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Strange MySQL error

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this page is supposed to query the database using variables supplied in a form. however, I cannot get the query to work right. I keep getting this error and i don\'t understand what it means.

Warning: mysql_query(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /webhomes/dwright/public_html/dbsearch.php on line 12

this is the code that\'s causing it


$Author = $_POST[\'Author\']; 

$Title = $_POST[\'Title\']; 

$Topic = $_POST[\'Topic\']; 

$min_year = $_POST[\'min_year\']; 

$max_year = $_POST[\'max_year\']; 

$advisor = $_POST[\'advisor\']; 

$Link = mysql_connect("computer", "username", "password");

$query_database_search = "SELECT Title, Firstname, Middlename, Lastname, TR_Id FROM Students WHERE Lastname = \'$Author\' ";

$database_search = mysql_query("comps", $query_database_search) or die(mysql_error());


does anyone know what i\'m doing wrong here?

Thank you

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