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  1. Thanks so much Barand - that works a treat. Would never have worked it out myself Cheers
  2. Hi gents, Thanks so much for your replies but sadly that doesn't work as it gives me everyone who is a Member of group 7 OR group 8 and I need to know who is in both group 7 AND group 8 (many people have multiple roles). Any ideas? Cheers
  3. Hello, We have a (complicated!) Drupal database in which users can be assigned multiple roles (member, leader, coordinator, etc) I have a query to get info about all our members (users_roles.rid = 7) but I need to get a list of people who are members AND leaders (users_roles.rid = 8 ) but this doesn't work: SELECT users.uid, users.`name`, users.mail, users.created, users_roles.rid, field_data_field_first_name.field_first_name_value, field_data_node_venue_region.node_venue_region_tid FROM users INNER JOIN users_roles ON users.uid = users_roles.uid INNER JOIN field_data_field_first_name ON field_data_field_first_name.entity_id = users.uid INNER JOIN field_data_node_venue_region ON field_data_node_venue_region.entity_id = users.uid WHERE users_roles.rid = 7 and users_roles.rid = 8 Any advice appreciated! Thanks.
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