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  1. cyberRobot

    New Guru: maxxd

  2. cyberRobot

    Php Query String Help

    Take a closer look at the following line: if ( $i / $cols == echo "<td colspan='3' align=\"left\"> </td></tr><tr>";
  3. cyberRobot


    Welcome 😎
  4. cyberRobot

    truncate text

    You'll be better off if you can find a function that returns the string, instead of outputting it as already mentioned. If one's not available, you could also consider catching the output with Output Buffering. http://php.net/manual/en/book.outcontrol.php
  5. cyberRobot

    COMPLETE - Planned Downtime: May 23rd-24th

    Here's hoping everything goes smoothly!
  6. cyberRobot

    Email form PHP Syntax error

    As Barand mentioned, the following statement needs to be closed before you define the isInjected() function: "Checkbox1: " . $Checkbox1 . "\r\n" . You just need to replace the concatenation character with a semi-colon. "Checkbox1: " . $Checkbox1 . "\r\n";
  7. cyberRobot

    Passing AJAX variables

    Sorry, I'm confused on what you're trying to do. What does the workflow look like? Is the website already set up so that you know who's record(s) to update? If so, do you have a form that will ask what you need to know (eg. user's satisfaction level)? Is it when the user responds to the form where you are trying to bring in AJAX? Is there a reason you are using AJAX, versus just submitting the form? I'm guessing that the user wouldn't need to change their satisfaction level several times in a sitting.
  8. cyberRobot

    Running balance / checkbook

    Topic locked. Please do not cross post. https://forums.phpfreaks.com/topic/307207-running-balance-checkbook/
  9. cyberRobot

    Passing AJAX variables

    Have you considered modifying the second PHP file so that it returns the desired output? I imagine you could have it return the full state name (California), state code (CA), and whatever abbreviation you want (Cali). How is the information being returned to the AJAX script? If you're using JSON, it's fairly easy to isolate the variables.
  10. cyberRobot

    Displaying Data to Specific User

    Is there a column in the maintenance_requests table which ties a record to the user? If so, the query needs to be modified to use that column. I imagine that means you'll need to pull something from the users table, like a user ID, so that you can get the users records from maintenance_requests.
  11. cyberRobot

    Displaying Data to Specific User

    So there's no column in the database which ties the user's data to a specific user? If not, that will need to be your next step.
  12. cyberRobot

    Displaying Data to Specific User

    Does the script work if you replace the username variable with a hard coded value?
  13. cyberRobot

    POSTing Email in a form - Undefined index

    You could simplify the code a bit. If you enclose the input field with the <label> tag, the "id" and "for" attributes are unnecessary. For example: <p><label><b>Enter Firstname:</b> <input type="text" name="firstname" value="firstname" size="20" maxlength="20"/></label></p> More information about the <label> tag can be found here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/label
  14. cyberRobot

    set attribute to a tag

    Have you tried echoing the $tab3 variable inside the open <span> tag? The echo statement would go before the greater than (>) symbol. Note that you will need to remove the <br> tags, which are added to $tab3 inside the foreach loop.
  15. cyberRobot

    try to print on page from table in database

    You could also output it all together. I typically use the following line, which I stole from someone here at PHPFreaks: print '<pre>' . print_r($array, true) . '</pre>';

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