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  1. Why make yourself type all of that extra stuff? You can refer to the array elements with the numbered index (starting at 0): <?php $p = array('clientID'=> $clientID, 'cityID'=> $cityID, 'productsIDs'=> array(22, 63, 59)); print_r($p); /*Output: Array ( [clientID] => 12 [cityID] => 4 [products] => Array ( [0] => 22 [1] => 63 [2] => 59 ) ) */ ?> You can just do $p['productsIDs'][0], etc.[/code]
  2. http://www.flamplayer.com/flamplayer_demo/doc/fp_doc_en.html#auto_record Reading the documentation is a good idea. You need to go and run the MP3s through FLAM player's interface so that it can analyze them and store the whole thing in the database.
  3. You can try...but there's nothing that you can actually do to protect it completely. The only way for that to happen would be to make a music player in Flash that serves the music. That's the only way I can think of, at least.
  4. Crystal ball: 0 Guessing common problems: 1 Seriously, if you have to ask a question again, provide as much information as possible. Otherwise it's hard to diagnose and it leads to random guesses.
  5. What do you mean "not to be opened"? You mean like, actually go and browse the contents of the folder?
  6. That's like dividing by zero. It just doesn't work. In all seriousness, the whole point of storing something above the document root is so that there is no HTTP path. You can make a script to push the MP3's to the browser if you want. That would work even if the MP3's are stored above the web root.
  7. You need to make sure error reporting is on and you should also verify the data in your database with the data in your script. Is the column length for the password in your database 32 characters? You need it to be that long in order to store an MD5 hash.
  8. PHP has no built-in limit to string length. It's completely based on the memory available to the program.
  9. Lmfao, I love how most of the people on the thread just tl;dr'd but still have an opinion. xD About Twitter though, I still don't know what to think of it. A lot of people have it, but it seems extremely pointless. I'm totally not against social networking sites (I have a Facebook and positively adore it), but I feel like Twitter is just a website dedicated to the same thing that Facebook statuses accomplish. Oh well. =/ And I loved how you addressed the people in the movie theater as directions. =P Actually made me chuckle.
  10. If it's in the URL, it's a GET parameter, not POST.
  11. You cannot escape apostrophes with \ in HTML. You need to encode them with like, htmlentities(). The \' is actually closing off the form attribute.
  12. Well, the center is really empty. And I'm not the biggest fan of the crude logo either, but that's just me. Definitely needs more center content to fill it out though. So, it's a Greek web design site? =P Interesting. Μιλώ ελληνικά. Οχτώ έτη στο ελληνικό σχολείο.
  13. Could be. xD Right below the apartment with the family eating dinner?
  14. If it's in quotation marks, it wouldn't matter. <?php echo "substr('test', 0, 10);"; He could (and probably should) be using an alias in the query, but in reality, it doesn't matter. Just more typing if he doesn't. xD
  15. Doesn't matter. Probably is. The problem is that you're using single quotes (' ') around your array key ($row['SUM($screen_size)']) so variables don't interpolate. Use double quotes.
  16. <?php $date = getdate(); print_r($date); $month is $date['mon'], $month_name is $date['month'], and $year is $date['year']. =P
  17. (let ((amount 5.00) (quantity 3)) (* amount quantity)) Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
  18. law did it correctly. He/She just didn't need to loop. foreach ($pieces as &$p2){ $last_piece = end($p2); $pieces is the array, $p2 is the individual element. What's wrong with that picture? Also: if ($p2 = last_piece ... Should be 2 =.
  19. Try following the example from php.net. You're calling end() on each individual element in the array, instead of once on the whole array, before the loop.
  20. You didn't set up the keys correctly in the array. <?php $genres = array ( 'Comedy' => array("Superbad", "Yes Man", "Anchor Man"), 'Horror' => array("Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "People Under The Stairs", "Slither"), ); foreach($genres as $genre){ echo "<p>$genre:</p>\n<p>"; foreach ($genre as $num => $movie) { echo "$num: $movie<br />\n"; } echo "</p><br />"; } Should be good.
  21. What? It's in the GD library. Any change in PHP version or ini settings on your site?
  22. Umm, that makes little sense. If there's no people who come here to help other people, then there would be no one posting solutions. =/
  23. You can't get PHP code from a page. Plus, that code would take about 2 minutes to create. If you were using one hand. =X On a side note, I enjoyed being asked for a "Numeric Number".
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