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  1. Hello My main operating system in Windows Xp. I have a Linux CentOS 7.0 Which is installed on a vmware. Due to some reasons, I cannot install ZendServer on this virtual machine. What I like to do, is to install it on another virtual machine configured in my Windows. So basically there would be two virtual linux on a host Windows. Is it possible to connect my main working virtual linux to the second linux which has zendserver installed? How should I connect to the second linux virtual machine via the first one?
  2. I want a more robust language for application development. I know C++ just as a beginner. but am not sure if the employment prospect is promising or not. Since it is real a time-demanding language. So I have to be sensitive about it.
  3. Hello My question is not a Vs. type of question. I want to know which language is better to learn when you are a PHP programmer, Java or C++? I mean from an economic point of view. I already know what Java and C++ can do and how they are different. But my question is that, when you are a PHP programmer, and want to learn a programming language, which is better, Java or C++, from a job point of view?
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