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  1. Add this before the 'foreach' to make sure it does what you expect. echo "<pre>"; print_r(range( 0, $datediff )); echo "</pre>"; The errors are likely related. Which lines are 661 and 670?
  2. Do you mean myPHPadmin for MySQL? What is wrong with the standard one?
  3. Perhaps the OP is confusing server side (PHP) stateless operation vs client side (javascript) operation.
  4. I'm not following what you want to do. You say you want the page to reload without clicking the submit button. That is what it is doing which makes no sense. There must be some condition, you did not explain, that will cause a reload without the submit button.
  5. You can use json_encode to do the conversion. It would be easier to restructure your array so it can be json encoded.
  6. No, you should change the sudoers file to allow user apache to run that command. However, before you get yourself in trouble, please explain why you need web users to run restricted commands. Perhaps we can come up with a safer alternative.
  7. While you are playing with fire giving users access to a root command, the sudoers file needs the user running the script. It is probably 'apache'.
  8. What does "doesn't seem to work" mean?
  9. $_SESSION data is stored on the server. If you run 'phpinfo()' and look for the variable 'session.save_path' you can see exactly where it is. Cookies, on the other hand, are stored on the client.
  10. Cards are formatted with CSS so this is not really a PHP question. Perhaps this example is what you are looking for.
  11. Did you add a form to enclose your submit button? Show your HTML.
  12. Yes, you need to learn form handling.
  13. Part of the problem is way you generate your IDs. How do you know that it is the same Jim? For your immediate problem, you don't have the submit button associated with a form. You need to tell PHP what mode you are using (POST or GET).
  14. You are confusing me. PHP DOES only execute when the submit button is clicked. What makes you think it gets executed otherwise? Then you need to check for identical IDs. You didn't post your schema so it is difficult to be more specific.
  15. Your SQL statements section is where you need to eliminate duplicates. Check to see if the record exists and if it does don't insert it. Perhaps you just do an update instead or let the user know it is an attempt to insert the same data.
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