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  1. The link after copying the files -- not working file:///C:/Banking/content/BankDefinitions/index.htm The link before copying the files -- working D:\Banking\content\BankDefinitions\index.htm
  2. Hello, I have come up across this problem before but I have forgotten how I overcame it. I have a site on CD with HTML links. All the links work well when viewing the site on CD however when I copy it on my desktop, they are not accessible. How can I set the link locations so no additional '/// ' or paths are added onto the existing path ? i.e. so that it can work the way it does on the cd ?
  3. Intresting dzelenika, but how would I measure the time spent by the diffrent parts of the loop ? Al get back to you on the number of rows.
  4. When should I reset max_execution_time in php.ini ? Its normally set to 30secs, is this the optimum time limit, what does it mean for an execution that takes longer than this ? At what situation can this time limit of 30secs be exceeded ?
  5. Not too sure about that, the = operator is an assingment operator hence int x = 2 implies int x has a value of 2. the == operator equates variables hence int x == int y means the two are equal. Am not trying to equate but to assign the returned results to $test_request.
  6. Hello, I am getting the error Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in <url to the php page> line 334 . This error is on and off. Nothing wrong with the code as seen below, the red part is the line in question, that the error points to . I change the max time limit in php.ini and set it to 45. This is not the best solution for this I know,but my question is : Do server delays result in this kind of error we are having here ? $flag=null; $y=0; while($test_request=$requests->FetchRow()) { $flag[$y] = false; //check if numbers have been already printed $len=count ($printed_nrs); for ($x=0;$x<$len;$x++) { [b]Line 449 is here :-[/b] if (strcmp ($test_request['batch_nr'],$printed_nrs[$x]) == 0 ) { $flag[$y]=true; $flag[$x]=true; } } $printed_nrs[$x]=$test_request['batch_nr']; $y++; }
  7. The results are returned as per the date range and jobid entered.
  8. Hello, I would like to create a query from a single table with the following columns. SEQNO is a unique key Name ID Amount Date JOBID SEQNO Mark 9 200 1/2/09 1001 1 Peter 3 300 1/2/09 1001 2 Steve 1 200 2/2/09 1001 3 Mark 9 200 3/2/09 1001 1 Peter 3 300 4/2/09 1001 2 Steve 1 200 5/2/09 1001 3 Hally 1 200 5/2/09 1002 3 The query should output in this format by SUBJOBID :- NAME ID 1/2 2/2 3/2 4/2 5/2 JOBID Mark 9 200 NULL 200 NULL NULL 1001 Peter 3 300 NULL NULL 300 NULL 1001 Steve 1 NULL 200 NULL NULL 200 1001 I have been going over pivot queries for this. But I don't seem to get anywhere. Could some one help ?
  9. Thanks but am not using php.
  10. Hello, Am using MySQL 5.0 I have this query SELECT name FROM dbo.tablenames Which gives the following jimmy robert michael I would to display that column information in one row such as jimmy robert michael
  11. I solved it this way ISNULL(CONVERT(VARCHAR(20), T1.[DocDate], 101) , 'Not Returned')
  12. Hi , I have the following code ISNULL(CAST(T1.[DocDate] AS varchar(50)), 'Nothing') where T1.[DocDate] is null, the code correctly returns 'Nothing' if it is not null then the code returns the date but in varchar format e.g. Apr 17th 2009. I would like to display the date as 17/04/2009 is this possible ?
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