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[SOLVED] How to set the include path to Zend


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I am trying to get started with the Zend Framework, but I am stumped by my total ignorance of anything to do with php.ini

I am on a shared server, but apparently I can rewrite the local php.ini file

But I don't know what that is or where to find it, or do I have to create it?

And apparently it can be done through htaccess


I have tried this line in the file that calls up Zend:




where /home/djtutor/ is the root, and is where the Zend Library has been uploaded to



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I've tried:


if(set_include_path('/home/djtutor/') === false) {

die('Include path failed');



where the Zend folder (named: library) is at /home/djtutor/


Doesn't work. Doesn't give the error message either.


I don't have permission to use .htaccess to set include paths.



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