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  1. the ? is a separator which separates the url from the passed parameters typically passed from a form. https://www.php.net/manual/en/tutorial.forms.php
  2. I reread OP again and removed what I had posted bad info. My apologies.
  3. I see in your array that you printed out that there is an encoding issue (the diamonds with the question mark)
  4. Click the "at" in his reply
  5. I think your session_start () is in wrong place in AccountLinks.php
  6. If it is just for family or friends why not just use a login system to be able to post anything?
  7. No links for code please. Just insert your code here without any links.
  8. A web server typically uses port 80 so what do you get without the :5500 in address?
  9. in Firefox Developer menu bar choose Tools/Web Developer or right click on an element on web page and choose inspect element
  10. My apologies. I didn't see the commented out lines.
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