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Community Answers

  1. Did you echo $_POST["modSelected"]) to make sure it is set and not just dropping past the 'if' block?
  2. First, please use the code icon (<>) in the top menu and specify PHP. I'm not sure I understand what you are asking but if you leave the empty column name off of your insert, it will not be set unless your schema made it a required field.
  3. First please use the code icon (<>) at the top of the menu for your code and specify PHP. <?php $tele=get_the_author_meta('telefoon', $curauthID); attrib="" if (empty($tele)){ $attrib="hidden" } echo "<p $attrib><strong>telefoon:</strong>$tele</p>"; ?> Untested.
  4. First, please use the code icon (<>) in the menu and specify PHP for your code. You don't say what error your are getting but that syntax is probably wrong. You don't show how $class is defined but as a guess given almost no information from you I'd say you want this: <?php echo ($class->variacion); ?>
  5. Not really a PHP question but how can that number be correct? You seem to be dividing GBP by USD. You need to convert bitcoin to GBP before you divide. You need to multiply 43992.43 USD by the current exchange rate (presently £0.74169) then divide £100 by that. However, since the exchange rate is constantly changing you need to look that number up somewhere when you do the conversion. Same with bitcoin which is currently $47,090.04 US.
  6. No need to run it from command line, you can just as easily debug PHP using a browser. Just be sure to turn on errors: error_reporting(E_ALL);
  7. What have you tried and what didn't work as expected or what error did you get? Post your code and be sure to use the code icon (<>) at the top menu and specify PHP.
  8. When posting code please do not use images. Use the code icon (<>) at the top menu and specify PHP. You didn't show how that function is called or any HTML so we can't see what you have for the checkbox. However, as a guess perhaps you are not understanding that PHP is server only and is stateless. Just checking a box will do nothing unless there is another submit to the server. It sounds like you need to output the page with PHP making the old conferences hidden. Then when the check box is activated, use JavaScript to make those visible.
  9. This is an English forum and you have already posted this question. Such as it is.
  10. Insufficient information. You probably need to post more code. What are your curl_setopts? Particularly CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS? Be sure to use the code icon (<>) in the top menu and specify PHP. What post information does the web site expect and how do you create it? You also need to tell us what the error message is or what you get that is different from what you expect.
  11. Did you try this? $array=imp_open('C:/xampp1/htdocs/S1/Medikamente.csv'); echo "<pre>"; print_r($array); echo "</pre>";
  12. Thanks. I think I found the script. I'll have to open a new thread on the python forum.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I have not used the developer tools much in Firefox so I don't know how to do that. I also don't know what javascript is being triggered. I'm only guessing it is Ajax since there is no form tag.
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