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  1. The server is running CentOS. I checked the firewall and it is set to allow port 80. I changed the ServerName to the ip:80 in the httpd.conf file and rebooted the server. When I try to connect to the IP, nothing happens, it just times out. I've tried playing with the virtual hosts, but ended up just changing everything back. Any idea how I can get the test page to show up?
  2. I know the default length of a tiny int is less than an int, but if I put in the same length for both, are they essentially the same type?
  3. You can run PHP command line too. While it might seem pointless, there is a lot of cool stuff you can use it for. I wrote a backup system / server checker that runs as a command line app, and it emails me if any of the servers go down. You can also do image resizing and just general PHP practicing in command line. You'll probably WANT apache, but you should know how to run PHP without it. Last time I interviewed someone, one of the interview questions was a command line script that would read a url and print the value at it every 10 ten seconds -- you'd be amazed how few people got it =/ It was even an open-internet test!
  4. Why don't you? UE Studio - WinRAR - Office and CS aren't free. Not sure if the open source community would support a program that automated the torrent downloading / cracking phase of the installation. Looks like PHP throws a warning now about the timezone too =/ Would have made more sense as a notice imo.
  5. Collect everything, along with photo's. Sell the information for extra profit.
  6. How is that pointless? If your tooth hurts there is a reason, perhaps infection, and by removing the tooth you're preventing the infection from spreading. Hardly seems pointless to me. But if it was solid enamel, there would be nothing to infect. Why have smoke detectors when you can have a concrete house?
  7. Turns out the localhost this is a Windows 7 issue, have to uncomment the # localhost line in the hosts file now. Wish someone would make a WAMPPWNUEWOCSX installer. Windows - Apache - Mysql - PHP - Putty - WinSCP - Navicat - UE Studio - WinRAR - Office - CS whatever version... Would save me about 50 hours a year, and a considerable amount of stress...
  8. Okay, want to know what I'm fucking talking about? mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "password") doesn't work anymore. it has to be: mysql_connect("", "root", "password") THAT IS FUCKING RETARDED! I know it is open source, and some very brilliant people have written some very brilliant code - but just once I'd like to be able to install it without something being fucked up. It's bad enough I have to install about 12 programs everytime I reformat, now I have to replace every instance of localhost with
  9. I'm sure I've done something incorrectly, I'm pissed because they keep adding more and more bullshit to the install process. I never had an issue getting MySQL to run until they decided to disable it by default - now it's a big deal just to setup a dev environment.
  10. I think the zip - I don't know anything to do at this point but uninstall everything and reinstall from scratch. It just seems like there is always some buggy-ass trick you need to know to get it to install right. I wish the people who packaged it weren't so fucking stupid.
  11. It seems like everytime I try and install apache / PHP / mySQL they manage to have it more fucked up than the time before. MySQL is working, PHP is working. Loaded Configuration File is C:\php\php.ini And in that file are the lines: extension_dir = "C:/php/ext" extension=php_mysql.dll And: C:/php/ext/php_mysql.dll exists So why the fuck doesn't it work, or even throw an error? MySQL isn't showing up on the phpinfo page - it's like the extension=php_mysql.dll isn't even there. Any ideas?
  12. Yeah, when you get better you can use PHP to automate a ton of shit. I wrote a whole backup system in PHP and WinSCP command line.
  13. Up until a few hundred years ago, all you could do if your tooth hurt was pull it, which makes having nerves in your teeth pretty damn pointless. Now the nerves are good for letting people know when to go to the dentist, but if your teeth were solid, they wouldn't rot to begin with. Solid enamel would mean no cavities, the tooth would literally have to wear away to stump -- so why the hell aren't teeth just enamel?
  14. Hello, I have a layered tiff file. I want to create a GD image from one of its layers. Looking for something like: imagecreatefromtiff($img, 2); Any idea of a library that would support this?
  15. Colspan='all' That way you can add columns without having to increment all the colspan='X' Good idea?
  16. I'm not sure what is wrong with me, but lately all I do is go to the bar, go eat, watch porn, shower, take a nap, play Starcraft or watch Starcraft videos / facebook / college humor. I have so much shit to get done, but I just can't focus on work. It's almost like the time I spend playing Starcraft has replaced the time I used to spend working, but I don't know what to do about it. I've tried uninstalling the game, but a couple days later I'll reinstall it - it's like I need rehab or something. I wish I never got into it, but I'm not sure what to do now.
  17. Sounds like overkill to be honest. I'd just get an external hard drive and use it. Granted, a fire or something could wipe out the computer and the hard drive, but imo it's a remote enough of a risk not to worry about.
  18. I have a server that runs CentOS / WHM. If I set the clock using the date command, within a few hours it will go back one hour. I am guessing that this is due to a problem with daylight savings time. I would think that there would be a way to turn off automatic clock adjusting, but neither myself of the server company can seem to figure out the problem. Any ideas?
  19. .... It works if I DONT specify a user name and password.... I need a different profession.
  20. Any idea how to escape it?? It's stupid shit like this that keeps me from ever finishing a to-do list... Next time I'm making the password "password" -- the only way you can even connect it through SSH...
  21. It was return "$y-$m-$d $h:$m:$s"; originally - I fixed it, then changed it back to post it, but I didn't change $min back to $m.
  22. I guess my problem is with my boot/bcd file. When I try and run the command line command to fix it, it says it can't find a version of windows, even though on the screen right before it, it has my version of Windows. I think the problem is with my RAID driver. I loaded the RAID drivers in the Windows repair screen and everything shows up, but I think there are certain repair tools that ignore them.
  23. I generally do, it's just that to me: $y-$m-$d $h:$m:$s Is more readable than: $year-$month-$day $hours:$minutes:$seconds The second one just looks like a long string, not a date format.
  24. Yeah - it's just so repetitive. Half the time the forms don't even process the data, just load and store it from the database. I created a system called "Flexi forms", which is still used in the admin, but it was so complex I kind of stopped using it. I might need to sit down with it again - it was awesome until you needed a new data type, or needed to do something complex with the data.
  25. I just spent 20 minutes swearing at my computer. This is one of the most annoying and hard to find bugs ever: function dateToSQL($m, $d, $y, $h=0, $m=0, $s=0){ if($h || $m || $s) return "$y-$m-$d $h:$min:$s"; else return "$y-$m-$d"; } See the error? It's that $m for month and $m for minute are the same. Why doesn't PHP throw an error? I have no fucking idea, but it probably should, since it would make no sense to ever intentionally do this. Since the function is so simple, I just first thought it was a problem with the query after it, then with the code before it. Then I thought that 07 was somehow getting converted into the int 0 because of the leading 0.... Just one of those nights...
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