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  1. I'd love if I could use Eclipse... The problem is that my boss want the people here to work trough FTP... Now I'm using E TextEditor + NetDrive. I'm almost buying it, but it still needs some fixes...
  2. Ooops, sorry PS Pad already got code snippets, but it's a bit different of TextMate (it's such code completition) and It got a very nice line bookmarking system, and for me it's better than code folding. now they just need to make it cleaner making a way to hide those tons of little tools... but this is the way: ignore them.
  3. I find that I'm moving to pspad... it got tons of little tools, but I can just ignore them... It would become perfect if they do 3 things: 1. create a lite version (without those small tools such Eye Dropper, Color Translator or Lorem Ipsum generator) they would at least make a config to make them invisible 2. Put code snippets (that funny auto code that TextMate got) 3. Code folding
  4. I already used phpEd, i foud it fantastic, marvelous!!! I tried Zend´s one, but i found it too heavy (my machine got too slow) I used phpEd for about six months in my last job, I foud it marvelous. I tried Eclipse other day and i found it very nice too. I fout it much better than Zendfw. But I´m using only at home because I couldn´t make it open files thru the network... In my job (I would like to use eclipse but) I´m using DWXM... i find that this one is more to designers and small appls. We here had to work with eclipse because we are developping a large and complex appl, but the culture of the people here is to edit the files thru the network instead of using a CVS or anything like it. DWMX do not have code completition, do not highlight correctly, no 'native' suport of cvs, but it shows the design, no suport for PHPdoc. Only one thing is very nice in it: I CAN FOLD ANY THING I WANT... I just love Eclipse. But I love the retro look of Vim... and it's nice commands and such... But my vote goes to Eclipse, (I find that) it is all a PHP appl developper needs.
  5. Other day I searched about vim and emacs... well emacs is not for programming... I´m practicing with gVim, and I´m liking very much... I guess that when I learn the commands well, I would do many things quickly. That commandline look is amazing! lol
  6. What do you think about VIM and Emacs? I saw a video of someone programming in TextMate and I found it very funny with the codes autocompleting... but textmate is for Mac and cosys money... I played a little with VIM, it´s full of comands, but is funny, much more fun than DW... I already worked with NuSpherePHPEd ad it´s very nice... with a lot of usefull features. If you have not to care with design, PHPEd is very very good... I´m interested in VIM...
  7. Well, I´m a lazy programmer... PHP is much more easy, working with variables, arrays, and such... I was thought about going to Java, but this year I got a lot of things to do.
  8. My name is Eric Jun, male, 21 years old, Japanese blood, politically Brazilian. The first language I learnt was VB3, with my father, about ten years ago, for fun. The second language was Flash´s action script, about six years ago, just for fun. And now I program in PHP, I started about one year ago, to work... I love PHP, but making forms and such, is too boooooooring. I´d like to develop something related to physics, biometrics, AI... and such You are asking about our biological sex or our sexual orientation? lol You would make a sexual orientation poll, It would be interesting.
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