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Community Answers

  1. your submit already sends an array of quantities but then you check to see if $_POST['Submit']) is not empty you then create $qty = []; I think you would want to use $qty = $_POST['qty']
  2. if I understand correctly this should work. echo "<div class='field-container'>"; if($game['platform2'] !== ""){ echo "<div class='title'>Platform</div> <div class='information'>{$game['platform2']}</div> <div class='title'>Launcher</div> <div class='information'>{$game['launcher2']}</div>"; } echo "</div>";
  3. That updates database but I think you also need a select query to be able to have correct radio button ticked when your page loads.
  4. I don't see a database query. That would be a good place to start.
  5. The where clause posted above in index.php looks wrong
  6. I see nothing in code for md5sum so how do you know what is being returned?
  7. why not post both scripts so we can try to remove more confusion?
  8. Always show your current code. Much easier to find syntax errors as well as any other mistakes possibly entered as code.
  9. This doesn't use your api but if page is always formatted that way then possibly <?php //DOLLAR// $json_dolar=file_get_contents("https://mercados.ambito.com//dolar/informal/variacion"); $dolar=explode("\",", substr_replace(trim($json_dolar, '{}') ,"",-1)); echo trim(explode("\":\"", $dolar[4])[1])."<br><br>"; foreach($dolar as $key => $value){ echo $value." OR ".trim(explode("\":\"", $dolar[$key])[1])."<br>"; } ?> Which displays up "compra":"202,50 OR 202,50 "venta":"206,50 OR 206,50 "fecha":"04\/01\/2022 - 16:45 OR 04\/01\/2022 - 16:45 "variacion":"0,24% OR 0,24% "class-variacion":"up OR up
  10. You can read up on radio buttons at https://html5-tutorial.net/forms/radiobuttons/
  11. I ended up with this however I suppose a php memory issue will arise when enough data is retrieved. $all_data = array(); foreach($id as $idkey => $iduse){ $temparr=array(); $result_time = $conn->query("SELECT * FROM ".$iduse." order by timedate Asc"); while ($rowtime = $result_time->fetch_row()) { $temparr[] = $rowtime; } array_push($all_data, array("id" => $idonly[$idkey], "comment" => $comment[$idkey], "data" => $temparr)); } Also thank you Barand for the fetch_row replacement.
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