks like firstly you don't have mySQL set up right, the script can't connect to the database. Did the person who made the script for you say anything about the database it requires and setting it up?

And I'm guessing you also put the Dreamweaver(?) content into the script when you made your new layout, which is messing up the headers. If you want to do that, you'll have to investigate [a href=\"http://www.php.net/outcontrol\" target=\"_blank\"]output buffering[/a] or store it in a variable and output it at the appropriate part of the script.

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'headers already sent' -> one solution remove all output before calling session_start(); (also do not put session_start(); on top of every page, this is not recommended!) or use

$buffer = ob_get_contents();

and only call session_start(); whenever you need some session variables do not forget to use session_close(); after. You can also put all session variables in the global scope ($GLOBALS) however again do this only when you have a script like:

$protects = array('_REQUEST', '_GET', '_POST', '_COOKIE', '_FILES', '_SERVER', '_ENV', 'GLOBALS', '_SESSION');

foreach ($protects as $protect) {
if ( in_array($protect , array_keys($_REQUEST)) ||
in_array($protect , array_keys($_GET)) ||
in_array($protect , array_keys($_POST)) ||
in_array($protect , array_keys($_COOKIE)) ||
in_array($protect , array_keys($_FILES))) {
die("Invalid Request.");

to protect what is inside your global scope. Kinda will solve your first problem...


'gilman69_poker' is not recognized as a host -> check your configuration... (normally this would be localhost) I said normally...

classes and templates... really gets rid of all the fuss :)

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