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  1. Im with you smoseley ^^ ive been a notepad++ person for as long as i recall but i recently discovered JetBrains PhpStorm. it is by far the best editor in years. it has so many cool lil features. I think you should all go try it out!
  2. nice crisp design, nice page effects too. not much of a designer myself but like the code
  3. it certainly isnt any harder!
  4. you lot need to get out more. imagine if phpfreaks went down for this length of time
  5. good luck, and of course come back here if you get stuck, we are all happy to help
  6. well i will state that anyone in europe, and definately in the UK, will probably say what i said since our money is pound sign £££££ and so when i saw that I was like WTF? lol dont take this the wrong way, buy why does america have to change everything to suit them and ignore things that have been in place for years. i cried when i discovered they got sulphur changed to sulfur, bad day for science. the pound was very well established long before computers or perhaps before the name hash came around, at least when refering to that symbol, rather than the drug of course! ok rant done, but since you are going to be offering this site globally (hey it is the internet after all), perhaps its worth stating its also known as hash, but will be refered to as pound herein. so readers get to know about both, i quite like octathorp myself!
  7. this is why the matrix needs building, logins are so 21st century
  8. if you want to read a file on your server use fopen() i linked a simple example not sure why you have md5 in your code, as thats for hashing passwords
  9. i think what you are suggesting is fine really, it would put off most casual attempts to break in, and like stated, how 'important' is your site, is it really going to attract people who want to access the data, its not like you are a bank or the playstation network
  10. when i pageinate, that sounds odd for a start, anyway back on subject, i often use a select box to apply the filter, then grab it when form posts to itself (the pagenation page). but to keep the pagenation working you need to add an extra value to the string, so ?page=1&type=action. what you are describing is a filter not pageination, but you can combine the 2 . pageination shows several pages of the same dataset, changing category changes the results.
  11. includes is what you are after i think really it turns 2 pages into one, which really is like going from one to another which is what you want isnt it?
  12. the form isnt populating as you are not putting the $_POST values into the variables so they remain empty/blank the die statements are AFTER this so shouldnt affect populating, if they are causing issues, change them to echo statements while debugging
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