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  1. Well, I have narrowed down the code so that it is evident that it is in the html string. Because of this, I should be able to find the bug, Thanks!
  2. I do want the decimals to work as well. I'm no guru either, but because keyword1 is a variable it won't work with quotes. As far as PHP is concerned This seems to be the last question for my ecommerce site project. Next should be Golang with Javascript again. Please help me succeed.
  3. I have the following code which is passing the variables to: SaveProductItems(... unfortunately, the passed values are being set to: "" They do not work with .value or without. I need help please. $imageID = $_GET['imageID']; $fileID = $_GET['fileID']; $descID = $_GET['bdescID']; $title1 = $_GET['title1']; $productID = $_GET['productID']; $titleID = $_GET['btitleID']; $costID = $_GET['bcostID']; $quantityID = $_GET['bquantityID']; $key1ID = $_GET['bkey1ID']; $key2ID = $_GET['bkey2ID']; $key3ID = $_GET['bkey3ID']; $gKeyword1 = $_GET['gKeyword1'];
  4. Well, as you can see the action is that, however there is an iframe. Any clue?
  5. I am having trouble with passing values with a POST to another php file. I am getting the error : undefined index : productID and undefined index: filename. I have also tried : <form method = \"POST?pdib=$processID&filename=$filename\" action = \"upload2.php\" > When I look at the array of superglobals, they are both defined. Thank you! Here is the code : drawfirsttwoforms: $sql = "SELECT ProductFilename, ProductName, ProductID, ProductDescription,ProductCost,ProductQuantity, ProductCatTitle FROM products INNER JOIN customers ON customers.CustomerID = products.C
  6. I am having trouble with my phone to set up pay pal. I'll get to it soon.
  7. Thank you, I would never have suspected that! Hence, this error reporting is important, is it an extension? I'm using Visual Code. Josh
  8. I'd love to use anonymous placeholders on my ecommerce site project. I am writing half with php and half with golang. On the three examples below, when run, gives the following exception, " Error: Call to a member function execute() on string. " I tried it with a decimal too. Thanks in advance. $stmt = $dbo->prepare = ("SELECT * FROM products WHERE ProductName = ?"); //this one calls exception $stmt->execute(); $stmt = $dbo->prepare = ("SELECT * FROM products WHERE ProductName = ?"); //this one calls exception $stmt->bindParam(1, $productID, PDO::PARAM_INT); $stmt->
  9. Thanks for your help, I had never created my own div before, making them dynamically. I just completed the Administrator's product system. For the rest, I plan to use modern PHP instead of the Vanilla variety. Josh
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