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  1. Thanks so much Barand - that works a treat. Would never have worked it out myself Cheers
  2. Hi gents, Thanks so much for your replies but sadly that doesn't work as it gives me everyone who is a Member of group 7 OR group 8 and I need to know who is in both group 7 AND group 8 (many people have multiple roles). Any ideas? Cheers
  3. Hello, We have a (complicated!) Drupal database in which users can be assigned multiple roles (member, leader, coordinator, etc) I have a query to get info about all our members (users_roles.rid = 7) but I need to get a list of people who are members AND leaders (users_roles.rid = 8 ) but this doesn't work: SELECT users.uid, users.`name`, users.mail, users.created, users_roles.rid, field_data_field_first_name.field_first_name_value, field_data_node_venue_region.node_venue_region_tid FROM users INNER JOIN users_roles ON users.uid = users_roles.uid INNER JOIN field_data_field_first_name ON field_data_field_first_name.entity_id = users.uid INNER JOIN field_data_node_venue_region ON field_data_node_venue_region.entity_id = users.uid WHERE users_roles.rid = 7 and users_roles.rid = 8 Any advice appreciated! Thanks.
  4. I'm trying to recreate the CSS for the form textfields and also the submit button used on this page: https://outdoorlads.com/user/register (ie the rounded corner text boxes and the red rounded corner submit button) I've tried trying to find these using page source in Safari with little success. Any help appreciated whilst I'm still getting to grips with CSS Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much requinx - that's really helpful. I'd got so close but didn't quite master the [0] part!
  6. Hi, I've got this JSON output: {"result":"success","clientid":null,"serviceid":null,"pid":null,"domain":"testdomain.com","totalresults":"1","startnumber":0,"numreturned":1,"products":{"product":[{"id":"3804","clientid":"1401","orderid":"3276","pid":"53","regdate":"2010-02-14","name":"Basic","groupname":"Plans","domain":"testdomain.com","dedicatedip":"","serverid":"4","servername":"serverx.com","serverip":"","serverhostname":"","firstpaymentamount":"7.99","recurringamount":"7.99","paymentmethod":"wibble","paymentmethodname":"Credit\/Debit Card","billingcycle":"Monthly","nextduedate":"2010-02-14","status":"Terminated","username":"dcdqw","password":"z1nmY1p4Y9","subscriptionid":"","promoid":"0","overideautosuspend":"","overidesuspenduntil":"0000-00-00","ns1":"","ns2":"","assignedips":"","notes":"","diskusage":"0","disklimit":"1000","bwusage":"0","bwlimit":"50000","lastupdate":"2015-05-01 06:01:17","customfields":{"customfield":[{"id":"36","name":"ThisUserID","value":"1243214"}]},"configoptions":{"configoption":[]}}]}} ... and I'm trying to get the value for ThisUserID but I'm struggling so much with the arrays! I've copied it into http://jsonviewer.stack.hu so I can understand it more but just can't get that value. I understand: $clientid = $arr->clientid; ... but can't work out how to drill deeper. Any help appreciated
  7. Thanks folks. Apologies for the rookie coding errors - it's been a while I kept it simple and went with: // Assign plan_id if ($plan == "53") { $plan_id = "2"; } elseif ($plan == "54") { $plan_id = "3"; } elseif ($plan == "55") { $plan_id = "4"; }
  8. Hi, I want to set a variable based on the contents of another variable - I think I've see CASE used for this before but not entirely sure. Basically I'm trying to tidy this up: if ($var1 = "1") { $var2 = "a" } if ($var1 = "2" ) { $var2 = "b" } if ($var1 = "3") { $var2 = "c" } Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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