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  1. DrMath

    vBulletin Back-End ACP Help

    Hey everyone. So lately I've been searching for someone to do this for me but I figure if I learned it myself it'd be much more helpful to me in the future. I run a gaming clan, and we have a roster. You can view it here: http://www.zealotgaming.com/forum/pages.php?pageid=15 Obviously, you can see a few things. The default page lists all our staff. That is very easy, and not really the part I need help with. The help begins with the games list you see at the side. When you click a game, it lists all users who have that Game listed as their Main Game in a profile field, and lists other info, such as their rank, In-Game contact (which is another profile field) and join date/last active. The games are also themselves divided into categories. Our code is relatively simple. We keep a manual array of info that keeps these together you can see below: // Define Games and Lists // $gameslist = array(); //SETUP $gamelist[] = array("Game Name","urlshortcode","Name of In-Game Name or Account", "field# for that profile field"); $gameslist[] = array("Battlefield 4 (PS4)", "bf4ps4", "PlayStation ID", "field7"); $gameslist[] = array("Counter Strike: Global Offensive (EU)", "csgoeu", "Steam ID", "field8"); $gameslist[] = array("Counter Strike: Global Offensive (NA)", "csgona", "Steam ID", "field8"); $gameslist[] = array("Elder Scrolls Online (NA)", "esona", "Main Character", "field45"); $gameslist[] = array("League of Legends (EUNE)", "loleune", "Summoner Name", "field12"); $gameslist[] = array("League of Legends (EUW)", "loleuw", "Summoner Name", "field31"); $gameslist[] = array("League of Legends (NA)", "lolna", "Summoner Name", "field32"); $gameslist[] = array("League of Legends (OCE)", "loloce", "Summoner Name", "field47"); $gameslist[] = array("Minecraft", "mc", "Username", "field14"); $gameslist[] = array("Smite (EU)", "smiteeu", "Smite Account", "field22"); $gameslist[] = array("Smite (NA)", "smitena", "Smite Account", "field22"); $gameslist[] = array("Titanfall", "tfall", "Origin ID", "field29"); $gameslist[] = array("WildStar (EU)", "wseu", "Main Character", "field48"); $gameslist[] = array("WildStar (NA)", "wsna", "Main Character", "field48"); $gameslist[] = array("World of Tanks (EU)", "woteu", "WarGaming.NET ID", "field46"); $gameslist[] = array("Other Game", "other", "", ""); // Game Type Categories $gamecats = array(); // ADD the # of the game in the list above (starting from 0) to the appropriate category array number list. $gamecats[] = array("Divisions",array(4,5,6)); $gamecats[] = array("Guilds",array()); $gamecats[] = array("Gaming Groups",array()); $gamecats[] = array("Divisions in Development",array(0,1,2,3,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14)); $gamecats[] = array("Miscellaneous",array(15)); This gets tedious to keep track of manually, and my admins with no programming experience can barely understand what is happening. The listing of users is very easy, and I do not need any help with that. What I would like to add is a manager in the admin panel where you could save the information listed above to a table such as PREFIX.games. I imagine having several drop down boxes. A mockup is below: I'd then Like a list of games that includes these rows in the table with a [ ] Remove checkbox. I do not know how to add this to the admin panel and would love guidance on how to begin doing this. The sorting would go by Game Status (the second array in my php code) then Alphabetical. This would go a long way in helping my staff edit this list themselves. Any help would be appreciated. Skype: j.c.will my be better to work personally with me.
  2. DrMath

    Array Issue

    Back with another issue with this code. I made a page that does this, and a cron-jon for vbulletin (automatic job) that runs every evening. The page works perfectly, but the scheduled task (cron page) makes everyone have the same additional groups. Codes below: Manual page: http://pastebin.com/1yW9iQrb Automaticly Run Page: http://pastebin.com/DcuiPm9X
  3. DrMath

    Array Issue

    I cannot edit the post further, but I had to set the userids using a while loop on the query fetching. ^^ Then everything worked out well.
  4. DrMath

    Array Issue

    Can't edit anymore, but did both and I still am getting no errors, just a blank screen still.
  5. DrMath

    Array Issue

    Netbeans isn't catching anything, but I'll check.
  6. DrMath

    Array Issue

    Hey guys! I am trying to create a script to "promote" all my members at once based on some forum measurements. Here is my code (pastebin). I don't know what is wrong. The page is blank and won't even load. Please help. http://pastebin.com/aZeKq1Zw Note: This is within the vBulletin 4.2.2 framework.
  7. DrMath

    "Roster" Script

    The template files are a good idea, I hadn't considered. I'm not much into programming function in php, but I'm sure I can find a tutorial and try to do it that way. ^^
  8. DrMath

    "Roster" Script

    The thing is, I'm not quite looking to pay anyone to redo this because that's costly and the code we have already works. Why pay a lot of money to redo a working script? I'm just looking for advice on how to improve.
  9. You might try to get the key for each one? So foreach ($_SESSION['cart']['content'] as $key => $content) { echo $content['productnumber']; echo $content['size']; } You may also want to look at http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.array-keys.php This function might be able to help. If you get a list of the array keys of the very last items (the products) then you could do a foreach on that array.
  10. You need to go one step further I think. The way you have it now, the only thing $content can have is ['productx']. You need to go all the way to the product to get info about it.
  11. DrMath

    Hello World

    Hi all! My name is James. I am the owner/operator of a moderate sized gaming community called Zealot Gaming (http://www.zealotgaming.com) which runs Joomla CMS and vBulletin forums. Often times my users want a new feature or something to make their lives easier, so I end up coding it (mostly for the forums). I learn as I go, and I likely do things in ways many of you would find appauling, but if it works and is safe, then it's good for my users. I hope to get some help here and make my programming better, faster, and allow myself to do more for my great community. Thanks!
  12. DrMath

    "Roster" Script

    Hello everyone! I am here to ask for some help with a certain script I have concocted. I run a moderately sized gaming community (using vBulletin 4.2.2) that supports multiple games, and as such we needed an automated roster to keep track of who plays what games. The code displays a list of games on the left, and the actual roster to the right. The default page is a "leadership roster" listing all the leaders. Game Roster pages include several things. Username, User Rank, IGN/Game Account Name, Join Date, and Last Active Date. You can sort by Join and Last Active Dates. There are also two types of members on the roster. Those who play the game as their "main game" and those who play it occasionally as an "other game". It is easy to get the main game members, since you can only have one, vBulletin saves it as text, so you can match it. The other games selector is saved bitwise, so we have to run a check for the game's location in the list against the user's saved bitwise in their profile to see if they play it. To do this, instead of manually coding the bit number, since everything is alphabetical, we simply assign each game a number, and do a a bitshift (1<<x) to get the proper bit (I've been told bitshift is much faster than using pow(2,x)). However, because it's specific too us, I have hard coded a lot of stuff, including mixing presentation code with functional code. The code works just fine for us, but I want to make it much easier so that other staff members besides me can update it easily and so the code is easier to manage. I hope I have given a good explanation of what the code does! To see the code in action, click http://www.zealotgaming.com/forum/pages.php?pageid=15 To see the code with syntax highlighted, here is the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/Nuanj4Ci I thank you all in advance for any help and advice you can give me. I am a novice and have been learning as I go to do this for my community.

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