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Community Answers

  1. A web server typically uses port 80 so what do you get without the :5500 in address?
  2. in Firefox Developer menu bar choose Tools/Web Developer or right click on an element on web page and choose inspect element
  3. My apologies. I didn't see the commented out lines.
  4. You have a button with type= button as well as type= submit and name of remove and at sane time you have an input with type=submit and name=remove.
  5. pg_connect from manual https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.pg-connect.php
  6. Have you tried to echo query to verify what it is using for login credentials?
  7. I think you are going to want to run your if/else statement on your results instead of in your query.
  8. Also with chart.js all arrays used for chart must have exact same number of items in each array.
  9. is the filename from files table stored with file extension?
  10. Show what you have tried so far please
  11. OP is most likely after rows 11 through 20 (after last 10)
  12. @OP, you have a comma before name in your query
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