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  1. I am not looking for code critique. Only for what is mentioned above. User experiense when working with my CMS.
  2. Hello. I just finished creating my own CMS. Built it on top of Yii2 php framework. Need critique. Whether it is user and seo friendly enough? Does it lack some important functionality for all types of web sites? link to the demo site Username: moderator Password: moderator Demo site is being rebuilt every 5 hours so be free to change anything you want. p.s. Even when moderator's admin language is "english", a bit of information at admin pages are displayed in Russian, and default language (first in all lists) is also Russian, sorry for that.
  3. Found example: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6683814/is-this-good-php-commenting-practice
  4. Hi. I have written my web site engine (some cmf for specific area), with which I can create web products. How better to say in my code that it is not for open using by other people to create their new web products. For example, some web studio looks at the demo of my CMS, orders one copy of site, and then uses this coding base as it's own. Would putting a copirate info be formally enough? Or do I have to indicate some license? Which one then? There are a lot of open sourse licenses but not a lot of wide known proprietary licenses.
  5. Web site content managers are supposed to know html
  6. When people use all kings of WISYWIG editors they are working with raw html too
  7. I will need to create a whole meta tag constructor for this, with all features like changing order, adding, deleting, it is a big piece of work and there is one crutial problem: It looks that seo specialists like to add some very specific meta tags, how could I guess what they need? For example, by googling there is info than meta tag could have the next attributes: name, content, scheme, http-equiv. It does not say about charset attribute, in which case it is a single meta tag's attribute. And after looking at web sites I very soon found meta tag like: <meta property="fb:app_id" cont
  8. At my CMS I want to give site moderators ability to associate any meta information to a page. For meta keywords and description I have different fields but all other stuff are inserted like raw html , like this: <meta name="Generator" content="SomeCMS" /> <meta name="robots" content="nofollow" /> <link rel="canonical" href="http://example.com/content/poisk-i-upravlenie-kontentom" /> This html will be echoed to the page. Mainly only meta tags and link(rel=canonical) will be here. And now I think I have to make sure there is no xss attack in this code. So I need to filter it
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