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  1. Seems good, but a hope shortcoming: - sql query injection - the check for tje mail function is noy yet finished - depricated functions.. This script is like the mess of the room of my brother.. :-P Throw it away...
  2. You must use it. Without a password and a mail it is useless for a user to have an account....
  3. Understand it's really difficult to build a good web-game. First learn the basic of HTML and CSS, then build experience whitin a year of PHP. Then learn about object-oriented, then learn about UML..... This takes ages.
  4. Hm.. It's holiday season and I understand that people want to try a new hobby. I get the point, and understand... Do not underestimate the time it takes for you to program anything. like a game... for one person with basic HTML it takes many years, even when you spend 6 hours a day. Think about: the functions you need (more than 1.000 for a good application, UML-diagrams, database-structure, frontend and backend work, security, auditting, a framework (not the div's in this case) to build all the functions.... All of this, you can't learn it in a year... Maybe 2 years... You get it?
  5. Yes, it's no longer possible to directly access the JSON. Now you must do a oAuth-'handshake'. Self for my projects i use the TwitteroAuth library of Abraham... It's easily to find it on Google.
  6. Can you give me a sample/explaination about your question?
  7. I can't say the name of the shop. I't still in development, but it looks like: http://www.soliver.nl/ And the RPG-game, it's a project with five people appointed, we build this for a purchaser. It;s a lot of work. A soft estimated time is to begin in september, and deliver it in may or june of 2014 But otherwise I may not so much about saying....confidentiality... ;-) You can see. It;s a lot of work to make a own game. For one person it will be takes ages....
  8. Yes, a webshop. This a a webshop for clothing.... Later this year i have a project to make a RPG-game.
  9. Yes, it is.............. First after my study i have learened a year the frontend-work (design sites in Photoshop, HTML en CSS) and now i can make a shop with 3,4 years experience.
  10. Download Dreamweaver of Gamemaker and make/try something.... I keep myself aloof from now.... Successs and have luck!
  11. For what? Dreamweaver can you buy or download. Gamemaker also, but you can still use Google.
  12. I have explained it.... Begin first with Gamemaker to step in the world of programming, or use Dreamweaver and explore the world of HTML on your own way.
  13. Sorry, but i see in the previous 9(!!) page's you're not capable to programming a website. The problem is you're strubbling with the English language.... I see several basic-faults time after time and you heard something about it, but he does not know the rights of it. (klok horen luiden, niet wetende waar de klepel hangt; Vlaamse uitdrukking als je hem kent). You write tags incorrect, you placed them incorrect, also after lessons at codeacademy, where everything cleary is explained, with a lot of practice. If you don't understand English, programming is a long long way... Listen to my advice, first learn English. You can maybe combine it with the program GameMaker so you can learn English, and programming playfully. Maybe the way to step into programming. Also you can use the program Dreamweaver to build a site, so you can determine the HTML-codes. But PHP (and a dynamic RPG-game) is serious in that case a way too far.... I think this is better, maybe it looks hard, but after 9 pages, this looks like the best idea. My husband is a 'teacher' in HTML, PHP, MySQL lessons. He gives courses throughout Belgium through a known certified organization. I don't know where you lives, but maybe is this an idea for later. When you are 18 years old (min. age) I don't know what you can spend in money, but the price is €300 for a lesson in HTML (a few days) and CSS. PHP costs €750, advanced PHP costs €500 (expanded on first PHP-course.) I would have like to help further, but after 9 pages I come to the conclusion that it is time consuming for me. Be glad I have awarded my time, but I still have plenty of work to do Success...
  14. Learn English first... if you don't understand English, programming takes a long way...... 99 procent of the manuals are English. The whole programming code is English... I've said my statement. Stop for now with programming and take first lessons in English. I hope you understand my opinion. It looks hard, but it is the right way... I'll hope you are take it....
  15. LISTEN NOW............ And go not your own way and don't be a wiseacre............. I think it;'s better for you, to pay someone to build yout game. On this way, it's a long long long very long way... Maybe it's better for you to pick up the webdevelopping in a few years. In 8 pages, i see this is so hopeless..
  16. Read this topic please..... For now, one time: In your body-section, there a div called the container. This contains the other divs... Clear?
  17. And validate your site. I see a lot of problems..... - div's without class/id - still not the div-structure i've recommended it's now yet a unstructured mess....
  18. Use Firebug in Firefox, it's an addon so you can explore the HTML/JS/CSS sources of other sites.
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