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  1. This tip is taken from https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.split.php Tip split() is deprecated as of PHP 5.3.0. preg_split() is the suggested alternative to this function. If you don't require the power of regular expressions, it is faster to use explode(), which doesn't incur the overhead of the regular expression engine.
  2. your table header also has an extra <th> before user name
  3. With the given information I would guess that you need to make sure the survey script has been written to verify that the fields are filled.
  4. what do the curly brackets before and after header go to?
  5. is there supposed to be a comma at the end of 'kudokey' => $kudokey, ?
  6. I am guessing OP's original post had the html part of code in an .html file and the php code was what he had in his form action file
  7. I don't know what code is in test_time.php so I get an error that that page is not found. When I remove the form action page and leave it blank it seems to work for me and it seems to be starting the time when page loads. This was tested on my linux server.
  8. Grrrrrr..... Just when I think I have it figured out you folks throw out such sweet, short and simple solutions! Thank you very much I can't find where to mark this thread as solved, please mark it for me, thank you
  9. Thank you, I will look into that. It may be easier than this. I went back to the php page I linked to and tried a sample that was there and got the result I was looking for. Now I have a headache $mapname='mapname1'; $type="pvp"; $beta="y"; $final="n"; $modded="n"; $classification="land"; $sf="n"; $tod="dawn"; $weather="fog"; $es2="y"; $mapname2='mapname2'; $type2="pvp"; $beta2="n"; $final2="y"; $modded2="n"; $classification2="sea"; $sf2="n"; $tod2="night"; $weather2="clear"; $es22="n"; $mapname3='mapname3'; $type3="pvp"; $beta3="y"; $final3="n";
  10. I have an array that is created using the following code: $mapname='mapname1'; $type="pvp"; $beta="y"; $final="n"; $modded="n"; $classification="land"; $sf="n"; $tod="dawn"; $weather="fog"; $es2="y"; $mapname2='mapname2'; $type2="pvp"; $beta2="n"; $final2="y"; $modded2="n"; $classification2="sea"; $sf2="n"; $tod2="night"; $weather2="clear"; $es22="n"; $mapname3='mapname3'; $type3="pvp"; $beta3="y"; $final3="n"; $modded3="y"; $classification3="air"; $sf3="y"; $tod3="day"; $weather3="rain"; $es23="n"; $tadminlist["pvp"] = array (
  11. Student was given assignment to RTFM. Student was graded on assignment using a simple question/answer sheet. Teacher graded students question/answer sheet and put grade into a variable called $student_grade < if($student_grade === "Passed"){ //student passed question/answer sheet so.... echo "Great job, you RTFM"; } else{ //student failed question/answer sheet so.... echo "You did not RTFM"; } >
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