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  1. Can dreamweaver perform something like this or do I need php?
  2. [quote author=ronverdonk link=topic=106319.msg425036#msg425036 date=1156975733] If this user is known to you, as in 'has logged-in', you can keep the voting count in the database with the user's data. If any site vitisor can vote, then all you can do is collect as much data as you can gather, such as referer (not always set), ip address (not always trustworthy), browser data, etc. and store that in the database. And use that to compare with each new vote. Ronald   8) [/quote] Hey Ronald, Thanks for the quick reply...but Im sorry I didnt really understand....The only people who can vote are those who are logged in. This is going to be a members paid site. I would like everything to be done automatically if that is possible...So would this be done using php?
  3. Hey guys im very new to php and Im working on a website that would need to look like this. I threw this together in Dreamweaver to give you an idea. I need it to be a voting site where there is a check box under each pic where an individual would view all pictures then at the end choose one and click vote having a box appear with the total. Now I dont mind if the person votes more then once however I only want their last vote to count. Now could this be done using php? And if so can anyone point me in the right direction. Thank you so much!! Lisa P.s. I apologize but when you view the sample the pictures dont appear but you can still see what I am trying to aim for! [attachment deleted by admin]
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