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  1. Short answer, no. Long answer is that it is possible, but only in IE and they have to use a button you put on the page.... and it relies on ActiveX. http://www.meadroid.com/scriptx/intro62.asp I rely on the free version where I work and I can force everyone to use IE to print reports. It works great. I wouldn't push this off to the general public however, since it requires them to accept a software install and use your print buttons. I'd suggest either using PDF or trashing the idea altogether.
  2. This is hacking in its worst fashion, not php CORE hacking. What you're doing is illegal and does break at least 1 digital law. Stop what you're doing immediately. This forum is for those who are writing modules to extend PHP's abilities. What you're doing is more correctly known as "cracking"... malicious attacks on a computer's systems.
  3. You may want to ask this in one of the other help forums. I don't see how this applies to core hacking unless you're writing a module.
  4. The background on the home page is VERY busy and makes it look VERY messy. I'd suggest changing it. The forums look nice and clean.
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