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  1. Dear Lady Requinix, Thank you for the offer. I will gladly accept. Where can i deposit the money again? have you got some account details for me? Do you know his family tree? I also have a family member, well he's actually a long family friend. He's the prince of Umbongo who has quite a big drinks collection that he wants to sell to america. Don't open the cases though, you wont find my blood diamonds in it. When can we make this trade? I have a secure warehouse on the moon if you can make it? Many thanks, SuperGizmo King of Rosewood!
  2. okay okay, you twisted my arm. i have $53 budget. final offer!
  3. Okay, i take $100 out, and give you $50, sound fair?
  4. okay, what is your bank details and mothers maiden name? i will take the $50 out, then give back to you later after status updates? i am not sexy, but i'm not basic. why you insult me?
  5. Hi I have security issue with a script. I cannot show you the site code as I want to be the first to hack it.. what is the best way to do this? also i want to build a facebook clone. I will call it, "4headBook" (do not steal my catchy name). I have $50usd as a budget. who can do this for me?
  6. Realistically how long are the IRC servers going to be offline for?
  7. Alright lads, Is there a way we could pay a little per month to cover the costs of the server etc? so this doesn't happen again. Thanks, Dan
  8. Hey, I don't know how to do it, however if you log onto this website: oldiesplus.com - they're doing the same sorta thing. There is an IRC chat attached to the site. If you log onto the chat and speak to "Delirious" or "BusyElf" they set the website/servers up so I'm sure they'll have no problem in assisting you. However they're from the UK so might be early for you when they're on-line. Thanks, Dan
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