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  1. Notepad++ or Netbeans depending on what I'm doing.
  2. xmlCon.open("GET","scripts/conHandler.php?a=login,true); Could be that you're missing the closing quote: xmlCon.open("GET","scripts/conHandler.php?a=login",true);
  3. Oh..... I wouldn't call that encapsulation... Prototypes have nothing to do with the term "encapsulation", but I see what you meant.
  4. "OOP in C++ can be a bit confusing (at least it was to me) at first since you don't encapsulate the methods in the class like PHP and Java. " Errr.... What do you mean?
  5. strlen will throw a notice if the variable doesn't exist; empty will not.
  6. You should just be able to make another request making sure to send the cookie stuff along again.
  7. To be blunt, that idea is quite retarded. A DSL filter is designed to cut out DSL signals on the phone line. A cable descrambler (or decoder, what ever you want to call it) is much more complex than that.
  8. What do you mean by it's not working? It serves a different domain? It gives a 500 error? Or what?
  9. It will be harder than you'll think, but as long as you're willing to spend lots of hours going "WTF?!" you'll be fine .
  10. Hrmmmmm odd. I just looked on the manual page for call_user_func_array and for some reason it appears that the array is passed by value. Usually things are passed by value, but they're references until it is edited. This is a ghetto hacked suggested by someone: $params = array('ss', 'stan', 'Stanley'); $tmp = array(); foreach($params as $key => $value) $tmp[$key] = &$params[$key]; call_user_func_array(array($stmt, 'bind_param'), $tmp);
  11. Returning true or false in the context of a webpage means nothing. You could echo 1 or 0 instead and then check the value of data.
  12. There's a million different ways to do what you want to do. Personally I would use a PHP script as a sort of gateway to the files. A script can control access a bit better than Apache can, but it really depends on how detailed you want to allow it to get, or if you want something besides just plain directory listing or a static file list page.
  13. Perhaps I'm having a slow moment, but can you explain again what results you're trying to get? Also, if I understand your schema correctly, it would be better to normalize it more.
  14. mcrypt_decrypt If you don't want to use the MySQL function AES_DECRYPT.
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