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  1. I thought I was the only one. Unless a miracle happens ( ) I think I will always use EditPlus, so far I've used it probably 3 years now. Great and very underrated program. =o thanks for telling about. I think I'll keep using notepad for my PHP but I definitely have use for EditPlus. I can open up a 300 megabyte .SQL file in it in like 5 seconds, and do a mass Find&Replace like, INSTANTLY instead of it taking an hour. Woot!
  2. That's the problem with monopolies, they take away your choice. If you want to be a gamer, you have to use Windows. Or mess around with (potentially illegal) emulation software (E.G. wine), that may or may not work, and probably has serious performance penalties. =\
  3. Nevermind. Forget it. I don't want to talk about it anymore it's making me lose my temper x_x sorry
  4. Yeah well it works fine for me, and it's the fastest/least-bloated editor in Windows. Are you really dumb, or just playing dumb? In any case, read the rest of the post so you don't make yourself look so stupid. I'm not going to repeat myself here just to please you, sorry. In any case, I'm pretty sure the poll meant best editor used in WINDOWS, since almost all of the editors listed only works in WINDOWS. In Linux, I would use vi. So there.
  5. No offense, but I think that's stupid. You won't get things like syntax highlighting, automatic indention, line numbers etc. You aren't a better/cooler developer just because you make the work harder for yourself. Well since I'm used to coding in notepad, I don't need to rely on syntax highlighting. And I HATE indention. It's a waste of my computer's precious little bytes!
  6. True, you could just NEVER click on ANY links from emails, and NEVER go to ANY websites that you don't completely trust. But personally, I think it's easier to just not let people run javascript on my computer except where there is a good reason to (like for sites that can't run unless you let them use javascript).
  7. I use notepad on Windows, and Vi on Linux.
  8. I care about security so I always disable it, unless it is a website that I trust and there is actually a good reason to enable it (E.G. the website fails to function without it). When it is disabled, XSS is either completely impossible or close to impossible. (XSS = stealing your passwords/identity/personal information E.G. credit card numbers phone numbers etc)
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