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  1. are you using this version? http://downloads.sourceforge.net/ajax-chat/ajax_chat-
  2. Check your htaccess settings.
  3. I personally like NuSphere PhpED, I have tried almost everyone listed and it pretty much is the best out for new and advanced users.
  4. Yea I have NuSphere PhpED which can do that. Thanks for the info. I guess I will just break down and write a script to do. I am just lazy though. lol.
  5. I do not know if one exists but does anyone know a program that can edit multiple php files at once to add copyright info to the top of each file without having to go through thousands of files to add it manually? This would make my life so much easier. :'( Would be so nice to just drop a folder with all the files in it and paste the copyright code in a box below that was needed to be added and it automatically adds it to the top of each file in the folder. If such a program exists please post the name of it. Thanks
  6. Does it have a config file that you have to set the database info in? I would have to look at the module to see how it draws its info. I see what you are trying to do tho. You are wanting a separate module for each game but all modules to have individual tables in a database separate from your nuke database?
  7. hehe, you also misspelled install. As Semi said try changing your link to http://YOUR-SITE-URL/forums/install/install.php Of course YOUR-SITE-URL would need to be the address to your site
  8. Add the following line to a .htaccess file and place it in your root PHP-Nuke directory: PHP_FLAG output_buffering on or if you have access to php.ini, set: output_buffering=on;
  9. What module is it you are wanting to use? Is the module setup to draw info from a separate database? Also why do you want it to draw from another database? It can be done, an example would be the Donations module but it would need to be initially coded that way.
  10. read through this and it should help you. http://www.phpbb.com/support/guide/
  11. Are you wanting to add an advertisement banner to the user registration page?
  12. The easiest way would be to just add it to the overall_header.tpl file.   Find the templates/ClanDarkness2/overall_header.tpl file and open it and find this section of code toward the bottom of the file.  It is included in a much longer line, but that is the part you need to find. [code]<span class="mainmenu"><a href="{U_REGISTER}" class="mainmenu">[/code] Just before that code add this code,of course you will need to change the http://www.yoursite.com to your actual home page link first tho. [code]<span class="mainmenu"><a href="http://www.yoursite.com" class="mainmenu">Home</a></span>&nbsp;&nbsp;[/code] After you have added it it should look like this. [code]<span class="mainmenu"><a href="http://www.yoursite.com" class="mainmenu">Home</a>&nbsp;</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;<span class="mainmenu"><a href="{U_REGISTER}" class="mainmenu">[/code] That will put a link called "Home"  right next to your Register link. ;)
  13. I havent tested this one,  but this one might work for you. http://www.phpbb.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=209687&view=next&sid=e769f860904f88af2f83ee0145dc810d
  14. I would have to see more of the code but It looks like you didnt put a check if they are not that level.  You can try a code similar to this that once it checks the user level, if they are not in it then it will display a message to them. of course your variable $level would be whatever level you want to access that area. if (!isLevel($level)){ die("You are not allowed to access this area!!"); } Or you could do a redirect somewhere if they are not in that level. if(!isLevel($level)){   Header("Location: whereever_you_want _to_redirect_them.php");         die();     }
  15. Just move all your files into a folder called forums and put an html page called index.html page in the root with a link to your forums.  The only change you would have to make is changing the url settings in the admin config area from yoursite.com  to yoursite.com/forums.  Pretty simple actually.
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