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  1. There is an example in the manual. You simply create a datetime object using your date string then use the timezone function to get what you need.
  2. Start at the beginning. Post the query you use to update/insert the password.
  3. First please use the code icon (<>) in the menu for your code and specify PHP. 1. How did you define the password column in MySQL? 2. How did you store the password in the database? 3. Assuming you used 'password' to do the store you must use the same function in the query to retrieve the row. 4. 'password' is a MySQL reserved word so you should avoid it for a column name. If you do use it, you must always enclose it in back ticks(`) in your queries. As an aside, I suggest you use PDO as it is easier and more flexible. You should also never use post data directly
  4. You need to tell HTML that you are uploading multiple files. See "Uploading multiple files".
  5. You still will need something on the client side to run the API. That means, again, PHP must ask the user to execute whatever code.
  6. First please use the code icon (<>) in the menu for your code and select PHP. As to your problem, keep in mind that PHP is stateless and server side. It does not know anything about a previous display of a page. To accomplish what you want you need to use sessions.
  7. Post your code here. Not many will go to a 3rd party site to look at your code. Be sure to use the code icon (<>) in the menu and select PHP.
  8. You launch it from javascript but you would need to have the client register an application.
  9. What do you mean browser script? PHP is server side only. It cannot see anything on the client side (javascript). As a matter of security, a browser will not execute programs on the client. You need to look around line 33 in that script for a syntax error. It may occur before line 33.
  10. Now you have to look in your IIS log.
  11. I think you still have the wrong path. I think you really want: C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe
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