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  1. Hi guys.. i am not very sure where to post about this issue but im giving a try and hope to get some ideeas where this might come maybe. So i have a small website with a members database.. the website itself it has SSL and works properly on a https connection. The problem comes when a member tries to access via http. Unfortunetaly on a page i have to keep it http due to some ads that i display there and dont work on https. If a member logs in and surfs the website via https everything is working perfectly.. but when he changes and tries to access via http he automatically gets logged out.. if he tries to login via http he also cant and gets an error with an invalid token. So basically i think my database cant connect when accessed by http.. Any of you ever encountered this issue ? Or maybe have some ideeas where this issue is coming from ? Thanks and any ideea or help very appreciated
  2. This command works perfectly !! Thank you very much for your help
  3. A ok sir thank you very much.. 1 more quick question i would have if you may please.. i am pretty bad at this sorry :)) So lets say i have the following table Z: ID value 1 0 2 0 Now.. i tried in my cronjob i did "UPDATE Z SET value=1" i did this set a cronjob for the first 30 minutes of an hour .. then the next 30 minutes i can just add another cronjob that sets the value 0.. ( i found this to be easier i think that using a toggle because i am noob ) So everything is fine.. the above command updates my values.. but i want only for ID 1 to do the value change not all.. how can i do that please ? What do i need to change or add in the above command to only update the ID 1 ? I tried with a WHERE but i dont think i placed it right it didnt work.. Thanks sir
  4. Hi guys.. first of all my name is Robert im a bit newbie and just learning bit by bit PHP it's great to have find this community and really hope and appreciate if someone could help me with the following: So basically i want to make a cronjob that once every hour updates the value X from the table Z.. The value X i would want it that every hour changes to 1.. and then after 1 more hour changes to 0.. and so on all day long I would really appreciate if someone can show me what code should i use exactly so that it does this.. i can do the DB connection and set up the cronjob properly but i really dont know what the code should look like to do the updates i said.. Thanks and any help is greatly appreciated ! I hope i gave enough info with what i want to do .. if not please ask i will try to explain better Thanks !
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