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Help! Can't execute system commands on Windows XP with PHP

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Hey guys,

Having a ton of trouble getting apache/php to run system commands on a windows XP machine. PHP works fine, I used the downloads from this website for the install / dlls. The problem is, I'm trying to develop a front end that uses AJAX/Javascript to run system commands to applications such as winamp, so forth. I'm not sure if the problem is permissions or what. I've tried millions of combinations that I've read about, but no go. It may be the way I need to run apps on Windows?The script will just execute with no problem, no errors, however the app will not show. if someone could show me how to run say windows calculator (calc.exe in system32) where it runs and opens on the screen that would be great. I've spent many hours getting no where.. help!! BTW, I went to apache because I had the same problem with IIS...



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Are you planning on running the script you are devloping in a live envrionment, eg host it on the internet. If so then your script wont actually launch any appas from the users computer but it will from the server as PHP is server side. Or is this just for for personal use on just your PC?

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