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  1. This is an SSL certificate issue. Make sure you have OpenSSL’s default CA bundle implemented properly. Alternatively, though not the best idea, you could turn off SSL verification by setting options 'verify_peer' and 'verify_peer_name' both to false.
  2. This comes back to the earlier question. Why do you need the quotes in the first place?
  3. The link to the manual has examples.
  4. Use array_count_values to determine which keys occur how many times. If you want an array of just the counts you can build an array from that with just the values.
  5. First please use the code icon (<>) for your code and specify PHP. As for your specific problem, I don't know how those variables are generated (that is where the space is coming from) but simply using rtrim should solve the problem. $fields[$k] = rtrim($v);
  6. All you needed to post was create.php which is where the error is. Now you need to tell us which is line 50.
  7. You need to post your code here. Few here will risk going to a 3rd party web site. Be sure to post it using the code icon (<>) on the menu and select PHP.
  8. Sorry. echo "<a href=\"$row['url']\" title=\"$row['title']\">$row['icon'] $row['header']"; Got carried away with my escape quotes.
  9. Embedding PHP like that is confusing, hard to debug and unnecessary. Use double quotes but escape those you want to keep as HTML and be consistent. Single quotes are OK for indices. <li> <?php echo "<a href=\"$row['url']\" title=\"$row['title']\">$row['icon'].\" \".$row['header']"; ?> </a></li>
  10. Just for the record here is the algorithm in PHP. $d=sqrt(pow($q2-$1q1,2)+pow($q4-$q3,2)+pow($q6-$q5,)+...); What you use for those values and how many is up to you.
  11. The algorithm is not difficult to implement in PHP but it seems the problem (for me) is what values to use. Between what values are you looking to test similarity? Point 1 and 2 of room 413 or point 1 of rooms 413 and 415? Each point can have only 1 value, not a range of values.
  12. You need to open a terminal session on the MySQL server and run it from the command line.
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