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  1. I think you are asking for a singleton class: class MyFetchController { $inst=null; // private constructor so it cannot be instantiated externally private function__contruct() { // initialzation code here as needed } public function Instance() { if ($inst==null) { $inst=new MyFetchController(); } return $inst; } } Any time you want that class call 'Instance' and you will always get the same instance.
  2. Start with a flow chart and develop a database schema.
  3. https://www.php.net/manual/en/mysqli.multi-query.php
  4. Try this: $queryString="SELECT cat_id, subcat_id, subcategory_title, subcategory_desc FROM categories, subcategories WHERE ($parent_id = categories.cat_id) AND ($parent_id = subcategories.parent_id"; echo $queryString; $select = mysqli_query($con,$queryString); Look at the echo'ed string to find the syntax error.
  5. Do you not know how to send and email or do you not know how to tell when the paypal API returns successful payment?
  6. You don't say what the error is but that is a different problem. Start an new thread on the MySQL forum.
  7. try this: include("/home2/csi/public_html/resources/con.php");
  8. You need to determine where that file is relative to the httpd root. Require and Require_once does the same thing as include. If the path is wrong, it is wrong.
  9. It should show the absolute path (I'm guessing from the name). It should be something like '/var/www/html'. The solution is to not use absolute path but rather relative. Try: include("resources/con.php");
  10. So it is now clear that ABSPATH is not being substituted the way you expect. How is it defined and where? I don't normally use constants but somewhere you must have a "define('ABSPATH',<whatever>);" but is not executed before that include.
  11. echo ABSPATH ."resources/con.php"; Let's look at the resulting string. Then verify that is it correct and if the file does exist, has the right permissions.
  12. What is line 2 of rankings_navigation_process.php?
  13. Since you don't say what ABSPATH is, I am guessing there is a missing '/' in the resulting string.
  14. https://www.php.net/manual/en/book.ssh2.php
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