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  1. Okay, Forgive me for the simple question. Check this out. First Page: test.php <?php session_start(); $_session['test'] = 'test'; echo '<a href="test2.php">click</a>'; ?> Second Page: test2.php <?php session_start(); echo $_session['test']; ?> Seems like the second page would echo 'test'??? I just cannot get it to work. Have I oversimplified?
  2. I may be missing something and I am still confused. I am sure that someone here can help; but, with such a cryptic explanation it is very difficult.
  3. We should never pass a username and password in an URL... Can you explain the function of doing that?
  4. You can find it in the source code download.
  5. Take a look at the file log_server_status.in in the support folder. You should be able to write whatever output you want from server-status
  6. It will take some planning and elbow grease. Also, some down time for registering new users where you can perform the merge. Probably just a DISTICT query on username from each table and use those values to create the merged table. Then, most likely, update the permission and person_role table to reflect the new userId values.
  7. Could you post a few more details and I am sure someone can help you out...
  8. No answers because it may be posted in the incorrect discussion topic. Probably needs to go into the PHP or MYSQL topics instead o MSSQL. What errors are you getting?
  9. Are the two tables identical except for the ID?
  10. I may have misread your needs also. But, are you looking for a php application that can sycronize files on and between all your computers? If so, that type of activity is best suited for a file server and an application like subversion.
  11. usually just closing your browser and reopening helps. windows is so helpful that way
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