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  1. cyberRobot

    How to handle form variables that aren't used

    Great suggestion! Note that you'll want to make sure the user checked at least one option before running Barand's code. That can be accomplished with the following: if(isset($_POST['problem'])) { foreach ($_POST['problem'] as $problem) { echo $problem . '<br>'; } }
  2. cyberRobot

    How to handle form variables that aren't used

    Side note: the <label> tags aren't being used correctly. To fix the issue, change this <input type="checkbox" name="hasvirus" value="Has Virus"> <label>Has Virus</label><br> To this <label><input type="checkbox" name="hasvirus" value="Has Virus"> Has Virus</label><br> Once done, you can make sure it's working by clicking the "Has Virus" label. The corresponding checkbox will become checked. More information about the <label> tag can be found here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/label
  3. cyberRobot

    How to handle form variables that aren't used

    The undefined variables warning is likely caused by lines like the following: $hasvirus = $_POST['hasvirus']; If the "hasvirus" option isn't checked, the corresponding POST variable won't exist. To address the issue, change it to $hasvirus = (isset($_POST['hasvirus'])) ? $_POST['hasvirus'] : '';
  4. cyberRobot

    countdown timer needed

    Learning takes time. Keep at it. Sometimes things take a while before they click into place. 😊 I assume that you are looking for a timer that actively changes a set of numbers being displayed on the screen. As ginerjm mentioned in an earlier post, that's not possible with PHP. You'll need to use a client-side language (eg. JavaScript) to do that.
  5. cyberRobot

    how to make the following div class in the same line

    For what it's worth, I agree that in this particular example it would be better to use an inline element like the <b> or <strong> tag. However, it is worth knowing how to make a block elements act like inline elements and vice versa. When building mobile-friendly websites, for example, you may want certain tags to act one way on a mobile platform and a different way on non-mobile.
  6. cyberRobot

    Intoduce myself

  7. cyberRobot

    Hello everyone

    No worries. Glad to have you!
  8. cyberRobot

    Hi guys

  9. You would need to modify the display property of the <div> tag. For example, div.information { display:inline; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; } More information can be found here: https://css-tricks.com/almanac/properties/d/display/
  10. Either option is technically correct. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/Class_selectors
  11. You don't need ob_start(). You should be able to modify the code so that header() is called, if needed, before any HTML is outputted to the screen.
  12. The error is triggered from the following line: header("Location: index.php?index=notlogin"); The error is triggered because there is HTML code outputted to the screen before header() is called.
  13. cyberRobot

    "Custom Form" - Form to Email Error

    Just guessing. Try removing the dollar sign before "user_message2" here: <p><?php echo $raq_data['$user_message2'] ?></p>
  14. cyberRobot

    New Guru: maxxd

  15. cyberRobot

    Php Query String Help

    Take a closer look at the following line: if ( $i / $cols == echo "<td colspan='3' align=\"left\"> </td></tr><tr>";

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