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  1. Thank you Barand, this is a great solution. Problem solved. I certainly appreciate it!
  2. Hi Benanamen, I need this data to use with highCharts.js, and will plot the data by month. So for example: 2016-05 Revenue: $20 2016-08 Revenue: $10 2016-11 Revenue: $50 How can I populate the empty data where no month exists in between? To chart this out in a way that makes sense, I need this: 2016-05 Revenue: $20 2016-06 Revenue: $0 2016-07 Revenue: $0 2016-08 Revenue: $10 2016-09 Revenue: $0 2016-10 Revenue: $0 2016-11 Revenue: $50 2016-12 Revenue: $0 // This month, or months after last pulled record up until now The records are coming from traffic to a website. There are 350,000 original database rows for traffic sources. I am trying to collect archived info on a monthly level. I hope that this clarifies my original post. 2016-05 Revenue: $20
  3. I have several hundred thousand records that will add a monthly db row if new data exists. I plan on working this info into a chart, but I see no reason to add values that contain 0. For 350,000 records, doing it this way reduces new monthly records to about 8,500, vs 350,000 - a huge performance improvement if this is possible. I figured that an array will help solve this. For example, looping over the data in SQL, will return something like: while ($r = $result->fetch_assoc()){ $id[] = $r["id"]; $revenue[] = $r["revenue"]; // Revenue for example $date[] = $r["date"]; // 2016-07 } So, the result will have the dates, id's and revenue stored as an array. Using ksort() will sort the dates, however is there a plausible way to add missing dates (that have 0 values)? Sorry for not being more clear, this is the best way I could describe this. I thank you for your help. DB storage is limited and expensive, and this is a critical step on the long term project.
  4. iwpg

    Accessing this Data

    Thank you for your help, this gives me some nice direction.
  5. iwpg

    Accessing this Data

    Sorry, I have another one as well. {"field25":["0"],"field26":["2"]} I would imagine a preg_split. I basically need to access field25 and field26 values, and turn all of them into variables. This data has me scratching my head, any help is very much appreciated.
  6. iwpg

    Accessing this Data

    I am using a jevents plugin, RSVP pro, and am trying to access "custom_rsvp_capacity" that has a value in this case of 55. Not sure where to start, since this is not a typical set of data. Thank you. Raw: a:45:{s:3:"UID";s:32:"c0c158647d172fafbe9bb23b48b";s:11:"X-EXTRAINFO";s:0:"";s:8:"LOCATION";s:1:"8";s:11:"allDayEvent";s:3:"off";s:7:"CONTACT";s:0:"";s:11:"DESCRIPTION";s:1096:"Discovery Center";s:12:"publish_down";s:8:"2016-9-1";s:10:"publish_up";s:8:"2016-9-1";s:13:"publish_down2";s:8:"2016-9-1";s:11:"publish_up2";s:8:"2016-9-1";s:7:"SUMMARY";s:17:"Falls";s:3:"URL";s:0:"";s:11:"X-CREATEDBY";i:1135;s:7:"DTSTART";i:1472738400;s:5:"DTEND";i:1472745600;s:5:"RRULE";a:5:{s:4:"FREQ";s:4:"none";s:5:"COUNT";i:1;s:8:"INTERVAL";s:1:"1";s:14:"IRREGULARDATES";a:0:{}s:5:"BYDAY";s:24:"+1TH,+2TH,+3TH,+4TH,+5TH";}s:8:"MULTIDAY";s:1:"1";s:9:"NOENDTIME";s:1:"0";s:7:"X-COLOR";s:0:"";s:9:"LOCKEVENT";s:1:"0";s:20:"custom_upload_image1";s:28:"57bc596ab96872.78000912.jpeg";s:26:"custom_upload_image1_title";s:26:"image-coming-soon-comp.png";s:19:"custom_upload_file1";s:0:"";s:25:"custom_upload_file1_title";s:0:"";s:16:"custom_rsvp_evid";s:2:"13";s:29:"custom_rsvp_allowregistration";s:1:"1";s:18:"custom_rsvp_params";s:0:"";s:25:"custom_rsvp_sessionaccess";s:2:"-1";s:32:"custom_rsvp_sessionaccessmessage";s:0:"";s:20:"custom_rsvp_capacity";s:2:"55";s:27:"custom_rsvp_waitingcapacity";s:1:"0";s:20:"custom_rsvp_template";s:2:"15";s:29:"custom_rsvp_allowcancellation";s:1:"0";s:24:"custom_rsvp_allowchanges";s:1:"0";s:22:"custom_rsvp_allrepeats";s:1:"1";s:25:"custom_rsvp_showattendees";s:1:"3";s:23:"custom_rsvp_attendintro";s:118:" Total number";s:19:"custom_rsvp_regopen";s:19:"2016-08-22 12:00:00";s:20:"custom_rsvp_regclose";s:19:"2016-08-30 12:00:00";s:23:"custom_rsvp_cancelclose";s:19:"2016-09-01 10:00:00";s:26:"custom_rsvp_allowreminders";s:1:"1";s:28:"custom_rsvp_remindallrepeats";s:1:"1";s:26:"custom_rsvp_remindernotice";s:2:"24";s:27:"custom_rsvp_remindersubject";s:49:"Event Reminder : {EVENT} ON {DATE}%d %B %Y{/DATE}";s:27:"custom_rsvp_remindermessage";s:175:"Reminder template";}
  7. I am getting indexed by Google for URLs that are not linked. My worry is that this will be considered duplicate pages. Cannot find any info on rewriting numerous = signs. I would buy you a few beers if I could for the help. Thank you. Example: http://www.site.com/?rs=20&n=750====&deviate=30 needs to be this: http://www.site.com/?rs=20&n=750&deviate=30
  8. iwpg

    Preg Match - Cant get it to work.

    Sounds like a plan, will do. My original thinking was that regex would be faster than parse_url based on some past experiences. Thank you!
  9. Hello, I am trying to replace a url and add a sub-id to it, however I'm not quite there. Any help is always appreciated here. In the end, I would like the value of gotoUrl to have the cpId 123abc45 attached to it. I.E. http://example.com/?Aff=56732&SID=123abc45 http://example.com/?Aff=56732&uv=123abc45&product=1834234 http://example.com/?Aff=56732&cid=123abc45&ace=2gs244s3 $gotoUrl = "http://example.com/?Aff=56732&SID="; // OR could be listed as such: // $gotoUrl = "http://example.com/?Aff=56732&uv=default&product=1834234"; // $gotoUrl = "http://example.com/?Aff=56732&cid=&ace=2gs244s3"; // Will attach this to replace value $cpId = "123abc45"; // Possible sid replacements, depending on the url $sidList = array("sid","SID","cid","uv"); if ($gotoUrl){ foreach($sidList as $sidVar){ if (preg_match("/$sidVar/i", $gotoUrl)){ $gotoUrl = preg_replace("#{$sidVar}(?=.*\d)(?=.*[a-z])(?=.*[A-Z])$#", "{$sidVar}={$cpId}", $gotoUrl); } } echo $gotoUrl; }

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