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  1. gw1500se

    For Each Loop Insert

    As I said, post your schema and we will be better able to help you. In the meantime this should be moved to the MySQL forum.
  2. gw1500se

    For Each Loop Insert

    This is really a MySQL question not PHP. You can let MySQL create the ID for you. Create a join table that associates the customer with the invoice ID and make that field auto increment. Each customer can then have multiple invoice IDs.
  3. Put them wherever you want to check the values of variables. Like maybe just before the 'if' statements. Perhaps you will find this useful.
  4. Use 'echo' for individual variables. Use '<pre><?php var_dump($arrayorobject); ?></pre>' for arrays or objects.
  5. Did you printout each variable to make sure it contains what you expect? As ginerjm said, your code is really too tedious to compare. You may need to spend some time rethinking all your 'if's to simplify them somehow.
  6. We need to know what error message you are getting on which line or which line is not producing the results you expect?
  7. Solve it by fixing the bug.
  8. gw1500se

    Combining Example Code!

    Post your code here (use the code icon <>). You will likely get a quicker response.
  9. gw1500se

    SOAP php request

    Have you read this?
  10. gw1500se

    PHP Templating

    Use absolute path names in all scripts. You can even set a global variable with the absolute path name and use that in all scripts.
  11. gw1500se

    Problem adding user to mysql with php?

    Agree but perhaps the default is missing. That the OP can do this with CLI, implies that the PHP script is not accessing the same host as the CLI. That seems unlikely so I am clutching at straws.
  12. gw1500se

    Problem adding user to mysql with php?

    I would expect a different error but you are missing the 'dbname=...' parameter in the connect.
  13. gw1500se

    Problem adding user to mysql with php?

    This is really a MySQL question and should be moved to the MySQL forum. You need to make sure your 'GRANT's are correct. From a CLI connection run "SHOW GRANTS FOR 'root'@'localhost'".
  14. gw1500se

    Help with run command from the shell

    I don't understand what you are trying to do. Where is the input (-i) file in that command.
  15. Use E.164 format.

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