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  1. $sqlresdays="SELECT DATEDIFF(CURDATE(),MAKEDATE(YEAR(CURDATE()),1)) AS date_difference"; $resdays=mysqli_query($donnees,$sqlresdays) or trigger)_error("Query failed: ".mysqli_error($donnees); if ($resdays->num_rows>0) { $daysinyr=mysqli_fetch_object($resdays); $divider = $daysinyr->date_difference; echo $divider; $finalpop=intval($pop/$divider); } else { echo "No resullts returned from query"); }
  2. First please us the code icon (<>) in the top menu and specify PHP for your code. If what you posted is your script then nothing is echoed because you are not echoing anything. Post all the relevant code.
  3. Sorry but this is a help forum not a free programming forum. You are expected to do the work and we will help you over the humps. If you will get fired because you failed to program something you've never done before then either you are in the wrong job or working for the wrong employer. However, if you want to pay to keep your job then post this on the Job Offerings forum.
  4. Define your primate keys as 'UNIQUE' in your schema. When you try to add a duplicate key, you will get an error. Handle that error by adding the new key. As for the class question, you are being asked to create a singleton class.
  5. $_POST will normally always have values for each element in the form. However, some of the values may be "empty". So you would need to use 'empty' on each element rather than the entire array. As an aside, although it will not do what you want, based on the code comments your 'if' block should be: if (!empty($myArray)){ // Handle array }else{ // Handle empty array }
  6. Monday morning. 🙁 I told you completely wrong since $_POST will always have a value, so you need to use 'empty' instead. Also I meant for it to replace your first 'if'. if (!empty($_POST["api_key")) { That being said you still have the same problem. Since the URL is using GET you need to use the $_GET array, not $_POST.
  7. I don't see how you are getting to line 14 at all. You are checking for POST but the URL is GET. Perhaps you should be using this: if (isset($api_key)) {
  8. It is unlikely that someone will go to a 3rd party to look at your code. Post the suspect code here and be sure to use the code icon (<>) in the menu. Remember to specify PHP. However, if the problem is with a 3rd party plugin I suggest you ask the author or whatever forum support that code.
  9. First please edit your post and use the code icon (<>) on the menu and select PHP. The formatter makes your code much easier to read. It is not clear what you are trying to do. Which variable(s) are you trying to set and what are you trying to set it(them) to?
  10. It is not clear to me what you are asking since "empty" returns a boolean value. Is the objective to return the first $postal* that is not empty?
  11. Did you look at the resulting HTML source to see if it looks like you expect?
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