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  1. Seems good, but a hope shortcoming: - sql query injection - the check for tje mail function is noy yet finished - depricated functions.. This script is like the mess of the room of my brother.. :-P Throw it away...
  2. You must use it. Without a password and a mail it is useless for a user to have an account....
  3. Understand it's really difficult to build a good web-game. First learn the basic of HTML and CSS, then build experience whitin a year of PHP. Then learn about object-oriented, then learn about UML..... This takes ages.
  4. Hm.. It's holiday season and I understand that people want to try a new hobby. I get the point, and understand... Do not underestimate the time it takes for you to program anything. like a game... for one person with basic HTML it takes many years, even when you spend 6 hours a day. Think about: the functions you need (more than 1.000 for a good application, UML-diagrams, database-structure, frontend and backend work, security, auditting, a framework (not the div's in this case) to build all the functions.... All of this, you can't learn it in a year... Maybe 2 years... You get it?
  5. Yes, it's no longer possible to directly access the JSON. Now you must do a oAuth-'handshake'. Self for my projects i use the TwitteroAuth library of Abraham... It's easily to find it on Google.
  6. Can you give me a sample/explaination about your question?
  7. I can't say the name of the shop. I't still in development, but it looks like: http://www.soliver.nl/ And the RPG-game, it's a project with five people appointed, we build this for a purchaser. It;s a lot of work. A soft estimated time is to begin in september, and deliver it in may or june of 2014 But otherwise I may not so much about saying....confidentiality... ;-) You can see. It;s a lot of work to make a own game. For one person it will be takes ages....
  8. Yes, a webshop. This a a webshop for clothing.... Later this year i have a project to make a RPG-game.
  9. Yes, it is.............. First after my study i have learened a year the frontend-work (design sites in Photoshop, HTML en CSS) and now i can make a shop with 3,4 years experience.
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