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  1. i'm at work right now so i can't check. but i recall only seeing the kernel versions along with a memtest listing in the grub menu (grub's menu.lst). i don't think my GRUB has a listing of the IDE since i installed the OS with SATA and only connected the IDE the other day. perhaps i should 'grub-install' again? my aim is to backup the data on the IDE. someone suggested using the ubuntu live CD to boot and mount both disks and copy from IDE to SATA. i might give that a try. do i have to use any special parameters for a SATA using the mount command?
  2. thanks ober. i did try BIOS but the problem seems to be occurring after that. it seems now that its a GRUB issue but i'm not quite sure what the issue is :/
  3. i found this and thought you might find it useful as well: yolinux.com: Linux Networking
  4. do you want to assign a static IP to your machine? try editing: /etc/network/interfaces as root
  5. if you could get used to using vim, you couldn't live without it. it doesn't have much as a base editor but it's totally customizable and you can add almost any feature you want. i have my vim setup with PHP doc enabled at the press of a button and syntax highlighting for a bunch of languages, auto complete, SVN, etc. the only draw back to using vim for a new user is that understanding its operating modes is pretty confusing the first time around but once you get used to it, its indispensible and it exists on every linux/unix machine by default.
  6. finally. i'm on 2.0 beta and it feels a little buggy. a colleague of mine prefers Kopete to gaim but I'm on Gnome and I don't want to install the extra KDE libs just so that i can use gaim.
  7. Hi, I have Ubuntu installed on my 160GB Maxtor SATA and a friend of mine lent me his 80GB Maxtor IDE drive. I set the IDE drive to master and set it up as a primary drive (i also tried slave and cable select) but it attempts to boot through the IDE instead of the SATA. The problem is my friend's IDE has a corrupt installation of Ubuntu. I'm not too sure about boot priorities when using an IDE with a SATA so can someone tell me how I could fix is so that I could boot via SATA and access the IDE via SATA? I'm on an ASUS board, by the way. Thanks for your time.
  8. actually, i don't like it. our office purchased a few licenses a few weeks ago and I work on a linux machine so i have to use the Java version and it's so slow. personally i prefer vim though it's not an IDE. There's two things that are ok about it though...one is SVN (although you can set up SVN in vim with some configuring) and the Code Analyzer. other than those two, i really don't like it. i feel like it's too bloated. the only reason i use it is because it's a part of our coding standards specification. plus, zend's customer support is very slow :/
  9. if you are sure that you have CGI enabled, try updating your slocate db first: # sudo updatedb # locate php-cgi if not, thorpe's suggestion should sort that out for you. also, this might help clear some confusion, if any: Migrating from PHP 4 to PHP 5 > Backward Incompatible Changes > CLI and CGI
  10. consider the heredoc syntax and
  11. it's odd that it didn't work for you. i'm not sure why unless you made a typo because it is valid code and the following worked for me (i tried it out the other day before i made my first post in this thread): <?php $user_id = 1; define("user", $user_id); function battle() { echo user; } battle(); ?> if your file structure is such that your function is in one file and you define $user_id in another file, it's possible that you may not be including them properly. anyway, i'm glad to see you've got it working.
  12. i believe PEAR stores it's configuration (registry, as you call it) in a .pearrc file. most web applications don't have enough permissions to make those changes. if they do, that's not a good thing. when PHP uses a PEAR class, you simply give the package folder's name and then the class name as you may already know...such as: include 'Crypt/BlowFish.php'; that's because the path to the PEAR base folder (i.e. where PEAR and the Crypt folders reside) is set in php.ini's include_dir directive. so you can use ini_set() to set include_dir in your application. at the installation point, you would have to ask the user to enter the path to their PEAR installation and set that in your application. i just had a look at the PEAR site, it says that manual installation is not advised so you might want to reconsider encouraging manual set up of PEAR by packaging the PEAR libs. see: Manual installation however, i don't see a problem packaging a PEAR module with your app and setting the include_dir path as i mentioned above...but i wouldn't attempt to set up the PEAR base within my application.
  13. i can never sit still which is why i opted for practical use and the book to bring myself up to date on PHP5. that being said, i wonder how i'm going to sit in one place for the on site training...if there's a lot of food around, that should be enough motivation for me yeah sure i'll let you know how it goes. if i get soft copy material, i will definitely post it here.
  14. how about if you gave us more info? i'll assume you've verified that the file 'C:/PHP/php5apache2.dll' exists and is readable. is this one of those LAMP installation packages? or did you compile both PHP and Apache by hand? do you see this error when you access a PHP/Plain HTML page via the web? or does it occur when you attempt to start Apache via a terminal or something like that?
  15. well i was about to try the Zend certification exam towards the second half of last year. i did the practice test and it was alright. but that was for PHP4. i got in touch with the people at Zend and they advised me to go for PHP5. i don't think i know enough about PHP5 to do the exam just yet. so about 3 weeks ago, work was less heavy and so i have more time to myself so i've begun learning PHP5. it seems alright so far. just a few more things to remember...and i have 4 second goldfish memory :/ anyway, in about a month, our office is getting down some people who do Zend training in our neighboring continent (India) to train us in PHP5 and that lasts approximately 10 days. so if things go as planned, I hope to be Zend certified in 2 months. that would actually make me the first Zend certified engineer in Sri Lanka i think studying for the exam will give you a little extra knowledge on the internals of the Zend engine. i had worked with PHP for about 4 years before i started studying for the PHP4 version and i learnt a bunch of things i didn't even know existed. the only problem is, depending on the IT culture around your area, i'm not sure how many people will recognize the Zend certification. you can't say it's as popular as RedHat certification or Java certification. especially in Sri Lanka...everytime i mention the word "Zend" people think i run a head shop :/ Also, i don't think you have to take the training course. i bought the recommended book and tried everything that book suggested and if you couple that with your personal experience with PHP (and if you actually have an affinity for PHP), you should fair well at the exam.
  16. well it won't work because you've commented out $user_id. try uncommenting it. also, you don't have to surround the value for $user_id in quotes. - if you have to use quotes, use single quotes where possible. - PHP doesn't bother too much with the 'type' (integer, string, boolean, array, etc) of a value. when you surround a value in quotes, the reader would assume you're trying to convert it to a string. There's no need to convert a number to a string. In your case, PHP would handle the number 1 as a string anyway (correct me if i'm wrong, anyone) so there's really no need for the quotes.
  17. since you haven't mentioned what your server environment is, i will assume you're trying to compile PHP on a Linux system CLXXVIII. XML-RPC Functions states that you can use the following with ./configure --with-xmlrpc[=DIR]
  18. PHP itself can't install PEAR. You might have to specify PEAR as a requirement for your application. php.ini will hold the path to PEAR so you don't have to worry about your application figuring out the paths. you can also try this... Package the PEAR base along with the modules that you need with your application. And within your application, use ini_set() to set the 'include_path' to point to the directory where you packaged your PEAR base and modules. I recall there is a strict folder structure you have to follow when installing PEAR manually (manual installation is apparently not recommended) and this was on the FAQ of the PEAR site a long time ago. I can't verify this because any subdomains of php.net haven't been working for the last 24 hours for me but this may be due to my geographical location so give it a try yourself: http://pear.php.net
  19. Are you sure you edited the right php.ini? Did you restart the web server after the php.ini change? Doe the dll's reside in the 'extension_dir' path defined in php.ini?
  20. I've also just begun using Zend Core at work for a project. Unfortunately I don't know enough yet to answer your question but I haven't experienced this problem. We are running on RH ES4, Apache 2 and PHP 5 with Oracle 10g. Have you tried Zend support? Their live chat help is pretty good sometimes. Isn't this issue due to IIS though? Doesn't IIS spawn the php-cgi.exe's?
  21. Koobi

    No ADSL!

    wow :/ where about in Australia are you located? and do you have any valuables in the house and a burglar alarm?
  22. Koobi

    No ADSL!

    if you have GPRS on your phone, you could use your phone as a wireless modem...although that would probably be slow :/
  23. somehow i feel a little paranoid posting this stuff on a public message board but...what the hell i will be 26 this year. i was born and raised in Sri Lanka. i'm about 5"5' and around 135lb the last time i checked. i'm usually pretty laid back although i tend to oscillate between either extremes in everything actually, not just mood :) i've been playing basketball ever since i was about 10 years old. played for school and college as well and i can't live without it. i play as regularly as i possibly can. unfortunately i'm a little short for a ball player so i have to make up for it with my jump :/ i love music...especially conscious hip hop, preferably pre 2000 conscious hip hop that address things that happen in actual life. i was actually a member of the first hip hop group in Sri Lanka. we performed a few times and did a few tracks but that was over a decade ago. the other guys are out of the country, i'm still here and started hitting the studio again about 3 months ago. seems like a lot of us are into music here, on this forum...although i can't compose a note or arrange music to save my life, i've been rhyming ever since i could remember. i love playing pool/snooker. i'm not so great at snooker but i love pool. i'm obsessed with staying in shape...wouldn't call myself a health freak seeing as i eat anything that walks and anything that doesnt but i like keeping in shape. my weekends are usually boring because of a tiring day at work. but weekends are always different every week. i go white water rafting as often as i can. as for the PHP related side of things, i work for a Sri Lankan IT company that provides IT services for a US based company. my main role is the Tech Lead/Project Manager for a PHP/Apache/Oracle based project. this project has been about a year in the making so far and it's going well. my team consists of 7 PHP developers with a varying range of skills. i think i was hired just because i knew some Linux and i use PHP often. very few people are into PHP over here. it's mostly MS and ASP people :/ the only thing i hate about work is that i have to come in early everyday since the client is in the US and we are 12 hours ahead of the US so i have to chat to the client everyday in the morning before he goes to bed. i have no real formal education. didn't even do my A/L examinations...i believe that's the equivalent of a high school diploma in the US? i'm halfway through my IT degree but i have to come to the US to complete that (this august, hopefully. probably Austin, TX since i can continue to work with my client there). not so crazy about doing my degree either but hey, it's the paper qualifications that count these days, not experience or knowledge, unfortunately :/ i've worked with PHP since...2000 i think. it was an ex moderator of this board that influenced me to use PHP because i was a moderator at another board he was an admin of. it was Jon Kriek. i also did some C++ in school. i have a fair knowledge of C++ but not enough to actually say that in real life :) i was heavily into CSS and XHTML for a while. i'm familiar with MySQL, Postgres and have had to begin using Oracle recently. i started using Linux OS exclusively about 3 years ago and i love it although i have an incredible amount to learn but i'm looking forward to it. i've been trying to get Zend certified in PHP 5 for the last 3 months or so but i'm a slacker :) plus work has been heavy. i think i've typed a lot so i'll stop. by the way, why don't we all post pictures too? [img]http://housni.org/photos/before_leaving.jpg[/img] [url=http://flickr.com/photos/koobi/]my flickr page[/url]
  24. it sounds like your apache installation doesn't recognize PHP. Probably due to the absence of the AddHandler or AddType directive in your apache2.conf/httpd.conf file. how are you sure that everything from your installation procedure is correct?
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