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  1. Thanks Jessica, That did the trick. I have added the third option; 'Both' => 'Both' and created the logic saying that if input value is 'Both' then do the normal query which will choose all. and else the same query above. I somehow thought that there must be a way of adding only one option will do it. Thanks.
  2. Hi Barand. Thank. I know it works like that but i like the put that in in the options. In this way i can choose to search only Income, or only Expense or Both.
  3. I didnt understand anything at all. can you explain it clearly
  4. my question is not that . it is what should be the third option so that it will include both options.
  5. The question is how can i add that option?
  6. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I have edited the query, by mistake i pasted here wrong. Anyways my problem here what should i put the third value so that i can choose both value. In this version, I can choose Income or Expense but no the both. I need my search results to deliver me both. thanks.
  7. I am creating a search page with php and codeigniter. I created the query which is; "SELECT * FROM my_account WHERE inex='$inex' AND type='$type' AND date BETWEEN '$date1' AND '$date2' " $date1 and $date2 values comes from form input and I have no problem here. On the other hand $inex value is also coming from form dropdown. $options = array( 'Income' =>'Income', 'Expense' =>'Expense', ); echo "<td>" . form_dropdown('inex',$options) ."</td>"; Now, if i do a search between two dates, i have to use Income or Expense values. But, I need the third option in the options array so that i can also choose both so that i can see both income and expenses between these two dates. I think there is a simple answer for that but somehow i cant figure it out. helps are appreciated. thanks in advance.
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