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  1. why cant you use override_function ()?? or how about if its in a class, extend the class, and use polymorphism to overwrite it?
  2. i was going to suggest the same as the two entries above. date and time will never be the same until time travel is invented
  3. you have not specified in mysql_fetch_array the result type, you have got in your instance MYSQL_BOTH so you get 2 of everything EDIT:: look it is all here: http://php.net/manual/en/function.mysql-fetch-array.php
  4. if you use php to change the page title to a url safe equivilent, you will need to store is somewhere or how else will you look it up?, you cannot second guess where you have removed apostrophe from in a page title to make it url safe. you need an extra column in the database, also also need to check on insert/update that it is unique, so that you dont get 2 pages with the same url
  5. page name works but certain characters might mess things up, so a page name might be johnny's gallery you want to have another colum called pagelink (or whatever you want to call it) and replace out the characters to become johnnys_gallery
  6. if you want to use javascript, which is correct for what you say, a library like jquery would facilitate this. what you have posted is irrelevant in some respects to your query, its php code to populate the dropdown, really this should be moved to the javascript section, as what you want to do is going to be javascript try adding onchange="alert(this.value.selected);" into the select tag (i havent checked that so it might now work) it should alert the selected value. also you dont appear to be using the parsed price for anything.
  7. perservance, got it to work http://forums.phpfreaks.com/index.php?topic=268025.0
  8. Hi all, I am getting thise error: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function printer_open() im running win 7 64bit, iis7 and php 5.2.9 i have worked out that my dll is missing but it seems there isnt one available for my set u. does anyone know if this extension was abandoned by its author? i looked on http://pecl.php.net/package/printer here and it seems to have no updates for ages. I am just trying to confirm if it is still considered active, for want of a better phrase, or if it is going the same way as the dodo! Many Thanks
  9. Thanks for all the replies guys, specially that last one maniacdan. I am just another developer in the group of others, so seems i might have to just suck it up and see! It wont stop me from trying to improve things though.
  10. well i have to disagree on that last point, because I would rather find a different job than work in one where i am being forced to code badly or in a manner that I used to many years ago, before I knew how to code better. however the money is making me stay for now I will see how it pans out over the next few months.
  11. not sure if this is what you are after, but i built my cousin a client login and file download area for his wireline logging company (which is surveying for coal etc for mining companies) its pretty simple but he says its brilliant for him, he can upload data, and then select who gets to see it, from public(all), per company, or per employee(of a client company), he could even add his own staff too if he desired.
  12. this is one of my biggest fears, coming across the wrong way , i am no wanting to upset anyone and so its important i suggest things with constructive criticism. like: "if you had a normalized database with proper indexed keys and foreign keys, it will perform better" rather than "the database is crap". over 200 tables and not one 'official' relationship!!
  13. yeah the data thing I guess isnt the biggest concern but its my start point! I understand the argument of data protection but since with my login i could access anything via the system anyway, why not give me the database too? I havent addressed anything to the boss yet, since I wasnt prepared for the response I got originally. I will have to investigate the oracle data masking, not sure what t is but the name kinda gives me a big clue! When i see files with 20 include_once in them, functions littered with echoed html code inside them, inline styling and not style classes in a seperate style sheet, errors supressed not fixed, there is only 1 class used in the entire site, and that i think was opensource, it just makes me shudder. All I want to do is fix stuff and its like its not important, in my interview part of my role was to optimise sql statements to make them quicker, but surely having all the php & html correct will only improve performance as well.. I'm going to suggest an MVC rebuild in time, but i dont know enough of the system yet to put forward a bullet proof proposal. It is very easy to make a list of things that a wrong, not so easy to make the list f suggested alternatives. The other devs i spoke to vocally agree with me, i would need to get them commited rather than saying yes this is good and then not backing me up when push comes to shove
  14. lets put it this way, when he said why did i put in a missing content type declaration since its worked fine without it before...... i might just go direct to MD as he wrote the original system about 7 years ago before it turned into the code of frankenstein
  15. I'm begining to think that a bit myself now, but I hope it doesnt come to that, I think I can really improve things here, and I would rather do that than just give up at the first wall I hit.
  16. Some regulars might recall I got a new job recently, and its going well but there are so many things in place here that I have never experienced before and instinctively to me are all incorrect. I will try not to just make a list of negatives because that will be more of a rant that no one other than me cares about. All our internal systems are just one big website, and are in need of a ground up rewrite(this is my other proposal im working on too). The problem I have is my boss seems to be either not interested or doesnt care. My first alarm bell was him setting up my pc for my local dev environment, IIS 5 with php on win xp. well ok, if thats what it is thats what it is. when i finally get up and running, the site fails to work as its littered with $_SERVER['argv'] which is removed from the latest php, so the guy was unable to even set up the correct environment for me. i had to work all this out for myself, however i also ended up getting a new pc with win 7, so now im on IIS7 with php 5.2.9. the database we are connected to is over 3 years out of date from the live environment and he is quoting data protection as a reason not to use an upto date database!!! i told him how can i simulate anything without uptodate data, how can i analysis anything to do with performance if the tables i have on my environment represent 10% of the actual rows in some tables on the live database. heck even some pages on the intranet return messages stating things like table doesnt exist on database, its that far out of date. Im trying to build a contructive list of pros to why we should have upto date data, and cons of having outof date data, so far i have come up with this: Its unheard of, and its standard practice for a dev to mirror the live. I cannot test effciency of my code against data that isnt representative of the real thing. how can i learn the structure of the database if some of the tables are missing from the dev environment. i cannot analyse errors that occur on the live that are related to specific sql selects if i dont have that data myself to look at. I am looking for other points that I havent thought of to bolster my argument, as im sure there are plenty of others i havent come up with.
  17. congratulations! best bit of (genetic) coding you ever made
  18. cheers for the feedback, i am thinking of splitting the images just for the reasons you mention, windows maintenace for want of a better phrase. when i tried to copy the whole folder it took several atempts to not lock up and eventually when it did work the process was many many hours!
  19. spiderwell

    IE help

    there is no character encoding declared, or document type, or at least not CORRECTLY declared what on earth is <html lang="en" slick-uniqueid="3">?!?! it should be <!DOCTYPE html> for html 5 this: <meta charset="utf-8"> would look better like this: <meta content="text/html;charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type">
  20. Hi all, So i just discovered the image directory at my work and it has 145k images in it. This seems to me like too many to have in one place. Does anyone know the implications of so many images in one place, such as would it be slower to fetch images from a directory like that compared to say one with 1000 images. I am assumming with no knowledge that it might well do that but I dont know and my googe searches didnt give me anything concrete. I know if i was to list every file it would obviously take longer but just showing a few images on a per image basis would speed be affected? the server set up is (and god i need to get them to change this) php 5.2 on IIS5 thanks
  21. i would add caveat but im too stoned to bother
  22. you say blank page, if yo view sorce does it show the php code? try this link, it might help you out, it helped me out:https://forums.iis.net/t/1149374.aspx
  23. open a cmd window, change directory to c:\php and type php -info see what happens. have you set up your ini correctly for windows? mine kept looking for php.ini in c:\windows which was why it was falling over, so i had to change that setting
  24. I seem to generate the most interest from cwjobs, but its also on totaljobs
  25. my CV isnt that impressive, or at least I dont think so! I think the main reason of my improved stituation is down to moving to london!! however my CV is here:
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