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  1. $select = \"select max(nr) AS max_nr from table_test\"; $result = mysql_query($select); $max_nr = mysql_fetch_array($result); Sorry if the last line needs tweaking as I\'m an ODBC man these days...
  2. Please explain further, your question is unclear. Do you want to select the maximum value pulled from a list of items pulled from a database?
  3. SELECT * FROM table WHERE number = 1 replace \"table\" with the name of your table and \"number\" to name of the column you wish to check Other examples: Less than: SELECT * FROM table WHERE number < 1 Greater Than: SELECT * FROM table WHERE number > 1 Between SELECT * FROM table WHERE number BETWEEN 1 AND 3
  4. \"SHOW\" is a reserved word, use show_name or similar. Have tested and it works. http://developer.mimer.com/validator/parse...words-sql99.tml
  5. I dont think you can call a column \"date\" can you? Check out the list of words not recommended to use in SQL elements: http://developer.mimer.se/validator/sql-re...erved-words.tml Try renaming it \"date_id\" and see if it works...
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