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  1. Eh, it's pretty cheap if you're actually coding for a living. It costs maybe an hour or two of work.
  2. You do realize that you can customize PhpStorm's appearance? Just like with every other IDE? I use a modified version of the ubiquitous Son of Obsidian theme for both PhpStorm and Visual Studio. Looks great.
  3. What are you referring to when you mention 'code completion'? Intellisense? Actual code generation (say, dumb getters and setters)? I tend to like both, mainly because of my disabled hands. Less typing = good for me.
  4. Anyone have any experience with cloud based PaaS hosting? I've heard of PHP Fog, and apparently Heroku has PHP hosting capabilities (poorly documented and not advertised). I'm curious to see if anyone's tried PaaS hosting, and what their thoughts are.
  5. I recently bought a few names through hover.com. A bit expensive ($15 each), but a great control panel. and they were recommended by Leo Laporte, who generally knows his stuff. No complaints.
  6. ++PhpStorm. The new version even auto-detects if you have a popular MVC framework.
  7. No! If you abdicate the throne, the serfs will revolt!
  8. I've been using the free trial of PhpStorm for the last week or so. I'm loving it. Does just about everything I'm looking for out of the box, and is simple to tweak. Even better, it's still reasonably quick in my VM setup. Definitely buying a licence when the evaluation period ends.
  9. I'm looking at getting PhpStorm (and RubyMine, made by the same company). Thoughts? Impressions?
  10. Changed my name from: Nightslyr To: KevinM1. It was time.
  11. Wow...that's going to take some time to get used to.
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