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Community Answers

  1. I think your drop down needs to be inside your foreach($details as $detail)
  2. I think you need a semi colon at end of $stmt=$db->stmt_init() $stmt=$db->stmt_init();
  3. Do you get any errors? What isn't working? Where is the_permalink() defined at? When submitted what do you see?
  4. Although your pages have long <?PHP tags I think you also need to changes short tags I see in your code such as See the short tags just before $StartDate?
  5. It looks like OP is wanting to show current server data in a forum. The image OP posted is from a game server query I think. Very similar to the game server queries I run on my site except I don't display results in a forum.
  6. I got it as soon as your web page opened. Not sure what the cause would be nor how to fix it. I tired it again and this is what I got...
  7. Isn't $row[id] php code that is trying to be used in a js file?
  8. I didn't ask what was passed. I asked what the actual column name is in your database table.
  9. I stand corrected. I see the link for phpinfo now. That shows that you have mysqlnd enabled and it is version 7.4.33 and your mysqli version is 5.7.42
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