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  1. Hello, I have a sample shop that generates a receipt on products purchased. When a user checks out it generates a receipt as a pdf file using dompdf. If i select a few products and generate a pdf file its ok it shows the products and total price, however if i choose lots of products, too many to fit on one page then when i generate a pdf it only show the first page the rest of the products and the total price are not displayed on page 2 ? Here is the bit of the code that generates the pdf sorry i am not very experienced in this stuff i am trying to learn ! $options = n
  2. This link is driving me crazy <a id ="savepdf" href="invoice.php?invoice_id=<?=$invoiceID?>"value="Save This Invoice"><button class="block" id ="printbtn" onclick="myFunction()";>Save Invoice</button></a> when a user selects this link it works ok saves a pdf file to a folder on server. i want to relocate after link submitted. If i use this link it does redirect but does not save the pdf file to folder on server <a id ="savepdf" href="invoice.php?invoice_id=<?=$invoiceID?>"value="Save This Invoice" onclick="window.location.h
  3. Hi, I have a form where a user selects a file to attach to the email. At the moment when you select a file it uploads from the user device. How do i change this so that a user can attach a file from a folder on the server. For example the folder name is uploadinvoice so when the user selects the browse button to attach a file it opens up the uploadinvoice folder on the server so the user can select the file from there ? Thanks coding i have at moment function ValidateEmail($email) { $pattern = '/^([0-9a-z]([-.\w]*[0-9a-z])*@(([0-9a-z])+([-\w
  4. Hi, I have a page that creates a pdf file the button saves the pdf to a file on my server then the onclick function i want to send the page to a frame called userframe. so Target=“userframe” i have tried putting this in different places in the code but it always opens up the page in a new tab ? Do not get confused with id printbtn this is NOT to open print dialog its just a name to gave to css class. my code <a id =“savepdf” href="invoice.php?invoice_id=<?=$invoiceID?>"value=“Save This Invoice”><button class=“block” id =“printbtn” onclick =“window.open(‘https
  5. Hi Guys i need help on a small matter. if you go to https://www.mywebchambers.co.uk/invoiceman/form.php when submitted all works ok. However if you delete rows 3, 4 and 5 and submit the page shows a value of 0.00 in the total column on rows 3, 4 and 5. How do i get this value removed so it is blank same as the rest ? My form action is toolstation3.php code below <!doctype html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Toolstation</title> <meta name="generator" content="WYSIWYG Web Builder 14 - http://www.w
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