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  1. I would like to have this +3 apply when the paymentterm if is less than 45. So the current code is using case statement. SELECT SUM(sblPOAmount) AS totalPOAmt, case when paymentTerm = '45 Days' then DATENAME(Day, DATEADD(day, SUBSTRING(paymentTerm, 1, 2) + 3, SBLInvoiceDate)) else DATENAME(Day, DATEADD(day, SUBSTRING(paymentTerm, 1, 2) + 0, SBLInvoiceDate)) end FROM [A_Sys].[dbo].[Eventtbl] WHERE DATENAME(MONTH, DATEADD(day,SUBSTRING(paymentTerm, 1, 2)+3,SBLInvoiceDate))='June' AND DATENAME(YEAR, DATEADD(day,SUBSTRING(paymentTerm, 1, 2)+3,SBLInvoiceDate))='2017' Group By p
  2. Hi All, I have generate a form which contain the id and name. the name and id i use php foreach them from database, to make it simple, im just copy the HTML and paste it here. each of them have individual approval status and remarks. once submit, it should update individual rows. I am using ajax to post. My current code. <html> <body> <hr> <section> <h3 id="title454"> Requestor </h3> </section> <form id="form" action="" method="post"> <table> <tr> <th>Employee Name</th> <th>Employee ID
  3. Hi mac, yes...it is similar questions, but due to echo implode('<hr>',$replies[$q_id]); // note: this works correctly if there is a single reply, the result is just the single array element by itself when i export to excel, it automatically merge the table in excel, which is good.. some how i face problem when i Vloopup in excel file, so i am thinking to split them when it has multiple feedback.
  4. Sorry for the misalignment. Current Output: Database table and expect result: foreach.txt
  5. I have a questions table and feedback table. I able to foreach the question header but not the feedback. My code as above: <?php $sql2 = "SELECT DISTINCT[question_id],[q_text] FROM [question]"; $ques = array(); $stmt2 = sqlsrv_query($conn, $sql2, $ques); while ($row = sqlsrv_fetch_array($stmt2, SQLSRV_FETCH_ASSOC)) { $ques[$row['question_id']] = $row['q_text']; } $sql = "SELECT [question_id], [Expr3],[Expr2] FROM [feedback] ORDER BY [Expr2] ASC"; $data = array(); $stmt = sqlsrv_query($conn, $sql); while (list($qid, $a, $eid) =
  6. Hi All, Would like to ask whether can the drop down list in html can be control by Jquery with this condition? Each question can only rate for 3 times, the following drop box for that question should disable and not allow to make any rating. here is my HTML code: <div> <span id="questionnaire-question">Q1)&nbspPlease QuestionA</span> <table> <tr style="width: 365px;"> <td><label>A1</label></td>
  7. Thanks! now it successfully convert to timestamp format But yet, the date not able to show up. hmm...let me figure it out..
  8. Yup, I tried to put it the php class like this, am i put in a correct place? class JsonDateTime extends DateTime implements JsonSerializable { //<== Getting Red line error "JsonDateTime" public function __construct(DateTime $dt) { parent::__construct($dt->format("r")); } public function jsonSerialize() { return "/Date(" . $this->getTimestamp() . ")/"; } } $result = sqlsrv_query( $conn, "SELECT COUNT(*) AS RecordCount FROM [A_Sys].[dbo].[testdate]"); $row = sqlsrv_fetch_array($result, SQLSRV_FETCH_ASSOC); The browser show HTTP ERROR 500
  9. $result = sqlsrv_query( $conn, "SELECT COUNT(*) AS RecordCount FROM [A_Sys].[dbo].[testdate]"); $row = sqlsrv_fetch_array($result, SQLSRV_FETCH_ASSOC); $recordCount = $row['RecordCount']; //Get records from database $result = "SELECT * FROM (SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY [emp_id]) As Row, * FROM [A_Sys].[dbo].[testdate]) As PeopleWithRowNumbers WHERE Row >" . $_REQUEST["jtStartIndex"] . "AND Row <= " . $_GET['jtStartIndex'] ." + ". $_GET['jtPageSize'].""; $stmt = sqlsrv_query($conn, $result); //Add all records to an array $rows = array(); while($row = sqlsrv_fetch_array($s
  10. The first sample code is from documentation, the second code sample is my own output.. Here is the link of documentation. the problem that i facing now is the date format. i cant get the exactly the date format in the documentation. which is converted to unix timestamp. Documentation => http://jtable.org/GettingStarted
  11. this is my current php code. $rows = array(); while($row = sqlsrv_fetch_array($stmt, SQLSRV_FETCH_ASSOC)) { $rows[] = $row; // <= do you mean i need to convert it here? } //$recordCount = $row['RecordCount']; //Return result to jTable $jTableResult = array(); $jTableResult['Result'] = "OK"; $jTableResult['TotalRecordCount'] = $recordCount; $jTableResult['Records'] = $rows; print json_encode($jTableResult);
  12. Hi All, I am using JTable Plug in and using PHP code as my server language. The plug in requires json encode in this format, ** please ignore other data. except for "RecordDate" ** { "Result":"OK", "Records":[ {"PersonId":1,"Name":"Benjamin Button","Age":17,"RecordDate":"\/Date(1320259705710)\/"}, {"PersonId":2,"Name":"Douglas Adams","Age":42,"RecordDate":"\/Date(1320259705710)\/"}, {"PersonId":3,"Name":"Isaac Asimov","Age":26,"RecordDate":"\/Date(1320259705710)\/"}, {"PersonId":4,"Name":"Thomas More","Age":65,"RecordDate":"\/Date(1320259705710)\/"} ] } What i have for m
  13. Please Ignore it. i manage to make it correct..
  14. This is my array: Array ( [name] => [events] => Array ( [0] =>A.doc [1] =>B.pdf [2] =>C.pdf ) ) when echo it out, there is one extra row in between. like this..
  15. Hi Jacquest1, Im testing your code as well..is working actually..
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