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~,~ Getting the code... anywhere?

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I have some expirence with C++, lots of experience with HTML (not even worth bragging about html though :P) which seems to have some relation to PhP (C++ atleast). I installed WAMP after many failed tries of installing php/apache/MySql. I havent written any code yet, but where do I get it compiled, before putting it online? Can I see my php on an unlaunched site? (I still need to compile it somewhere though, right? Or is it like html...? With variables?)

This has probably been asked many times, but I couldent find it anywhere, all the tutorials I found went from installing your resources to writing php, with no stop to say how to compile, veiw it :/. (Sorry for being a noob :P)

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You dont need to complile your PHP code. PHP is a server side programming lanagugage meaning is parsed on the server. All you need to do is save you PHP scripts with a .php file extension to the folder which the files get seen by the server. If yo uhave WAMP installed then it'll most likely be [i]C:\program files\Apache Group\Apache 2\htdocs[/i]

Now if you open up a web browser, IE, FF opera etc. Now if you type in [a href=\"http://localhost/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://localhost/[/a] in the address bar and hit enter you should now see your servers root directory with a list of files and folders. Simply click on one of files/folders to view it.

No compiling is needed at all for you PHP scripts.

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