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  1. well the question is - how to achieve the page break with such a setup?
  2. the question is - how can i do page break if we have such a laout..
  3. hello dear all, I've been using the lm-sensors tool for years now - first time in Ubuntu and now i want to use it in Manjaro - my actually fav system LM-Sensors - it does a lot: It monitors CPU temperature, the fan speeds, and - additionally - also the motherboard voltages that could be measured. After using it for some time in Ubuntu - my previous fav-linux.i now want to use some advanced uses of lm-sensors - i have heard that we can use it in combination with some graphical interfaces to interact with it. first i have to do the Installation: step one: Install lm-s
  4. Hello and good day dear Requinix many thanks for the new answer: i do not need any data of the notebook - so i guess it would be good if i erase the three Partions (mmcblk0p[1-3] and try to formate the system new.. what do you say!?
  5. :: Datei /var/cache/pacman/pkg/qt5-quickcontrols-5.12.1-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz ist beschädigt (Ungültiges oder beschädigtes Paket (PGP-Signatur)). Soll die Datei entfernt werden? [J/n] j Fehler: kirigami2: signature from "Antonio Rojas <arojas@archlinux.org>" is invalid :: Datei /var/cache/pacman/pkg/kirigami2-5.56.0-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz ist beschädigt (Ungültiges oder beschädigtes Paket (PGP-Signatur)). Soll die Datei entfernt werden? [J/n] run into pacman issues during the upgrade of manjaro - linux see more details: python-pip-18.1-2-any 251,5 KiB 1676K/s 00
  6. hello dear Requinix many many thanks for the reply i tried to do it like so...: how do you like it!? Can i do it like so!? with Format -> Cells - Merge : - see the image below: and subeqeuentliy - what i have achieved with the first line - i can apply to all the 365 lines - do you think that this is a way to do it!? love to hear from you regards
  7. update: some infos bout solutins - unfortunatly in german. https://praxistipps.chip.de/openoffice-calc-verketten-von-zellen-so-gehts_32956 try to achive that solution here with the data... will come back and report
  8. good day dear requinix many thanks for the quick reply and for the help. Note: the number of rows is no problem. But how should the combination of the cells be achieved: i need to combine the cells row by row - in other words: only the rows in one line should be combined - That means: the combination in row 1 should "collect" all the data of all the cells that are in row 1 the combination in row 2 should "collect" all the data of all the cells that are in row 2 the combination in row 3 should "collect" all the data of all the cells that are in row
  9. hello dear experts combine three columns in calc - how to do that with a calc-sheet that contains more than 360 lines of data see the attachment for more details. look forward to hear from you
  10. dear community, how to combine three columns in calc - how to do that with a calc-sheet that contains more than 360 lines of data?
  11. hello dear Community, having issues in Libreoffice : cannot copy and paste from Kate to LO - guess i need an update of to newest version what does not work: here a short explanation: i cannot copy data from other application like kate or a browser to Libreoffice, This doe not work I also am not able to copy data from a calc sheet to a Writer document nor from a Writer document to another writer document, it is allmost crazy, **btw;:** to copy from firefox to kate - into the texteditor .- this works good, **the System** > operating system Manjaro
  12. want to import data into a Calc-based Calendartemplate you can see it here: http://www.calendarpedia.com/weekly-calendar-2019-excel-templates.html The task; i want to import the data into column B i have a dataset of 365 lines of Text that needs to go into the calendartemplate. i have tried alot to accomplish the task - bit i was not successful what can i do!? look forward to hear from you greetings
  13. dear friends, is the FileZilla XML - file sufficient (in every case) to start a connection to the server!? in other words - if i copy the fileZilla XML - is this enough to enable a connection!? or - can it be that some times - a extra file /(key ) is necessary!? love to hear from you
  14. what happened:_ every time when tried to update - i got errors. Abhängigkeits-Zyklus recognized : usbmuxd wird vor seiner Abhängigkeit libimobiledevice installiert werden well the update is terribliy big - aprox 1.3 GB complains about the hdd free memory well i run some codes to do some cleaning. [root@akoya martin]# sudo pacman -Scc Puffer-Verzeichnis: /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ :: Möchten Sie ALLE Dateien aus dem Puffer entfernen? [j/N] j Entferne alle Dateien aus dem Puffer... Datenbank-Verzeichnis: /var/lib/pacman/ :: Möchten
  15. well i will try to delete the pacman cache of any previously downloaded updates. It’s in /var/cache/pacman/pkg The other thing to keep in mind, and i may already know this - it’s not a good idea to leave updates for long periods of time on a rolling release distribution. The longer you go between updates, the more likely it is that something can get very broken on an update. some friends suggested once a week, once every two weeks at the absolute outside.
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