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  1. I tried assigning variable names first, but for some reason I was unable to get it process, so I decided to try with ? to get them to run. Can you provide a run-able example?
  2. Going from something like: $sql_update=''; $binders=''; if(isset($_POST['name']) && $_POST['name']!=''){ $name=$_POST['name']; $binders.=",$name"; $sql_update.="`name`=?"; } ... if(isset($_POST['phone']) && $_POST['phone']!=''){ $phone=$_POST['phone']; $binders.=",$phone"; $sql_update.="`phone`=?"; } $binders = trim($binders, ','); $sql_update = trim($sql_update, ','); if ($sql_update!='' && $binders!='') { $sql = "UPDATE ___table___ SET $sql_update WHERE id=$___id___"; $q = $conn->prepare($sql); // $q->execute(array($binders,$___id___)); } How would you send it to the PDO function? I spent the whole day trying to convert it from a mysql statement to a PDO statement, and feel like
  3. Lunar pages is very to use, and their sites load quickly. Their winter special is $4.95, and the specs are: General account information: Hosting package default Shared Ip Address Subdomains 0 / 999 Parked Domains 2 / 999 Addon Domains 0 / unlimited MySQL Databases 3 / 999 Postgresql Databases 0 / 999 Disk Space Usage 5.05 Megabytes MySQL Disk Space 0.22 Megabytes Disk space available Unlimited Megabytes Bandwidth (this month) 22.43 Megabytes Email Accounts 0 / 999 Email Forwarders 0 Auto-responders 0 Mailing Lists 0 / 1 Email Filters 0 Ftp Accounts 0 / 999 General server information: Operating system Linux Service Status Click to View Kernel version 2.6.9-78.0.8.ELsmp Machine Type i686 Apache version 2.0.63 PERL version 5.8.8 Path to PERL /usr/bin/perl Path to sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail Installed Perl Modules Click to View PHP version 4.4.9 MySQL version 5.0.67-community cPanel Version 11.24.4-RELEASE 32603 Theme cPanel X v2.5.0 Documentation Click to View
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