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  1. ok this has worked before, but now for some reason it is not working at all! Please test this out for me: http://lamezz.com/_NEW/register.php you can try to login as USER: test PASS: test or you can register. Please help! Post feedback on what happens
  2. lol I have over 150+ users, I am not going to e-mail them one at a time -Thanks Though Oh I found this script $query = mysql_query("SELECT email FROM users"); while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($query)) { $to = $row['email']; $subject = 'the subject'; $message = 'hello'; $headers = 'From: Lamez' . "\r\n" . 'Reply-To: james.lamezz@gmail.com' . "\r\n" . 'X-Mailer: PHP/' . phpversion(); mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers); } It does not seem to work, what am I doing wrong?
  3. I am not sure on how to go about this, but I want to make a e-mailing system that will e-mail everyone in my database. How would I do this? -Thanks Guys!
  4. Changed the links Added border around footer and menu.
  5. I am just saying I like it, and was wondering what other peoples opinions are on it. I was really looking hard on my links, and they are horrid, what colors should I go with?
  6. lol I like my template, if you guys read my main post, it just a template, not the main content. Whats wrong with my links white on grey, then the roll over is black on grey. Same with my navigation. Oh what is wrong with the third box? I am using FF.
  7. Its not a template I would use, but I do think it looks good! I love the navigation.
  8. So what should I do to make it better?
  9. I re-coded my CSS, it more efficient! I love it! preview it here: http://www.lamezz.com/_NEW Tell me what you guys think! -Thanks
  10. lol its a preview, and I reviewed my code, and it was crap so I scraped it. Look at my new one, under my new topic!
  11. Alright, I will do that, will I have to copy my old CSS for the new IE one? Then just modify it, right? Then when I debugged my CSS, it said -2% is invalid, but then if I take it out, my menu drops down and messes it all up again. so how would be able to fix this? -Thanks for all the help!
  12. All my sites look great in FF, but some IE's make it look wierd, I have no clue on how to fix this, any thoughts?
  13. well if you are talking about the menu, then I forgot to add a "#" to my menu colors, and I fixed the hight issue. Thanks you help very much! lol now go critique it, under the Website Critique.
  14. alright I forgot to add spacing in the left column. I added the login to the menu so you can see what it looks like selected. Thanks, I am going to change the colors, but should I go with?
  15. I am have been workin' on the for a while now, just read the CSS forums lol. tell me what you think, this is just a preview, I might change the colors and I added text and some text boxes so you can see what it would look like. This all orginal! http://www.lamezz.com/_NEW/index.html
  16. oops that "no" was ment to be a only
  17. make it like this background: url('img/logo.gif');
  18. Alright, I fixed most issues with the menu, but when I roll over the selected menu, it adds a extra block, I think if I spaced it out more it will fix it, but I do not know tell me what you think: www.lamezz.com/_NEW/
  19. Alright I fixed the issue with the menu bar, and side column.
  20. it looks good so far, but there is not much to say lol just no giant image.
  21. Wow thanks, you really know your CSS. OK that fixed my menu background problem when it was being selected, but now when you rollover the selected menu link, it adds an extra grey bar. Also how would I fix my menu bar, and column spacing?
  22. na its cool, we all forget from time to time.
  23. I hope the second one is your (/backup) I think it is great. You should add some CSS rollovers in your navigation, anytime I visit a site, for some reason I like to see how their navigation works. I also found this when I scrolled down on the first page I love the layout, I think it is great I just hope you are steve, cuz it is his layout. I found this at the bottom http://www.steves-templates.com/ nice though
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