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automatic Apache authentication for local PHP scripts?

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I have a .htaccess protected <directory>, that needs a username/password to be opened.


I want all local php scripts to be able to scan this directory or to load data from it?


how can i do this?


I tried to use PHP: apache_setenv(_local_, \"\") function with the directive: allow from env=_local_

but this function is known to be infunctional (apache crashes on my machine, no matter what env_variable I want to define)


I tried to use

SetEnvIfNoCase SCRIPT_FILENAME \"SetEnvIfNoCase SCRIPT_FILENAME \"H:/_webroot_/test.php\" _local_


allow from env _local_ but access is denied but the ouput of $_SERVER[\'SCRIPT_FILENAME\'] is \"H:/_webroot_/test.php\"!


Is it possible to use PHP: apache_note() for this purpose? I can\'t find any suitable information about how to read the notes with apache.


thx for any reply.


machine: windows XP Pro, Apache 2.43, PHP 4.32

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