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  1. This should be a simple query update. What have you tried and what doesn't work as expected? Please show the code you tried (be sure to use the code icon (<>) at the top of the menu and specify PHP for your code) along with any errors or any difference between what you get and what you expect.
  2. First please use the code icon (<>) at the top of the menu for your code and select PHP. It is not clear what you are asking. If you want the records whether of not they have the word then why is that phrase in the query? If I understand, you can check the resulting records for the word in the subject and if missing, output a zero.
  3. Do the validation with JavaScript and if OK then submit the form. Keep in mind that PHP is stateless and server side only. Once PHP outputs the page, it forgets everything and the next submit is new as far as PHP is concerned. You should re-validate with PHP in case hackers are trying to penetrate your server, in which case simply output an error page. It is more user friendly to validate with JavaScript so the user does not have to wait on the server.
  4. Did you echo $original_name to make sure it contains what you expect (you didn't show how you built it)? Do you have errors turned on? error_reporting(E_All)
  5. Did you print $ballInformation just before the execute to make sure it contains what you think?
  6. It goes in your python code. Rather than just print the data, you need to also print the other HTML tags.
  7. You have to output a fully formed HTML page from your script. Meaning all the required tags for any HTML page (<HTML>, <HEAD>, <BODY>, etc.).
  8. So what is your question or error message?
  9. First of all you have way too many unnecessary <?PHP and ?>. You have retrieved your data from the database but never use that result anywhere. All you need to do is create a string formatted with the data so it says what you want and put it in the body. Am I missing something? P.S. Don't use '*' in your select query. Specify only those columns you will actually use.
  10. Looks like you already did that. Perhaps you need to better explain what you are trying to do and post some actual code. Also, when you post code use the code icon (<>) in the top menu and specify PHP.
  11. Kindly post some code. Be sure to use the code icon (<>) in the top menu and specify PHP.
  12. As you can see $_POST does not contain what you expect. Now you have to figure out why.
  13. Looks like $_POST does not contain what you think. Before the 'if' block use this: echo "<pre>"; print_r($_POST); echo "</pre>";
  14. What have your tried? Post the code here (use the code icon(<>) in the top menu and specify PHP. If you don't know where to start read this.
  15. That is a different question from what you originally asked about downloading a file. Whether or not your microcontroller is hacakble is independent of downloading an update. Assuming, of course, that you can trust the download site. Whether or not is can be hacked depends on how well you secure the microcontroller in general. Since you mentioned Python, is it running Raspbian?
  16. What kind of attacks? Based on what you posted I am guessing you mean man-in-the-middle attacks. Once it is on either machine it is a different security issue.
  17. You need to post your code here not make people go to a 3rd part web site. Also if you suspect the problem is in Javascript then post in the Javascript forum. When you do post use the code icon (<>) in the top menu for your code and select the appropriate code type.
  18. Depends on what format you want but for mm/dd/yyyy use: <?php echo "<td colspan=\"2\"><input type=\"date\" name=\"date_encode\" style=\"width:100%\" value=\"".date("m/d/Y")."\" /></td>"; ?>
  19. Headers must be first. There must be some text or white space being output before the headers. Make sure there is not even a blank line before the <?PHP tag. Check the HTML source to see it then find where it is coming from.
  20. First please use the code icon (<>) for your code and specify PHP. The formatter makes your code easier to read. Second, you forgot to give us the error message and on which line it is occurring.
  21. What is the error? Do you have errors turned on? error_reporting(E_ALL);
  22. Did you remove the HTML from 'include.php'? Again the pure HTML should be using the HTML <include> tag.
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