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  1. it's probably in your [php_dir] path. you don't need to know where it is, though, if your server is configured properly. what you can do is, search for your PEAR directory via SSH: $ updatedb $ locate PEAR
  2. ah ok, i was waiting for your reply. i'll send you the necessary data this week. thanks.
  3. any developments on this, effigy? if you've replied to my mail, i haven't recieved it yet.
  4. what if you want to get in touch with a member outside the board? suppose you want to add them to IM (MSN or AOL, etc)? you can't ask a member to post his IM in a public forum. i feel PM's are necessary but that's my opinion.
  5. [quote author=Daniel0 link=topic=104296.msg416152#msg416152 date=1155648507] You can however not just put it in a folder and access it by typing it's url. [/quote] but that would totally depend on how you've set up your web server. a [b]web[/b]server is generally a machine that serves web pages based on a web protocol such as HTTP. depending on how you have set up your OS and the web server, you can serve anything you want on your machine to the web. but like effigy said, exe's are native to windows. other OS's can run em too but you'd need third party software to run an exe.
  6. yeah i think sleeping is a waste of time too but a necessary waste of time, as humans :) i don't think you should break your sleep up the way you have. try and get one stretch of about 8 hours of sleep (the duration really depends on you). and when you're awake just concentrate on your PHP. get a little excercise if you can. that will improve your body's efficiency. work hard, play hard and sleep sound :) i used to have a sleeping problem - i could only fall asleep every other day or so...thank god it's disappeared.
  7. my site's hosted by dreamhost.com pro's: * great support team so far * great disk space/bandwidth * ruby on rails support * PHP5 (as a CGI) and PHP4 (as a CGI and Apache module) can be installed and run depending on your .htaccess with your own php.ini settings because you can create a customer installation (aka developers heaven :)) * SSH access with a full UNIX shell (developer heaven again) * CSV and SVN repository (aaaand developer heaven) there's a bunch of other things but the above is all i care about :) can't think of any cons. i've been very happy with them so far.
  8. [quote author=SharkBait link=topic=104003.msg414635#msg414635 date=1155406402] Linux = open source :P  Well not all of it, but there are hundreds of (well maybe not hundreds) flavours of Linux in the world. I don't know many places where Unix is still used.  I am sure they are out there but Linux prices (licensing) is FAR more cheaper. I tend to see RedHat in most web hosts I have ever seen.  At work we use RedHat, Mandrake, Slackware, Ubunto, Fedora and whatever else we get our hands on. I would also say because of the costs of obtaining a distribution of linux, most people won't choose Unix as an OS for web hosting etc. Why pay hundreds of dollars for licensing when you can do pretty much the same thing for free? [/quote] pretty much the same thing? I think UNIX is far more robust and definitely more flexible and scalable than linux. linux is awesome, i love it/ been using nothing but linux for the last 2 or more years but UNIX is definitely a lot more stable and can do many things linux can't do as well. but yeah i guess price is the issue due to the licensing. also, why is RedHat so big? frankly, i hate RPM based distros. is RH big in commercial hosting because they have a dedicated support staff for RHE? i mean, you would feel easier about using a linux if you have someone to blame when things go wrong, if at all :) i believe gentoo (minus X) is a more suitable server OS
  9. Sometime, in the near future, I hope to become certified in either Linux or UNIX because I think it will complement my chosen career. although i'm a linux user, i don't really move around the linux community so much so i was wondering if you guys could possibly advice me on something. the things is, i can't decide if i should go for Linux or UNIX certification. i see a lot of Linux hosts out there but as far as i know, UNIX is far far more flexible and robust for a server than linux is so why are there so many linux based hosts? is it to do with licensing issues? what do you think will be the most common web hosting OS in the future? Linux or UNIX?
  10. i was thinking about Ruby as well...i migth give it a try. [quote author=akitchin link=topic=103873.msg414233#msg414233 date=1155337478] not to mention, i don't think ruby has anymore power than php does, given the appropriate knowledge and practice with php. [/quote] but there are some things about PHP that can be very annoying. for example the inconsistent function naming convention and parameter orders (the whole needle/haystack thing) and the fact that OOP in PHP doesn't allow Multiple Inheritance (an i'm not talking about simulated multiple inheritance) which would make MANY things a lot easier to do. Does Ruby allow multiple inheritance in OOP?
  11. also image format is important. for things like photo's that have many colours, it's better to use a JPG since it has quite a wide colour range and has very good compression that is configurable at the cost of being less clear, however. GIF's are great for images with a limited colour range...however i would prefer PNG's...the problem with PNG's is that if you have partial transparency (alpha layer), then IE is gonna show you a blue box instead of the partially transparent block...this can be overcome with CSS hacks but hacks are a bad idea, in my opinion. i generally go with PNG's for most things. i ,rarely, if ever, use JPG's or GIF's. another interesting format is the MNG which is the brother of PNG (or was it the cousin? or the aunt? whoever decides how they are related anyway? :D) and is similar to an animated GIF, in that, it has the same colour range of a PNG (more or less) but can be animated since it can hold multiple frames.
  12. [quote author=ober link=topic=102991.msg409757#msg409757 date=1154719476] That's actually a very good explanation, Bane ;)  Thanks. [/quote] thanks, Chewbacca bring's the best out in me :D [quote author=jcombs_31 link=topic=102991.msg412712#msg412712 date=1155157644] that is way too much work, you'd have to create an entire dictionary.  It would work for something small, but not full content. [/quote] well hey creating a content management system is way too much work but somebody's gotta do it if they want it :) you don't have to create a whole dictionary. just create language variables as and when you need them.
  13. but a pen tool won't be as smooth as manipulating a blur on an alpha channel. for most web graphics (72dpi), the pen tool should be fine but for print graphics (150/300dpi), it can make a difference depending on the size of the graphic in which case i believe using alpha channels is very appropriate :)
  14. when i used PS, what i would do is create a curve with a marquee tools (feathering) on an alpha channel and then blur it by very small amounts many times and then apply Curves (ctrl+m  or image > Curves ?) and sharpen the blur. i would then use the alpha channel to load a selection and use that selection. worked perfectly everytime :) i wish i could better instruct you, but i don't have access to PS nor have i used it properly in the last 2 years or so.
  15. i love how lite [url=http://www.getvanilla.com/]Lussumo Vanilla[/url] is. Also see: [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanilla_(forum)]Vanilla at the Wikipedia[/url]
  16. i installed Symphony OS once and it didn't detect my VGA so i manually up'd my refresh rate and the monitor burnt out :(
  17. [quote author=alecjw link=topic=103263.msg411319#msg411319 date=1154971126] With ubuntu, you don't have to download the .deb packages, they come on a CD. Also, updating it is ubeleivably easy, just: [code]aptitude upadate[/code] and everything will be updated off of the internet. [/quote] actually its: [code] sudo apt-get update [/code] that will only update your list of repositories this will actually upgrade your packages: [code] sudo apt-get upgrade [/code] then there's a dist-upgrade as well. but i generally just use aptitude because it has better dependency handling (apparently) also, here's a neat trick: [code] sudo apt-cache search mySearchTerm [/code] great way to find new programs :) also, the deb's that come in a CD could be outdated. you should try and download fromthe net. either way, a .deb is not a raw source package :) i use Ubuntu for my desktop as well. but i don't think i'll ever use it as a server. it's a really great desktop OS though. a friend of mine installed it on his laptop and it detected his WIFI and bluetooth, all without human interaction. linux has come a LONG way since the manual configuration era...but the whole manual configuration thing was the charm that would draw someone to it... what's your network card by the way?
  18. i think Ubuntu is the ideal Desktop OS simply because it's easy as hell...but as a server?...hmm maybe with a lot of tweaking. being a server, you'd expect it to be stable, then you must be careful to not enable all the ubuntu repositories because some of the updates on some repositories are not thoroughly tested. i think my favourite server OS is Gentoo Linux because of how well it melds in with the hardware (if you compile via source) and the package manager itself. i believe Gentoo's package manager actually downloads the source and compiles it on your PC unlike Ubuntu for example which would download a mostly preconfigured .deb, generally. I imagine FreeBSD would be more robust as a server but unfortunately, i don't know as much about FreeBSD as i'd LOVE to :) So Gentoo it is, for now.
  19. :D yeah i learnt a majority of what i know from this forum as well.
  20. yeah a database can be used but you can also use a text file and save your 'language packs'. i generally have a folder named 'lang', for example. when the user logs in, i would determine his language of choice (there are a number of ways to do this, either by user input or by browser locale detection) i would then include the appropriate text file. i usually use ini files for storing languages. i find that it's not too hard to parse and users find it easy to edit as ell. you can parse an ini file with parse_ini_file() here's a sample of an english language ini language pack: en.php [code=php:0] [greetings] formal = "Hello, %s" casual = "Hi %s!" [bye] formal = "Goodbye, %s" casual = "Later %s!" [/code] and of course we must have a Wookie language pack, in case Chewbacca decides to visit the site from his ship :) wookie.php [code=php:0] [greetings] formal = "Oombachampawhatamisaying, %s" casual = "Yooaremyfriendyoucrazywookie %s!" [bye] formal = "Dontcalluswellcallyou, %s" casual = "Getoutofmyface %s!" [/code] now my login screen, for example, would look like this: [code=php:0] $pathToLangFile = 'wookie.php'; //'wookie pack chosen $username = 'Chewbacca'; $lang = parse_ini_file($pathToLangFile, true) printf ($lang['greetings']['formal'], $username); [/code] NOTE: here's a little trick...even though you would type your language data in INI format, give it a PHP extension. That way, it would spit out an error if someone tried to access it via the browser (since apache would attempt to parse it as PHP but would error since it's not valid syntax) but the parse_ini_file() function wouldnt have a problem parsing it since it uses a different method to access the file (i.e. not via the HTTP protocol) this way you keep your language pack free from prying eyes while maintaning full access to it in the way you intended to. sorry if this seems confusing, i'm not too good at explaining things :/
  21. yeah, PHP would still treat it as a string, but try this: [code=php:0] $data = 'php'; $data = (integer) $data; echo $data; [/code]
  22. in my opinion, if you're expecting a number and you recieve a string, you should reject the data but since you asked, there are two things you can do: 1. settype() [code=php:0] settype($_GET['whatever'] , "integer"); [/code] 2. type cast [code=php:0] $_GET['whatever'] = (integer) $_GET['whatever']; [/code]
  23. [quote author=cmgmyr link=topic=102399.msg406746#msg406746 date=1154377847] Are we getting off topic? [/quote] of course we're not. we are deciding what Colleen will buy us :D
  24. rum? :/ ok, i'm out. i'm more of a vodka/vodka-martini person :)
  25. crap :/ i have an early day on friday...how about we make it thursday AND friday?
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