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  1. 10 hours ago, LeonLatex said:

    I have taken some frome here and another from there, "IN MY OWN SCRIPTS". So yes, much of it is cut and paste, but it's from my own scripts written by my self

    That points me to suggest you may want to check your other scripts as well.

  2. I stand corrected. My apologies.

    the code shown must be what is confusing me.



  3. $due = $prevbal + $latechg + $secdep + $damage + $courtcost + $nsf; // Warning: A non-numeric value encountered x 5 line 21

    is equal to saying

    $due = "prevbal" + "latechg" + "secdep" + "damage" + "courtcost" + "nsf";

    these are not numeric.


  4. Are register.php, registerFinal.php and connect.php all located in same directory? and are the names spelled right for those 3 files?


    Also in your registerFinal.php file change



    require "connect.php";

    HTTP 405 is an HTTP response status code. There are five classes of HTTP response status codes. They all inform a user whether a specific HTTP request has been successfully completed. The five core status codes include:


    1xx status codes: Informational requests

    2xx status codes: Successful requests

    3xx status codes: Redirects

    4xx status codes: Client errors

    5xx status codes: Server errors  


    The 405 Method Not Allowed error message is a client error, which indicates that something on the client-side of things is the issue.


    An HTTP 405 Error indicates that a web browser has requested access to one of your pages, and your web server has recognized the request. However, the server has rejected the specific HTTP method it's using. As a result, your web browser can't access the requested web page.

  5. $_POST from your inputs works by input name which I see none of.


    So your form should be like:


     <form action="registerFinal.php" method="post"><!-- ten fragment inputow jest wysylany submitem do pliku registerFinal.php -->
                        <tr class="logRegSiteTextBox">
                            <td>login: </td>
                            <td><input type="text" name="loginREGfield" placeholder="tak" title="nie" required></td>
                        <tr class="logRegSiteTextBox">
                            <td>e-mail: </td>
                            <td><input type="text" name="emailREGfield" placeholder="tak" title="nie" required></td>
                        <tr class="logRegSiteTextBox">
                            <td>hasło: </td>
                            <td><input type="password" name="passwordREGfield" placeholder="tak" title="nie" required></td>
                        <tr class="logRegSiteTextBox">
                            <td>powtórz hasło: </td>
                            <td><input type="password" placeholder="tak" title="nie" required></td>
                            <td><input type="submit" value="Zarejestruj się" class="myButtonREG"></td>

    you also need a name in your powtórz hasło input if you are using it in $_POST.

  6. 21 hours ago, maxxd said:

    cron.php is a standard file in WordPress installs, so if it's suddenly missing from the wp-includes directory then it got deliberately removed. I recommend re-installing WP and examining your logs for deletes or unusual/suspicious logins.

    Have you tried what maxxd said?

  7. 2 hours ago, webdeveloper123 said:

    At the moment you have screen shotted the wrong folder. You have screen shotted the public_html folder, the folder your looking for is within public_html where the screen shot with the red arrow is at

    I thought the same thing due to the + sign next to that folder but at top of screen he is in the right folder.


  8. What do you suppose your instructor would say if you went to him/her with same thing you posted here in your first post? And would you tell him/her you don't want their criticism just solutions?

    If you have written any code to attempt this simply post it as you should have done to begin with or at least when someone asked you for it. You didn't want to do that yet still want solutions.

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  9. try this (untested)

    	// foreach loop to ping IP and check if alive or dead & dispaly result
        foreach ($systems as $ip) {
            $successValue = "DOWN";
            exec("ping -n 1 $ip[ip]", $result);
            foreach($result as $line) {
                if (strpos($line,$good) == TRUE){
                    $successValue = "UP";
            //echo "<br><br>";
            echo "<table class='table'>
    						<td>IP Address: ".$ip['ip']. "</td>
    						<tdUnit Name: ".$ip['name']."</td>
    			If ($successValue == "UP") {
    				 echo "<td>Status is: ".$successValue."</td>
    						<td><img src='/Images/GTick.jpg'></td>";
    				echo "<td>Status is: ".$successValue."</td>
    						<td><img src='/Images/RTick.jpg'></td>";
    			echo "</tr>
        //debug dispaly full result of ping request


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