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  1. I have tried this code below to solve my problem , but in front end number is increasing buy in Mysql the numbers are not increasing <?php $con=mysqli_connect('localhost','root','','youtube'); $alias=$_GET['alias']; $sql="SELECT * FROM articles where alias='$alias'"; $res=mysqli_query($con,$sql); $row=mysqli_fetch_assoc($res); ?> <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <title>Like Dislike</title> <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> <link href="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/bootstrap@5.2.3/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet"> <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/bootstrap@5.2.3/dist/js/bootstrap.bundle.min.js"></script> <script src="https://code.jquery.com/mobile/1.4.5/jquery.mobile-1.4.5.min.js" integrity="sha256-Lsk+CDPOzTapLoAzWW0G/WeQeViS3FMzywpzPZV8SXk=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script> <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.6.1/jquery.min.js"></script> </head> <body> <div class="container"> <div class="row main_box"> <div class="col-md-6 title"> <h3><?php echo $row['title']; ?></h3> </div> <div class="col-md-3"> <a href="javascript:void(0)" class="btn btn-info"> <span class="glyphicon glyphicon-thumbs-up" onclick="like_update('<?php echo $row['id']; ?>')">Like (<span id="like_loop_<?php echo $row['id']; ?>"><?php echo $row['like_count']; ?></span>)</span> </a> </div> <div class="col-md-3"> <a href="javascript:void(0)" class="btn btn-info"> <span class="glyphicon glyphicon-thumbs-down" onclick="dislike_update('<?php echo $row['id']; ?>')">Dislike (<span id="dislike_loop_<?php echo $row['id']; ?>"><?php echo $row['dislike_count']; ?></span>)</span> </a> </div> </div> <script> function like_update(id) { var cur_count=jQuery('#like_loop_'+id).html(); cur_count++; jQuery('#like_loop_'+id).html(cur_count); jQuery.ajax({ url:'update_count.php', type:'post', data:'type=like&id='+id, success:function(result){ } }); } function dislike_update(id) { var cur_count=jQuery('#dislike_loop_'+id).html(); cur_count++; jQuery('#dislike_loop_'+id).html(cur_count); jQuery.ajax({ url:'update_count.php', type:'post', data:'type=dislike&id='+id, success:function(result){ } }); } </script> </div> </body> </html> update_count.php <?php $con=mysqli_connect('localhost','root','','youtube'); $type=$_POST['type']; $id=$_POST['id']; if ($type=='like') { $sql="UPDATE articles SET like_count=like_count+1 WHERE id=$id"; } else { $sql="UPDATE articles SET dislike_count=dislike_count+1 WHERE id=$id"; } $res_count=mysqli_query($con,$sql); ?> Please help me my seniors here... Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Freaks, I've been working on an issue trying to get an infinite scrolling system to work. I originally posted about it here -> I've been trying to debug and figure out the issue as I was pretty sure it was in the jquery/ajax script and not my PHP. The original script I'm using is in the original post linked above bur for reader convenience I'll post it again here -> <script> var userLoggedIn = '<?php echo $user->data()->username; ?>'; $(document).ready(function() { $('#loading').show(); //ajax for loading first posts $.ajax({ url: "includes/handlers/ajax_load_posts.php", type: "POST", data: "page=1&userLoggedIn=" + userLoggedIn, cache: false, success: function(data) { $('#loading').hide(); $('.posts_area').html(data); } }); $(window).scroll(function() { var height = $('.posts_area').height(); //div containing posts var scroll_top = $(this).scrollTop(); var page = $('.posts_area').find('.nextPage').val(); var noMorePosts = $('.posts_area').find('.noMorePosts').val(); if ((document.body.scrollHeight == document.body.scrollTop + window.innerHeight) && noMorePosts == 'false') { $('#loading').show(); var ajaxReq = $.ajax({ url: "includes/handlers/ajax_load_posts.php", type: "POST", data: "page=" + page + "&userLoggedIn=" + userLoggedIn, cache: false, success: function(response) { $('.posts_area').find('.nextPage').remove(); //removes current next page $('.posts_area').find('.noMorePosts').remove(); //removes current next page $('#loading').hide(); $('.posts_area').append(response); } }); } // end if return false; }); }); </script> the issue that I found is in the if statement condition-> if ((document.body.scrollHeight == document.body.scrollTop + window.innerHeight) && noMorePosts == 'false') { I added some console logs-> .... console.log("This is the scrollHeight: " + document.body.scrollHeight); console.log("This is the scrollTop: " + document.body.scrollTop); console.log(""); console.log("This is scrollTop + innerHeight: " + (document.body.scrollTop + window.innerHeight)); console.log(""); if((document.body.scrollTop + window.innerHeight >= 2500) && noMorePosts == 'false') { $('#loading').show(); console.log('This is fucked up'); // noMorePosts = true; ....... And it turns out that the overflow comments were being displayed but I had to scroll alll the way to the bottom of the page for it to happen. In the above code you can see where I altered the if condition to get the overflow comments to display sooner. This seems like a really bad fix to me as it's such an absolute value (2500) and doesn't take into account so many different variables in user system, setup etc etc. Also, at times it will load the overflow comments more than once. I've seen them repeated up to 3-4 times, which is certainly not acceptable. So I have 2 questions about this issue that I'm really hoping someone can help me resolve: 1) What is a more appropriate fix for the if condition rather than having that hardcoded 2500 in there? 2) What are some ways I can fix the sometimes repetitive overflow comments displaying? As I said in my original post, this jquery/ajax isn't my code and I'm trying to work through it when I get the time, but there is no mechanism in it to make noMorePosts = true and my commented out attempt at it didn't work. To say that I'm really uncomfortable with jquery and ajax would be an understatement. I look forward to reading your responses and hope a great weekend to you all. TIA
  3. So this is kind of a carry on from my last post about while looping, but I felt it was better to start it in a new thread because the framing of the question has changed. For those of you who responded to my last post I thank you and here is the issue and backstory on that post: I'm trying to integrate an AJAX infinite scrolling system into a project. I'm really uncomfortable with AJAX and have watched a few tutorials on it and have tried to integrate what I've learned into my PHP. The one tutorial that made the most sense to me also, obviously uses some PHP but it's kept at a basic level and the PHP of my own that I'm integrating it with is quite a bit more in depth. Before I start with the breakdown, I'd like to make clear that I'm not ignoring anyone's advice on using a foreach over the while loop. The ajax guy is using a while loop in his more simple examples and since I'm so uncomfortable with AJAX I wanted to stay as true to his examples as possible until I got it functioning correctly then I plan on tidying it up. I just want to get it functioning first to where I have a deeper understanding as I'm doing a lot of customization so it fits with my already written code. That being said, I'm going to try to make this post as organized and clear as possible as I really need some help. I have a news_feed.php includes file that looks like this-> <div class="col-sm-12 col-lg-8 ms-3 me-3 column2"> <form action="" method="POST"> <textarea class="form-control" name="post_text" id="text-area" placeholder="Post to your profile" rows="6" autofocus></textarea> <div class="buttons"> <input class="form-group btn btn-outline my-2 button" type="submit" name="submit_post" id="post-button" data-bs-toggle="tooltip" title="Post to your profile" data-bs-html="true" value="Post"> </div> </form> <?php //$post->getUserPosts(); ?> <div class="posts_area"></div> <img src="img/icons/loading.gif" id="loading"> </div> <!-- end newsfeed --> </div> <!-- end inner row --> </div> </div> It's all pretty straight forward. When the $post->getUserPosts() is uncommented all the posts are displayed. It's commented out right now because of the next 2 files. Next I have an ajax_load_posts.php file that looks like this -> <?php require_once($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/qcic/assets/core/init.php"); $user = new User(); $posts = new Post(); $limit = 10; // loaded posts per call // pull userLoggedIn from ajax script $request = $_REQUEST['userLoggedIn']; $posts->getUserPosts($request, $limit); The last line in this file is why I have the $post->getUserPosts() in the previous one commented out. Next I have the following AJAX. None of this is my code and it's the code I'm trying to integrate into my own project -> <script> var userLoggedIn = '<?php echo $user->data()->username; ?>'; $(document).ready(function() { $('#loading').show(); //ajax for loading first posts $.ajax({ url: "includes/handlers/ajax_load_posts.php", type: "POST", data: "page=1&userLoggedIn=" + userLoggedIn, cache: false, success: function(data) { $('#loading').hide(); $('.posts_area').html(data); } }); $(window).scroll(function() { var height = $('.posts_area').height(); //div containing posts var scroll_top = $(this).scrollTop(); var page = $('.posts_area').find('.nextPage').val(); var noMorePosts = $('.posts_area').find('.noMorePosts').val(); if ((document.body.scrollHeight == document.body.scrollTop + window.innerHeight) && noMorePosts == 'false') { $('#loading').show(); var ajaxReq = $.ajax({ url: "includes/handlers/ajax_load_posts.php", type: "POST", data: "page=" + page + "&userLoggedIn=" + userLoggedIn, cache: false, success: function(response) { $('.posts_area').find('.nextPage').remove(); //removes current next page $('.posts_area').find('.noMorePosts').remove(); //removes current next page $('#loading').hide(); $('.posts_area').append(response); } }); } // end if return false; }); }); </script> Finally I have my getUserPosts() method in my Post class. The majority of this is my code but I've had to make some amendments for this particular task I'm working on. (again, please don't think I'm ignoring anyones advice, I'm not, I will change many things once my understanding is more complete and I get it functioning). -> <?php public function getUserPosts($data, $limit) { // public function getUserPosts() { //$page comes from the $_GET data in ajax script $page = $data['page']; $userLoggedIn = $this->user->username; if($page == 1) { $start = 0; } else { $start = ($page - 1) * $limit; } $table = "un_posts"; $field = "deleted"; $value = "no"; $rule = "ORDER BY id DESC"; $query = $this->_db->get($table, array($field, "=", $value), $rule); $this->_data = $query->all(); // $this->_data is an array of objects $str = ""; //html string to return if (count($this->_data) > 0) { $num_iterations = 0; # number of results checked (not necessarily posted) $count = 1; // foreach ($this->data() as $obj) { // $post_data = array( // "id" => $obj->id, // "content" => $obj->content, // "added_by" => $obj->add_by, // "date_added" => date("F d, Y H:i:s", strtotime($obj->date_added)), // "user_to" => $obj->user_to, // ); $cnt = 0; while($cnt < count($this->data())) { $post_data = array( "id" => $this->data()[$cnt]->id, "content" => $this->data()[$cnt]->content, "added_by" => $this->data()[$cnt]->add_by, "date_added" => date("F d, Y H:i:s", strtotime($this->data()[$cnt]->date_added)), "user_to" => $this->data()[$cnt]->user_to, ); //prepare user string if it's not posted to a user if ($post_data["user_to"] == "none") { $user_to = ""; } else { $user_to_obj = new User($post_data["user_to"]); $user_to_firstname = $user_to_obj->data()->firstname; $user_to_lastname = $user_to_obj->data()->lastname; $user_to = "to <a href='" . $post_data["user_to"] ."'>" . $user_to_firstname . " " . $user_to_lastname . "</a>"; } //check if poster has account closed $added_by_obj = new User($post_data["added_by"]); if ($added_by_obj->isClosed()) { continue; } if($num_iterations++ < $start) { continue; } //load 10 posts and break if($count > $limit) { break; } else { $count++; } //TODO change this for people who use username instead of real names $firstname = $added_by_obj->data()->firstname; $lastname = $added_by_obj->data()->lastname; if ($firstname && $lastname) { $name = $firstname . " " . $lastname; } else { $name = $added_by_obj->data()->username; } $profile_pic = $added_by_obj->data()->profile_pic; //timeframe $datetime_now = date("Y-m-d H:i:s"); $start_date = new DateTime($post_data["date_added"]); //time of post $end_date = new DateTime($datetime_now); // current time $interval = $start_date->diff($end_date); //difference if ($interval->y >= 1) { if ($interval == 1) { $time_message = "1 year ago"; } else { $time_message = $interval->y . " years ago"; } } elseif ($interval->m >= 1) { if ($interval->d == 0) { $days = " ago"; } elseif ($interval->d == 1) { $days = "1 day ago"; } else { $days = $interval->d . " days ago"; } if ($interval->m == 1) { $time_message = "1 month " . $days; } else { $time_message = $interval->m . " months " . $days; } } elseif ($interval->d >= 1) { if ($interval->d == 1) { $time_message = "Yesterday"; } else { $time_message = $interval->d . " days ago"; } } elseif ($interval->h >= 1) { if ($interval->h == 1) { $time_message = "An hour ago"; } else { $time_message = $interval->h . " hours ago"; } } elseif ($interval->i >= 1) { if ($interval->i == 1) { $time_message = "A minute ago"; } else { $time_message = $interval->i . " minutes ago"; } } elseif ($interval->s < 30) { if ($interval->s == 1) { $time_message = "Just now"; } else { $time_message = $interval->s . " seconds ago"; } } $str .= " <div class='status_post'> <div class='post_profile_pic'> <img src='../usernet/img/profile_pics/{$profile_pic}' width='50'> </div> <div class='posted_by'> <a href='{$post_data['added_by']}'> {$name} </a> {$user_to} &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; {$time_message} </div> <div id='post_body'> {$post_data['content']} <br> </div> </div> <hr>"; $cnt++; } if($count > $limit) { //keeping these hidden just to store the values $str .= "<input type='hidden' class='nextPage' value='" . ($page + 1) . "'> <input type='hidden' class='noMorePosts' value='false'>"; } else { $str .= "<input type='hidden' class='noMorePosts' value='true'><p style='text-align: centre;'> No more posts to show!</p>"; } } echo $str; } The original commented out at the top (with no parameters) is my original and corresponds to the commented out call to this method in the first file I posted. As is, this is not showing the posts only the loading.gif from the first file. I suspect it's not reading the ajax_load_post.php file correctly if at all, as that is where the new call to this method is located. I'm not sure what my actual question is other than "How do I get this working properly?". outside using AJAX for some API calls this is my first foray into using it in a more complex manner. I've tried to keep my code well commented and this post organized so as not to discourage people from responding. I'm pretty lost in the jungle right now and any compass or map any of you could provide would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Currently I have a table in my view class that is populated with data from the backend using MVC framework in codeigniter. Now I have a dropdown above each column that is filling in the same records from my database. So I want to be able to filter my records as soon as the person clicks the item in the dropdown list. To achieve this I'm using a Jquery to get the selected item and sending that value to my controller. Code: So far I have this in my view class: <table> <tr> <th width="10%">Source</th> </tr> <tr> <td width="5%"><select id="your_id_name"> <option value="">All </option> <?php if($sources) foreach($sources as $source): ?> <option value="<?php echo $source['title'] ?>"><?php echo $source['title'] ?></option> <?php endforeach;?> </select></td> <td width="10%"><select id="contact_type"> <option value="">All </option> <?php if($types) foreach($types as $type): ?> <option value="<?php echo $type['id'] ?>"><?php echo $type['title'] ?></option> <?php endforeach;?> </select></td> </tr> <tbody> <?php if(isset($records) && count($records) > 0) { foreach($records as $row ){ ?> <tr> <td><?= $row->source ?></td> <td><?= $row->title ?></td> </tr> <?php } } ?> </tbody> <script type="application/javascript"> $('#your_id_name').on('change', function() { console.log($('#your_id_name').val()); $.get('<?php echo base_url('ajax_dropdown'); ?>', { selected: $('#your_id_name').val() }, function(res) { var values = JSON.parse(res); // then do something var status = values.status; var records = values.records; var html = "" records.forEach(function(row){ html += `<tr><td>${row.source}</td> <td>${row.title }</td></tr> `; console.log(tbody_tag) }) var tbody_tag = $('tbody#table_body'); tbody_tag.html(html); }) }) $('#contact_type').on('change', function() { console.log($('#contact_type').val()); $.get('<?php echo base_url('ajax_dropdown'); ?>', { selected_contact: $('#contact_type').val() }, function(res) { var values = JSON.parse(res); // then do something var status = values.status; var records = values.records; var html = "" records.forEach(function(row){ html += `<tr><td>${row.source}</td> <td>${row.title}</td></tr> `; }) var tbody_tag = $('tbody#table_body'); tbody_tag.html(html); }) }) controller class: public function ajax_lists(){ $data = array(); // store data in here, store all data you need in data $selected_input = $this->input->get('selected'); $selected_input2 = $this->input->get('selected_contact'); $data['records'] =$this->contacts_model->get_records($selected_input,$selected_input2); echo json_encode($data); } Model Class: function get_records($selected_input = null,$selected_input2 =null){ $this->db->select("*"); $this->db->from("crm_contacts as con"); if($selected_input){ $this->db->where("con.added_by",$selected_input); } if($selected_input2){ $this->db->where("con.contact_type",$selected_input2); } $query = $this->db->get(); return $query->result(); } Here as of now I can filter all my records 1 at a time. So suppose I filter the table by source and then inside that source I want to filter the leftover data by contact_type, I cannot do it since doing so resets the 1st filter I had and filters all the data according to the new select item I have clicked.
  5. I'm currently passing values in my URL that I want to GET and insert in my controller class for filtering. My current URL looks something like this: http://localhost/reports/lists?source=Product1&status=4. Now to get the value of suppose source, I'm using the following code: let searchParams = new URLSearchParams(window.location.search); var status = searchParams.get('source'); Now I want this status variable to go to my controller class so that I can use it as 1 of my parameters for my model class: Full code: View Class: <?php $postd = json_encode(array_filter($post)); ?> <table id="item-list"> <tr> <th>Ref.No#</th> <th>Source</th> </tr> </table> <script> $(document).ready(function() { function sendreq(){ setpostdatas();cleartable();getleads(); } var userrole = "<?php echo $this->session->userdata('clientrole')?>"; var slug = '<?php echo $slug?>'; var postd = '<?php echo $postd; ?>'; if( userrole > 1 && userrole != 5){ $('#item-list').DataTable({ "processing": true, "stateSave": true, "serverSide": true, "ordering": false, "createdRow": function( row, data, dataIndex){ $(row).has( "div.overdueupdate" ).css('background-color','#FFC7CE'); }, "ajax": { url: "<?php echo site_url(); ?>reports/loadLeads", data: {slug: slug, postdata: postd}, type : 'POST', "dataSrc": function ( d ) { d.myKey = "myValue"; if(d.recordsTotal == 0 || d.data == null){ $("#item-list_info").text("No records found"); $("#item-list_processing").css("display","none"); } return d.data; } }, 'columns': [ {"data": "id", "id": "id"}, {"data": "refno", "refno": "refno"}, {"data": "source", "source": "source"}, ] }); } Controller Class: public function loadLeads($p=''){ $leadsource = $this->input->get('status'); if(isset($_POST['postdata'])){ if($_POST['postdata'] != null && $_POST['postdata'] != 'null'){ $post=$_POST['postdata']; } $post = json_decode($post,true); unset($post['slug']); unset($post['page']); $sort = $post['afsort']; if($sort == "asc"){ $sortQ = 'l.updated_date asc,'; }else if ($sort == "desc"){ $sortQ = 'l.updated_date desc,'; } } $offset = (int)$_POST['start'] ; $pstdatas = explode(',', $_POST['postdata']); unset($pstdatas['item-list_length']); if($this->session->userdata('clientrole') == 1 || $this->session->userdata('clientrole') == 5 ){ $content['leads']=$this->leads_model->get_pagination($_POST['length'],$offset,$where,'',false,$sortQ?$sortQ:'l.assign_status =\'Unassigned\' desc,',$all,$leadsource); }else{ $content['leads']=$this->leads_model->get_pagination($_POST['length'],$offset,$where,'',false,$sortQ?$sortQ:'l.assigned_date desc,',$all,$leadsource); } Now here in my controller class I want that AJAX variable to be passed so that I can use it my model query.
  6. I have a table that shows the redirect from and redirect to columns from my database. By default, all the records are shown, but there is a from and to filter I'm using to search by a particular redirect. Now there are a lot of times that after I input the filters, it gives me a Undefined variable: redirects error, but sometimes it works. Here is my code: View Class: <?php if ($redirects): ?> <form name="redirectform" action="admin/redirects" method="post"> <div> <input list="search-from-list" id="search-from" name="search-from" style="width:100%;"/> <datalist id="search-from-list"> <?php foreach ($allredirects as $allredirect){ ?> <option value="<?php echo $allredirect->from; ?>" id="<?php echo $allredirect->id; ?>" /> <?php } ?> </datalist> </div> <input type="hidden" name="linkid" id="linkid" /> <input type="hidden" name="linkidto" id="linkidto" /> <input type="hidden" name="<?php echo $this->security->get_csrf_token_name();?>" value="<?php echo $this->security->get_csrf_hash();?>"> </div> <input list="search-to-list" id="search-to" name="search-to" style="width:100%;" /> <datalist id="search-to-list"> <?php foreach ($allredirects as $allredirect){ ?> <option value="<?php echo $allredirect->to; ?>" id="<?php echo $allredirect->id; ?>" /> <?php } ?> </datalist> </div> </form> <table> <?php foreach ($redirects as $redirect): ?> <tr> <td><?php echo $from=str_replace('%', '*', $redirect->from);?></td> <td><?php echo $redirect->to;?></td> </tr> <?php endforeach ?> </table> <?php echo form_close() ?> </div> <?php else: ?> <div class="no_data">No Data</div> <?php endif ?> <script type="text/javascript"> $("#search-from").select(function(e){ var g = $('#search-from').val(); var id = $('#search-from-list').find("option[value='"+g+"']").attr('id'); $('#linkid').val(id); }); $("#search-to").select(function(e){ var g = $('#search-to').val(); var id = $('#search-to-list').find("option[value='"+g+"']").attr('id'); $('#linkidto').val(id); }); </script> Controller Class: public function index() { if(isset($_POST["search-from"]) && !empty($_POST["search-from"])){ if(isset($_POST["linkid"]) && !empty($_POST["linkid"])){ $from_id = $_POST["linkid"]; $this->template->redirects = $this->redirect_m->order_by('`from`')->get_by_id($from_id); } }else if(isset($_POST["search-to"]) && !empty($_POST["search-to"])){ if(isset($_POST["linkidto"]) && !empty($_POST["linkidto"])){ $to_id = $_POST["linkidto"]; $this->template->redirects = $this->redirect_m->order_by('`to`')->get_by_id($to_id); } }else{ $this->template->redirects = $this->redirect_m->order_by('`from`')->limit($this->template->pagination['limit'], $this->template->pagination['offset'])->get_all(); } $this->template->allredirects = $this->redirect_m->order_by('`from`')->get_all(); $this->template->build('admin/index'); } Here basically what I'm doing is that the input with the ids search-from and search-to hold an autocomplete function for the redirect links. I have other 2 input fields linkid and linkidto which are hidden. Now I did some debugging and found out that the reason for my error is because the AJAX call is taking too long. Basically what the ajax call does is convert whatever text that is there in the input field of search-from and fetches the id for that from the database and then returns the value according to that id. So I changed the hidden fields to text and manually inserted the ids for the search fields I entered and it worked everytime. So now what I think the problem is that the AJAX call is taking too long to convert the selected options to their respective ids and this ends up giving me an error. So maybe what I want here is a delay timer to the page until the AJAX call has been made?
  7. I have here a select query where in I have to get the $den_name and $currDate from a js variable. $disData="SELECT bDate.* FROM (SELECT bDentist.* FROM ( SELECT bBranch.*,concat(px_fname,' ', px_lname) as px_name, concat(px_contact,' / ', px_contact2) as px_connum FROM appointments bBranch WHERE bBranch.brnch_id = '$id') AS bDentist WHERE bDentist.den_name = '$dentistName') AS bDate WHERE bDate.s_date = '$currDate'"; The reason for doing this is so that I can output the records when I clicked a specific date and dentist #1 that matches their values. I tried using ajax here is my code for trying to get the dentist's name // JS Var currDen to PHP Var const den1 = document.querySelector('.D1'); const den2 = document.querySelector('.D2'); const den3 = document.querySelector('.D3'); let currDen = ''; // if 'active' exists if( den1.classList.contains('active')) { currDen = document.getElementById("D1").innerHTML; }else if (den2.classList.contains('active')){ currDen = document.getElementById("D2").innerHTML; }else if (den3.classList.contains('active')){ currDen = document.getElementById("D3").innerHTML; }else{ currDen = '땡!'; }; console.log(currDen); const xhrDen = new XMLHttpRequest(); jsonStr = JSON.stringify(currDen); console.log (jsonStr); xhrDen.open("POST" , "clickedD.php"); xhrDen.setRequestHeader("Content-type" , "application/json"); xhrDen.send(jsonStr); }); }); this is the clickedD.php where I post it <?php $requestPayload= file_get_contents("php://input"); var_dump($requestPayload); $dentistName = json_decode($requestPayload,true); var_dump($dentistName); echo $dentistName; and in does return this to the network dev tool I also tried checking it if its empty with this if (empty($requestPayload)) { echo "Variable is empty.<br>"; } else { echo $requestPayload; } if (empty($dentistName)) { echo "Variable is empty.<br>"; } and this is what it output what is wrong with my code ? please help me out
  8. What I'm hoping to do is , when an <a> tag is click it will send a text value to php to change whatever name is assigned on the $table variable. To give an example. On the side are all the branches this clinic has. Instead of creating new php file for each of the branch ( with the same design and functionality) and href it accordingly, once click it will send a text to replace the default value of $table. I think AJAX will help do the trick but I'm new to it. Please help me, I'm so lost. Below is my code that displays all the branch, and what it looks like. <div class="BNavcontainer" > <div id="branchnav" class="SideBNav"> <?php /* To display Branch Name from djams_db */ $brnch = $conn->query("SELECT * FROM branches") or die($conn->error); while($row=$brnch->fetch_assoc()): ?> <a data-id='<?php echo $row['brnch_id'] ?>' href="djams_rmc.php?<?php echo $row['brnch_name'] ?>" id="b<?php echo ($row['brnch_id']) +1 ?>" > <?php echo ($row['brnch_name']) ?> </a> <?php endwhile; ?> </div> </div>
  9. I have a php page tool.php that has a function named "create_event". I want to make a button in a different page (dashboard.php), that when I click on it, it runs the "create_event" function from tool.php and shows the output from the function on dashboard.php page. I'm totally new to ajax and jquery and not sure how to do this. I did google this but not much luck. My site is build with WordPress and this is part of custom plugin that I'm making. Thank you in advance.
  10. I have an index.php file which includes my form and code to move the user's uploaded file to s3. My HTML form calls a js function sendEmails() which makes an AJAX request to another php script dbSystem() to validate the emails input and add it to a database. Everything is working except that the php code in my index.php file (at the very bottom) does not execute. It's supposed to execute when the user uploads a file and presses submit but it doesn't go into the if statement. I tried putting the $fileName = basename($_FILES["fileName"]["name"]) statement before the if statement but I get an undefined index error. I put my a comment in my code to show which if statement I am talking about. This is my HTML code in index.php: <form action="javascript:void(0)" method="POST" id="files" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <label class="col-md-4 col-form-label text-md-right">Select File: <span class="text-danger">*</span></label> <input type="file" id="userFile" name="fileName" style="cursor: pointer; max-width: 170px;" onchange="enableBtn()"> <label class="col-md-4 col-form-label text-md-right">Authorized Users: <span class="text-danger">*</span></label> <input placeholder="Enter e-mail(s) here..." id="req" autocomplete="off"/> <button id="submitBtn" name="submitBtn" class="<?php echo SUBMIT_BUTTON_STYLE; ?>" onclick="return sendEmails()" disabled>Submit</button> </form> This is my php code in index.php: <?php $conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $db); $sql = "SELECT sender_id, sender_email, receiver_emails, receiver_ids, file_name from filedrop_logs"; $result = mysqli_query($conn, $sql); if ($result) { echo "<div class='outputDiv'>"; echo "<table id='sharedOthers'>"; echo "<thead><tr class='headings'>"; echo "<th class='files'>Files</th>"; echo "<th class='users'>Users</th>"; echo "</tr></thead>"; while ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) { $receiverEmails = $row['receiver_emails']; $fileName = $row['file_name']; echo "<tbody id='bodyOthers'>"; echo "<tr id='rowOthers'>"; echo "<td>$fileName<br>"; $objects = getListofObjects('FileDrop'); foreach ($objects as $object) { $file = $object['Key']; $splits = explode('/', $file); if (end($splits) !== '') { $presignedUrl = getPresignedUrlForPrivateFile($object['Key'], '+20 minutes'); $link = '<a href="'.$presignedUrl.'">Download</a>'; echo $link; } } echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=''>Delete</a></td>"; echo "<td>$receiverEmails</td>"; echo "</tr></tbody>"; } echo "</table></div>"; } ?> <?php //the if statement below doesn't execute if(isset($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD']) && $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] === 'POST' && isset($_FILES["fileName"])) { $fileName = basename($_FILES["fileName"]["name"]); $error = $_FILES["fileName"]["error"]; $tmpName = $_FILES["fileName"]["tmp_name"]; if (isset(fileName) && $fileName != '' && $tmpName != '' && sys_get_temp_dir()) { $separator = DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR; $newDir = sys_get_temp_dir() . $separator . "FileDrop" . microtime(true); if (!file_exists($newDir)) { mkdir($newDir, 0777, true); // creates temp FileDrop directory $tempFilePath = $newDir . $separator . $fileName; // creates temp file inside FileDrop directory if (move_uploaded_file($tmpName, $tempFilePath)) { // moves file to tmp folder $s3FileName = "FileDrop" . substr($newDir, 4) . $separator . $fileName; $result = putFileToS3($s3FileName, $tempFilePath, 'public-read'); deleteDir($newDir); } } } } ?> This is my js code in case you want to see it: function sendEmails() { var fileData = $('#userFile').prop('files')[0]; var formData = new FormData(); formData.append('tags', JSON.stringify(tags)); formData.append('fileName', fileData); $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "../FileDrop/dbSystem.php", processData: false, contentType: false, data: formData, success: function(result) { result = JSON.parse(result); if (result.validity === "valid emails") { location.reload(); resetInputs(); //IMPORTANT $(".outputDiv").show(); } else { var tagsBrackets = result.emails.toString().replace(/[\[\]']+/g,''); var tagsQuotes = tagsBrackets.replace(/['"]+/g, ''); var tagsInvalid = tagsQuotes.replace(/,/g, ", "); $('#alertModal').modal({show:true}); document.getElementById('invalid').textContent = tagsInvalid; } } }); return false; } I've been stuck on this for so long, so I'd really appreciate the help!!
  11. It give an the link like http://localhost/aps/undefined Object not found! The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of that page about the error. If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster. Error 404 localhost Apache/2.4.35 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.1.0i PHP/7.2.11 //The php code to fetch data //The php code to fetch data <?php include('db.php'); $query = ''; $output = array(); $query .= "SELECT * FROM users "; if(isset($_POST["search"]["value"])) { $query .= 'WHERE first_name LIKE "%'.$_POST["search"]["value"].'%" '; $query .= 'OR last_name LIKE "%'.$_POST["search"]["value"].'%" '; } if(isset($_POST["order"])) { $query .= 'ORDER BY '.$_POST['order']['0']['column'].' '.$_POST['order']['0']['dir'].' '; } else { $query .= 'ORDER BY id DESC '; } if($_POST["length"] != -1) { $query .= 'LIMIT ' . $_POST['start'] . ', ' . $_POST['length']; } $statement = $connection->prepare($query); $statement->execute(); $result = $statement->fetchAll(); $data = array(); $filtered_rows = $statement->rowCount(); foreach($result as $row) { $sub_array = array(); $sub_array[] = $row["first_name"]; $sub_array[] = $row["last_name"]; $sub_array[] = '<button type="button" name="update" id="'.$row["id"].'" class="btn btn-warning btn-xs update">Update</button>'; $sub_array[] = '<button type="button" name="delete" id="'.$row["id"].'" class="btn btn-danger btn-xs delete">Delete</button>'; $data[] = $sub_array; } $output = array( "draw" => intval($_POST["draw"]), "recordsTotal" => $filtered_rows, "recordsFiltered" => get_total_all_records(), "data" => $data ); echo json_encode($output); ?> //javasrcipt jquery var dataTable = $('#user_data').DataTable({ "processing":true, "serverSide":true, "order":[], "ajax":{ url:"fetch.php", type:"POST" }, "columnDefs":[ { "targets":[0, 3, 4], "orderable":false, }, ] });
  12. Hi all, Bit of a dilema. If I add, update items through the Modal form, all works well. But, if I delete an item, everything works fine, but the window stays greyed out. Even if I check a checkbox and delete that way it works fine. The Delete part of the Ajax: $(document).on("click", ".delete", function() { var id=$(this).attr("data-id"); $('#id_d').val(id); }); $(document).on("click", "#delete", function() { $.ajax({ url: "includes/save.php", type: "POST", cache: false, data:{ type:3, id: $("#id_d").val() }, success: function(dataResult){ $('#deleteDriverModal').modal('hide'); $("#"+dataResult).remove(); } }); }); Here is the Multiple Delete section: $(document).on("click", "#delete_multiple", function() { var user = []; $(".user_checkbox:checked").each(function() { user.push($(this).data('user-id')); }); if(user.length <=0) { alert("Please select records."); } else { WRN_PROFILE_DELETE = "Are you sure you want to delete "+(user.length>1?"these":"this")+" row?"; var checked = confirm(WRN_PROFILE_DELETE); if(checked === true) { var selected_values = user.join(","); console.log(selected_values); $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "includes/save.php", cache:false, data:{ type: 4, id : selected_values }, success: function(response) { var ids = response.split(","); for (var i=0; i < ids.length; i++ ) { $("#"+ids[i]).remove(); } } }); } } }); $(document).ready(function(){ $('[data-toggle="tooltip"]').tooltip(); var checkbox = $('table tbody input[type="checkbox"]'); $("#selectAll").click(function(){ if(this.checked){ checkbox.each(function(){ this.checked = true; }); } else{ checkbox.each(function(){ this.checked = false; }); } }); checkbox.click(function(){ if(!this.checked){ $("#selectAll").prop("checked", false); } }); }); If anyone could help that would be great.
  13. //my controller <?php namespace App\Http\Controllers; use Illuminate\Http\Request; use DB; class homeController extends Controller { public function index() { $employee = DB::table('employee')->orderBy('id','desc')->get(); $department = DB::table('department')->orderBy('id','desc')->get(); return view('index', ['employee' => $employee , 'department' => $department]); } } //my routes Route::get('index','homeController@index'); //my view using blade temmplating engine @foreach($employee as $emp) <div class="employee"> <b>{{ $emp->name }} </b> <a href="employee/{{ $emp->id }}"> <p class="intro">{{ substr($emp->intro ,0, 50) }}...</p> </a> </div> @endforeach @foreach($department as $dep) <div class="department"> <b>{{ $dep->name }} </b> <a href="department/{{ $dep->id }}"> <p class="desc">{{ substr($dep->description ,0, 100) }}...</p> </a> </div> @endforeach I want to fetch using ajax, how can i do it, teach/help me
  14. Hi, I have a form for news articles. It has a title and a body which is fine. I also have a search box that allows the user to search for a memeber and click their name when it appears. This moves a div with a data-id into another div. The purpose of this is to tag them in the article. I am able to post all of the simple stuff but how would i post these value. I am assuming that i would need to create an array of said values but i am struggling to get them showing in post at all. Here is the code i have so far <?php function searchForPeople($searchVal, $exclude = '0'){ $sv1 = $searchVal; $sv2 = $searchVal; include 'includes/dbconn.php'; $out =""; $stmt = $conn -> prepare(" SELECT fname, lname, id FROM person WHERE id NOT IN (".implode(',', array_map('intval', $exclude)).") AND (fname LIKE CONCAT('%',?,'%') OR lname LIKE CONCAT('%',?,'%')) "); $stmt -> bind_param('ss', $sv1, $sv2); $stmt -> execute(); $stmt -> bind_result($fn, $ln, $pid); while($stmt -> fetch()){ $out .= "<div class='btn btn-primary m-1 tagInArticle' name='taggedPerson[]' data-id='$pid'>$fn $ln</div>"; } return $out; } ?> ...... <div id="searchResultsHere"> <!-- ajax content here --> </div> <hr> <div id="taggedInArticleContainer"> <!-- ajax content here --> </div> ....... <div class="col-lg-2"> <button type="submit" name="PublishNewNews" class="btn btn-primary w-100 mb-3">Publish</button> <button class="btn btn-primary w-100">Save</button> <hr> <div class="btn btn-warning w-100 mb-3">Private</div> <input type="hidden" name="howVisible" value="Private"> <hr> <p class="text-justify">Private news articles will only be avilable to logged in users</p> </div> ....... <script> $('#searchResultsHere').on('click', '.tagInArticle', function tagInArticle(){ var tagButton = $(this); tagButton.appendTo('#taggedInArticleContainer') }); $('#searchForPeopleBox').keyup(function(){ var searchVal = $(this).val() var tagged = '0' var tagged = $('#taggedInArticleContainer').find('.tagInArticle').map(function(){ return $(this).data('id'); }).get(); $.ajax({ type: 'post', data: {"ajax" : 'one', "val" : searchVal, "exclude" : tagged}, success: function(resp){ $('#searchResultsHere').html(resp) } }) }); </script> I hope this is enough to go on. I am sure it is simple but i just cant get it. Thanks all in advance.
  15. Background: I'm comparing 2 styles of Ajax: 1.) "jquery style" 2.) "ActiveXObject Microsoft.XMLHTTP style" Question: Is one better (faster, more cross-browser compliant) than the other? My experience: Both seem equally fast. The Microsoft style is a bit longer, but I don't have to load jquery.js to my page! Code Examples: Jquery style on my PHP page: function getInfo(ProductNumber){ $.ajax({ url:'Ajax-PHP-Page.php?ProductNumber='+ProductNumber, success: function(html) { document.getElementById("my_div").value = ''; document.getElementById("my_div").value = html; } }); } Microsoft style on my PHP page: function getInfo(ProductNumber) { if (window.XMLHttpRequest) { // code for IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); } else { // code for IE6, IE5 xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); } xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function() { if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) { document.getElementById("my_div").value = this.responseText; } }; xmlhttp.open("GET","Ajax-PHP-Page.php?ProductNumber="+ProductNumber,true); xmlhttp.send(); } Thank you!!
  16. HI all, I am building a php application and i am wanting to use notifications. At the moment i am just wanting to understand the methodology behind this. I dont necessarily have a use case for these notifications yet but i am going to base it off of the following: A user submits something to the database, another user gets a notifications that this has happened. I see the notifications being something appearing in the header bar (saying "you have a notification"...) I know that i will need to use ajax for this and JS/JQ but i am not really sure where to start with this. I have done some research and have come up a little blank. My main question at the moment is how does the submission of data to the database trigger the notification? As always and help here is appreciated. Kind Regards Adam
  17. I have created a registration page to access my website. After the user registrate himself should appear an alert saying that the registration was OK and a redirect to main.php page... however for some reason if I create an insert statement the alert and the redirect don't appear... If I remove the insert the alert and the redirect works... why? This is part of the code of my 3 files: registration.php (ajax call) $('#submit').click(function() { var username2 = $('#uname2').val(); var password2 = $('#psw2').val(); $.ajax({ url: 'ajax/response.php', type: 'GET', data: {username2 : username2, password2: password2}, success: function(data) { if(data === 'correct') { alert("Username and Password have been created!"); //don' work with the insert location.replace("main.php"); //don' work with the insert } else { alert("Username or password are not correct... please register yourself!"); } } }); }); response.php (answer to ajax call) if(isset($_GET['username2']) && isset($_GET['password2'])) { $username2 = $_GET['username2']; $password2 = $_GET['password2']; if (checkUser($pdo, $username2) === true) { echo 'duplicate'; } else { insertUserPwd($pdo, $username2, $password2); //including this line the redirect and the alert doesn't work... the insert is OK echo 'correct'; } } data_access.php (the function works but doesn't permit alert and redirect to appear) function insertUserPwd(PDO $pdo, $usr, $pwd) { $data = [ 'id' => '', 'user' => $usr, 'password' => $pwd ]; $sql = "INSERT INTO users (id, user, password) VALUES (:id, :user, :password)"; $stmt= $pdo->prepare($sql); $stmt->execute($data); } Can someone help me to fix the code?
  18. i've to populate google charts with dynamic data. the data looks llike. +----+-------+---------+-------+-----------+---------+------+ | id | name | physics | maths | chemistry | biology | sst | +----+-------+---------+-------+-----------+---------+------+ | 1 | Name1 | 10 | 25 | 35 | 42 | 62 | | 2 | Name2 | 80 | 45 | 45 | 45 | 25 | | 3 | Name3 | 63 | 25 | 63 | 36 | 36 | | 4 | Name4 | 82 | 36 | 75 | 48 | 42 | | 5 | Name5 | 45 | 45 | 78 | 25 | 24 | | 6 | Name6 | 36 | 36 | 15 | 75 | 36 | | 7 | Name7 | 99 | 45 | 24 | 24 | 45 | | 8 | Name8 | 45 | 85 | 85 | 85 | 96 | +----+-------+---------+-------+-----------+---------+------+ i have to create google charts based on this such that # namewise - such that when i select a name it displays all subject marks of that particular name in a column chart #markswise - when i select a subject, it displays all the names with marks in that particular subject. conisdiering that data may be added and i've to accumulate that also, for namewise i did // chart.php <?php include("connection.php"); $query = "SELECT name FROM csv GROUP BY name DESC"; $statement = $connect->prepare($query); $statement->execute(); $result = $statement->fetchAll(); ?> <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Google charts</title> <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.7/css/bootstrap.min.css"> <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.12.4.js"></script> </head> <body> <br /><br /> <div class="container"> <div class="panel panel-default"> <div class="panel-heading"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-9"> <h3 class="panel-title">Student Wise Marks Data</h3> </div> <div class="col-md-3"> <select name="name" class="form-control" id="name"> <option value="">Select Student</option> <?php foreach($result as $row) { echo '<option value="'.$row["name"].'">'.$row["name"].'</option>'; } ?> </select> </div> </div> </div> <div class="panel-body"> <div id="chart_area" style="width: 1000px; height: 620px;"></div> </div> </div> </div> </body> </html> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.gstatic.com/charts/loader.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> google.charts.load('current', {packages: ['corechart', 'bar']}); google.charts.setOnLoadCallback(); function load_student_data(name, title) { var temp_title = title + ' '+name+''; $.ajax({ url:"fetch.php", method:"POST", data:{name:name}, dataType:"JSON", success:function(data) { drawStudentwiseChart(data, temp_title); } }); } function drawStudentwiseChart(chart_data, chart_main_title) { var jsonData = chart_data; var data = new google.visualization.DataTable(); data.addColumn('number', 'Physics'); data.addColumn('number', 'Maths'); data.addColumn('number', 'Chemistry'); data.addColumn('number', 'Biology'); data.addColumn('number', 'SST'); $.each(jsonData, function(i, jsonData){ var Physics = jsonData.Physics; var Maths = jsonData.Maths; var Chemistry = jsonData.Chemistry; var Biology = jsonData.Biology; var SST = jsonData.SST; data.addRows([[Physics,Maths,Chemistry,Biology,SST]]); }); var options = { title:chart_main_title, hAxis: { title: "Subjects" }, vAxis: { title: 'Percentage' } }; var chart = new google.visualization.ColumnChart(document.getElementById('chart_area')); chart.draw(data, options); } </script> <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $('#name').change(function(){ var name = $(this).val(); if(name != '') { load_student_data(name, 'Student wise marks data'); } }); }); </script> and in order to fetch data // fetch.php <?php //fetch.php include('connection.php'); if(isset($_POST["name"])) { $query = " SELECT * FROM csv WHERE name = '".$_POST["name"]."' ORDER BY id ASC "; $statement = $connect->prepare($query); $statement->execute(); $result = $statement->fetchAll(); foreach($result as $row) { $output[] = array( 'Physics' => $row["Physics"], 'Maths' => $row["Maths"], 'Chemistry' => $row["Chemistry"], 'Biology' => $row["Biology"], 'SST' => $row["SST"], ); } echo json_encode($output); } ?> it diplays a blank page. however when i play with singular values i.e one subject at a time it displays fine
  19. i was working on a mini project that imports csv file to the database through ajax and it's working fine <?php if(!empty($_FILES["marks_file"]["name"])) { $connect = mysqli_connect("localhost", "root", "", "dbname"); $output = ''; $allowed_ext = array("csv"); $extension = end(explode(".", $_FILES["marks_file"]["name"])); if(in_array($extension, $allowed_ext)) { $file_data = fopen($_FILES["marks_file"]["tmp_name"], 'r'); fgetcsv($file_data); while($row = fgetcsv($file_data)) { $name = mysqli_real_escape_string($connect, $row[0]); $Physics = mysqli_real_escape_string($connect, $row[1]); $Maths = mysqli_real_escape_string($connect, $row[2]); $Chemistry = mysqli_real_escape_string($connect, $row[3]); $Biology = mysqli_real_escape_string($connect, $row[4]); $SST = mysqli_real_escape_string($connect, $row[5]); $query = " INSERT INTO csv (name, Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, SST) VALUES ('$name', '$Physics', '$Maths', '$Chemistry', '$Biology' , '$SST') "; mysqli_query($connect, $query); } $select = "SELECT * FROM csv ORDER BY id DESC"; $result = mysqli_query($connect, $select); $output .= ' <table class="table table-bordered"> <tr> <th width="25%" >name</th> <th width="15%" >Physics</th> <th width="15%" >Maths</th> <th width="15%" >Chemistry</th> <th width="15%" >Biology</th> <th width="15%" >SST</th> </tr> '; while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) { $output .= ' <tr> <td>'.$row["name"].'</td> <td>'.$row["Physics"].'</td> <td>'.$row["Maths"].'</td> <td>'.$row["Chemistry"].'</td> <td>'.$row["Biology"].'</td> <td>'.$row["SST"].'</td> </tr> '; } $output .= '</table>'; echo $output; } else { echo 'errorx'; } } else { echo "errory"; } ?> however the imported csv files inserts null values in the tables because the format of all csv files assigned to me are in the exact same format: ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,Fields,Physics~75,Maths~50,Chemistry~65,Bio~85,SST~100 ,,,Name1,10,25,35,42,62 ,,,Name2,80,45,45,45,25 ,,,Name3,63,25,63,36,36 ,,,Name4,82,36,75,48,42 ,,,Name5,45,45,78,25,24 ,,,Name6,36,36,15,75,36 ,,,Name7,99,45,24,24,45 ,,,Name8,45,85,85,85,96 i changed my code a bit modified the functions to espace blank spaces and not return null values in the data tables while (($row = fgetcsv($file_data, 1000, ",")) !== FALSE) { if ((string) $row[0] != '0' and empty($row[0])) { continue; } $name = mysqli_real_escape_string($connect, $row[0]); $Physics = mysqli_real_escape_string($connect, $row[1]); $Maths = mysqli_real_escape_string($connect, $row[2]); $Chemistry = mysqli_real_escape_string($connect, $row[3]); $Biology = mysqli_real_escape_string($connect, $row[4]); $SST = mysqli_real_escape_string($connect, $row[5]); $query = " INSERT INTO csv (name, Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, SST) VALUES ('$name', '$Physics', '$Maths', '$Chemistry', '$Biology' , '$SST') "; mysqli_query($connect, $query); } But it doesn't work with the specified csv files i think the ajax call breaks and that's why nothing happens.However it works fine with csv files without blank spaces
  20. I've been following this tutorial on how to use ajax I have to admit I'm new at it. I could use jquery but I hate it. I would like to know if someone can help me figure out why my code is reading Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'onreadystatechange' of undefined. when I fire off the Friend request button or block button. ? <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set('display_errors', '1'); include_once('includes/check_login_status.php');?> <?php $u = ""; $profile_pic = ""; $profile_pic_btn = ""; $avatar_form = ""; $avatar = ""; $date_added = ""; $joindate = ""; $lastsession = ""; // Make sure the _GET username is set, and sanitize it if(isset($_GET["u"])){ $u = preg_replace('#[^a-z0-9_]#i', '', $_GET['u']); }else { header("location: register.php"); exit(); } $notactive = ""; $sql = "SELECT * FROM register WHERE username='$u' AND activated='1' LIMIT 1"; $user_query = mysqli_query($db_conx, $sql); $numrows = mysqli_num_rows($user_query); if($numrows < 1){ $notactive.= " <br/> <span style='color:red;'>That user does not exist or is not yet activated press back</span> <br/>"; } // Check to see if the viewer is the account owner $isOwner = "no"; if($u == $log_username && $user_ok == true){ $isOwner = "yes"; $profile_pic_btn = '<a href="#" onclick="return false;" onmousedown="toggleElement(\'avatar_form\')">Toggle Avatar Form</a>'; $avatar_form = '<form id="avatar_form" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" action="php_parsers/photo_system.php">'; $avatar_form .= '<h4>Change your avatar</h4>'; $avatar_form .= '<input type="file" name="avatar" required>'; $avatar_form .= '<p><input type="submit" value="Upload"></p>'; $avatar_form .= '</form>'; } // Fetch the user row from the query above while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($user_query, MYSQLI_ASSOC)) { $profile_id = $row["id"]; $avatar = $row["avatar"]; $lastlogin = $row["lastlogin"]; $date_added = $row["date_added"]; $joindate = strftime("%b %d, %Y", strtotime($date_added)); $lastsession = strftime("%b %d, %Y", strtotime($lastlogin)); } $profile_pic = '<img src="user/'.$u.'/'.$avatar.'" alt="'.$u.'">'; if($avatar == NULL){ $profile_pic = '<img src="images/765-default-avatar.png" alt="'.$u.'">'; } ?> <?php $isFriend = false; $ownerBlockViewer = false; $viewerBlockOwner = false; if($u != $log_username && $user_ok == true){ $friend_check = "SELECT id FROM friends WHERE user1='$log_username' AND user2='$u' AND accepted='1' OR user1='$u' AND user2='$log_username' AND accepted='1' LIMIT 1"; if(mysqli_num_rows(mysqli_query($db_conx, $friend_check)) > 0){ $isFriend = true; } $block_check1 = "SELECT id FROM blockedusers WHERE blocker='$u' AND blockee='$log_username' LIMIT 1"; if(mysqli_num_rows(mysqli_query($db_conx, $block_check1)) > 0){ $ownerBlockViewer = true; } $block_check2 = "SELECT id FROM blockedusers WHERE blocker='$log_username' AND blockee='$u' LIMIT 1"; if(mysqli_num_rows(mysqli_query($db_conx, $block_check2)) > 0){ $viewerBlockOwner = true; } } ?> <?php $friend_button = '<button disabled>Request As Friend</button>'; $block_button = '<button disabled>Block User</button>'; // LOGIC FOR FRIEND BUTTON if($isFriend == true){ $friend_button = '<button onclick="friendToggle(\'unfriend\',\''.$u.'\',\'friendBtn\')">Unfriend</button>'; } else if($user_ok == true && $u != $log_username && $ownerBlockViewer == false){ $friend_button = '<button onclick="friendToggle(\'friend\',\''.$u.'\',\'friendBtn\')">Request As Friend</button>'; } // LOGIC FOR BLOCK BUTTON if($viewerBlockOwner == true){ $block_button = '<button onclick="blockToggle(\'unblock\',\''.$u.'\',\'blockBtn\')">Unblock User</button>'; } else if($user_ok == true && $u != $log_username){ $block_button = '<button onclick="blockToggle(\'block\',\''.$u.'\',\'blockBtn\')">Block User</button>'; } ?> <?php $friendsHTML = ''; $friends_view_all_link = ''; $sql = "SELECT COUNT(id) FROM friends WHERE user1='$u' AND accepted='1' OR user2='$u' AND accepted='1'"; $query = mysqli_query($db_conx, $sql); $query_count = mysqli_fetch_row($query); $friend_count = $query_count[0]; if($friend_count < 1){ $friendsHTML = $u." has no friends yet"; } else { $max = 18; $all_friends = array(); $sql = "SELECT user1 FROM friends WHERE user2='$u' AND accepted='1' ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT $max"; $query = mysqli_query($db_conx, $sql); while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($query, MYSQLI_ASSOC)) { array_push($all_friends, $row["user1"]); } $sql = "SELECT user2 FROM friends WHERE user1='$u' AND accepted='1' ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT $max"; $query = mysqli_query($db_conx, $sql); while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($query, MYSQLI_ASSOC)) { array_push($all_friends, $row["user2"]); } $friendArrayCount = count($all_friends); if($friendArrayCount > $max){ array_splice($all_friends, $max); } if($friend_count > $max){ $friends_view_all_link = '<a href="view_friends.php?u='.$u.'">view all</a>'; } $orLogic = ''; foreach($all_friends as $key => $user){ $orLogic .= "username='$user' OR "; } $orLogic = chop($orLogic, "OR "); $sql = "SELECT username, avatar FROM register WHERE $orLogic"; $query = mysqli_query($db_conx, $sql); while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($query, MYSQLI_ASSOC)) { $friend_username = $row["username"]; $friend_avatar = $row["avatar"]; if($friend_avatar != ""){ $friend_pic = 'user/'.$friend_username.'/'.$friend_avatar.''; } else { $friend_pic = 'images/765-default-avatar.png'; } $friendsHTML .= '<a href="index.php?u='.$friend_username.'"><img class="friendpics" src="'.$friend_pic.'" alt="'.$friend_username.'" title="'.$friend_username.'"></a>'; } } ?> <?php $coverpic = ""; $sql = "SELECT filename FROM photos WHERE user='$u' ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1"; $query = mysqli_query($db_conx, $sql); if(mysqli_num_rows($query) > 0){ $row = mysqli_fetch_row($query); $filename = $row[0]; $coverpic = '<img src="user/'.$u.'/'.$filename.'" alt="pic">'; } ?> <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <script type="application/javascript"> function _(x){ return document.getElementById(x); } function ajaxObj (meth, url){ var x = new XMLHttpRequest(); x.open(meth, url, true); x.setRequestHeader("Content-type", "application/x-www-form-urlendcoded"); } function ajaxReturn(x){ if(x.readyState == 4 && x.status == 200){ return true; } } function friendToggle(type,user,elem){ var conf = confirm("Press OK to confirm the '"+type+"' action for user <?php echo $u; ?>."); if(conf != true){ return false; } _(elem).innerHTML = '<img src="images/bullet-svg-animated.gif" width="50" height="50">'; var ajax = ajaxObj("POST", "php_parsers/friend_system.php"); ajax.onreadystatechange = function(){ if(ajaxReturn(ajax) == true) { if(ajax.responseText.trim() == "friend_request_sent"){ _(elem).innerHTML = 'OK Friend Request Sent'; } else if(ajax.responseText.trim() == "unfriend_ok"){ _(elem).innerHTML = '<button onclick="friendToggle(\'friend\',\'<?php echo $u; ?>\',\'friendBtn\')">Request As Friend</button>'; } else { alert(ajax.responseText.trim()); _(elem).innerHTML = 'Try again later'; } } } ajax.send("type="+type+"&user="+user); } function blockToggle(type,blockee,elem){ var conf = confirm("Press OK to confirm the '"+type+"' action on user <?php echo $u; ?>."); if(conf != true){ return false; } var elem = document.getElementById(elem); elem.innerHTML = '<img src="images/bullet-svg-animated.gif" width="50" height="50">'; var ajax = ajaxObj("POST", "php_parsers/block_system.php"); ajax.onreadystatechange = function() { if(ajaxReturn(ajax) == true) { if(ajax.responseText.trim() == "blocked_ok"){ elem.innerHTML = '<button onclick="blockToggle(\'unblock\',\'<?php echo $u; ?>\',\'blockBtn\')">Unblock User</button>'; } else if(ajax.responseText.trim() == "unblocked_ok"){ elem.innerHTML = '<button onclick="blockToggle(\'block\',\'<?php echo $u; ?>\',\'blockBtn\')">Block User</button>'; } else { alert(ajax.responseText.trim()); elem.innerHTML = 'Try again later'; } } } ajax.send("type="+type+"&blockee="+blockee); } </script> <title><?php echo $u; ?></title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/style.css" /> </head> <style type="text/css"> div#profile_pic_box{float:right; border:#999 2px solid; width:200px; height:200px; margin:20px 30px 0px 0px; overflow-y:hidden;} div#profile_pic_box > img{z-index:2000; width:200px;} div#profile_pic_box > a { display: none; position:absolute; margin:140px 0px 0px 120px; z-index:4000; background:#D8F08E; border:#81A332 1px solid; border-radius:3px; padding:5px; font-size:12px; text-decoration:none; color:#60750B; } div#profile_pic_box > form{ display:none; position:absolute; z-index:3000; padding:10px; opacity:.8; background:#F0FEC2; width:180px; height:180px; } div#profile_pic_box:hover a { display: block; } div#photo_showcase{float:right; background:url(css/photo_showcase_bg.jpg) no-repeat; width:136px; height:127px; margin:20px 30px 0px 0px; cursor:pointer;} div#photo_showcase > img{width:74px; height:74px; margin:37px 0px 0px 9px;} img.friendpics{border:#000 1px solid; width:40px; height:40px; margin:2px;} </style> <style type="text/css"> textarea#statustext{width:982px; height:80px; padding:8px; border:#999 1px solid; font-size:16px;} div.status_boxes{padding:12px; line-height:1.5em;} div.status_boxes > div{padding:8px; border:#99C20C 1px solid; background: #F4FDDF;} div.status_boxes > div > b{font-size:12px;} div.status_boxes > button{padding:5px; font-size:12px;} textarea.replytext{width:98%; height:40px; padding:1%; border:#999 1px solid;} div.reply_boxes{padding:12px; border:#999 1px solid; background:#F5F5F5;} div.reply_boxes > div > b{font-size:12px;} </style> <body> <div class="header"> <h2>Home</h2> <?php include_once('dynamic_header.php');?> </div> <div class="content"> <?php if (isset($_SESSION['success'])): ?> <div class="error success"> <h3> <?php echo $_SESSION['success']; unset($_SESSION['success']); ?> </h3> </div> <?php endif ?> <p>Welcome <strong><?php echo $u; ?> </strong></p> <?php echo $notactive ?> <div id="profile_pic_box" ><?php echo $profile_pic_btn; ?><?php echo $avatar_form; ?><?php echo $profile_pic; ?></div> <div id="photo_showcase" onclick="window.location = 'photos.php?u=<?php echo $u; ?>';" title="view <?php echo $u; ?>'s photo galleries"> <?php echo $coverpic; ?> </div> <br> <p>Is the viewer the page owner, logged in and verified? <b><?php echo $isOwner; ?></b></p> <p>Join Date: <?php echo $date_added; ?></p> <p>Last Session: <?php echo $lastsession; ?></p> <br /> <?php $member_list =''; if(isset($_GET["u"])){ $u = preg_replace('#[^a-z]#i','',$_GET['u']); $sql = mysqli_query($db_conx,"SELECT * FROM register"); while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($sql)){ $u = $row['username']; $member_list .=' <a href="user.php?u='.$u.'">'.$u.'</a> '; } } ?> <?php echo $member_list ?> <br /> <br /> <hr /> <p>Friend Button: <span id="friendBtn"><?php echo $friend_button; ?></span> <?php echo $u." has ".$friend_count." friends"; ?> <?php echo $friends_view_all_link; ?></p> <p>Block Button: <span id="blockBtn"><?php echo $block_button; ?></span></p> <hr /> <p><?php echo $friendsHTML; ?></p> <hr /> </div> </body> </html>
  21. I'm having an issue related to creating forms within a foreach loop. As of now, I have 3 forms in a div, each with their own datepicker instance and submit button ( also using a hidden input for the pageID) The datepickers are unique and working independently, but when it comes to posting the data via ajax and handling it in a php script, It's not inserting data into my db because the names of my two inputs are not unique. I don't really know how to make them unique on the form and then handle those unique names back in the script. Only one form will be submitted at a time so I'm trying to make it to where the user can click on any of these datepickers, select a date and submit, and the ajax will handle only the page ID and the datepicker value for that form submitted and the PHP script will then insert. The sql in my php script works but my POST variables are where I'm having the issue here. Any help is much appreciated. <?php foreach($expiredPages as $expiredPage): ?> <form id="updateTime_<?php echo $expiredPage['id']?>" class="updateTime" method="POST"> <input type="hidden" name="currentPageID<?php echo $expiredPage['id']?>" value="<?php echo $expiredPage['id']?>"> <div class="datepick input-group date" id="datetimepicker_<?php echo $expiredPage['id']?>" data-target-input="nearest"> <input type="text" class="form-control datetimepicker-input" data-target="#datetimepicker_<?php echo $expiredPage['id']?>" name="datePicker<?php echo $expiredPage['id']?>" /> <span class="input-group-addon" data-target="#datetimepicker_<?php echo $expiredPage['id']?>" data-toggle="datetimepicker"> <span class="fa fa-calendar"></span> </span> </div> <input type="submit" name="Extend Date" class="extendDate"> </form> <?php endforeach; ?> <script type="text/javascript"> $(".extendDate").click(function(){ event.preventDefault(); var string = $('.updateTime').serialize(); console.log(string); // AJAX Code To Submit Form. $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "extendTime.php", data: string, dataType: 'json', cache: false, success: function(response){ location.reload(); } }); }); </script> extendTime.php $pageID = $_POST['currentPageID']; $newTime = $_POST[$dtPick]; $newEndTime = DateTime::createFromFormat('m/d/Y h:i A', $newTime); $convertedDateTime = $newEndTime->format('Y-m-d H:i:s'); $extendExpiration = " UPDATE pages SET end_time = '$convertedDateTime' WHERE id = '$pageID'; "; if($mysqlConn->query($extendExpiration)=== TRUE){ echo "SUCCESS"; }else{ echo "Could not extend Time"; }
  22. New to Ajax, and BAD with the scripting below, bare with me. Looking to select a drop down and push all values to the query string at the end. Works perfectly with ONE select element. I just have no idea how to separate the variables. The code below is putting whatever form element I change into the first "str" variable. if possible if one of the elements below is changed, all three of variables the data is placed in the query string in the correct place if that makes sense. Form <form> <table style="width:100%"> <tr> <td style="width:85px;"> Project </td> <td style="text-align:right;"> <select name="fm_project" class="allform_select" onchange="showdata(this.value)"> <option value="2" >ProjectA</option> <option value="1" >ProjectB</option> <option value="3" >ProjectC</option> <option value="0" SELECTED>Select One</option> </select> </td> </tr> <tr> <td style="width:85px;"> Module </td> <td style="text-align:right;"> <select name="fm_module" class="allform_select" onchange="showdata(this.value)"> <option value="194" >B</option> <option value="195" >C</option> <option value="197" >D</option> <option value="196" >E</option> <option value="0" SELECTED>Select One</option></td> </select> </tr> <tr> <td style="width:85px;"> Stage </td> <td style="text-align:right;"> <select name="fm_stage" class="allform_select" onchange="showdata(this.value)"> <option value="201" >BLUE</option> <option value="202" >GREEN</option> <option value="203" >RED</option> <option value="0" SELECTED>Select One</option> </select> </td> </tr> </table> </form> Script <script> function showdata(str, stra, strb) { var xhttp; if (str == "") { document.getElementById("graph_field").innerHTML = ""; return; } if (stra == "") { document.getElementById("graph_field").innerHTML = ""; return; } if (strb == "") { document.getElementById("graph_field").innerHTML = ""; return; } xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); xhttp.onreadystatechange = function() { if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) { document.getElementById("graph_field").innerHTML = this.responseText; } }; xhttp.open("GET", "printme.php?app=projects&ala=csajax&fm_project="+str+"&fm_module="+stra+"&fm_stage="+strb, true); xhttp.send(); } </script>
  23. I'm getting "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input" (VM4193:1) on this AJAX call: MakeRequest : function( blah, blah ) { $.post( blah-blah-url, obj, function( data ) { var result = null; try { result = JSON.parse( data ); } catch (err) { } SOMETHING.HandleResult( result ); }) .fail( function() { }); }, ... the odd thing is, I get this error in Chrome before anything has actually happened in the result. What I mean is: when I put the breakpoint on result=null, the error happens right there. The parse() function has no error, so... what on earth is going on? I'm not sure how to be any more clear on this or what to add. It's quite standard stuff. The JSON blob that's returned is obviously valid... so I wonder where that error is coming from?
  24. Hi all ! In my previous question asked today I said that I am using dropdown lists for selecting country, state, city and pin. The initial lists are blank and use the selection of country to trigger the loading of states and choosing a state triggers the loading of cities and so I am using ajax for this purpose - more specifically the $ajax() function of jquery. In a normal call to a php page, the integrity is maintained via sessions, and csrf is prevented via tokens embedded in the form, but how do I take care of these when data is being passed through the ajax call ? Any other security measures that need to be looked into while using this method or special security mechanisms that I need to apply? I would of-course check the data received this way, by using all the normal data validation methods on the server side. Thanks all !
  25. i'm trying to make a notification tab work but do not seem to get it right. The dropdown is working fine but the ajax call to newfriends.php is not working right, when viewed with firebug there are no results to be seen in the dropdown.Quite confusing. (note the dropdown menu is located in header and can only be displayed if the session is initialised) here is the ajax used in jquery: function load_notifications(view=''){ $.ajax({ url: "notification/new_friends.php", method: "POST", data:{view:"view"}, dataType:"json", success: function(data){ $(".dropdown-menu").html(data.notification); if(data.unseen_notification>0){ $(".badge1").html(data.unseen_notification); } } }); //$(".dynamic-notification").load("notification/pm_n.php"); // $(".dynamic-notification-f").load("notification/new_friends.php"); }; load_notifications(); $(document).on("click",".count_friend", function(){ load_notifications('yes'); }); //loads every 2 seconds for chat setInterval(function(){load_notifications();},2000); here is the new_friends.php content: <?php include '../includes/dbconfig.inc.php'; if (isset($_POST['view'])) {if($_POST['view'] !=''){ $update="update friends set count='1' where friend_one=:session and count='0'"; $stmt=$conn->prepare($update); $stmt->bindValue(":session", $_SESSION['uname']); $stmt->execute(); } $sql123="select id from friends where friend_two=:sess_uname and count='0'"; $stmt123=$conn->prepare($sql123); $stmt123->bindValue(":sess_uname", $_SESSION['uname']); $stmt123->execute(); $request_count=$stmt123->fetchColumn(); //$count_friend=$stmt123->rowCount(); /*$sql_f_count="select *from user where user_id=:session_id and activated='1' limit 1"; $stmt_f_count=$conn->prepare($sql_f_count); $stmt_f_count->bindValue(":session_id", $_SESSION['id']); $stmt_f_count->execute(); $user_details=$stmt_f_count->fetchAll(); $friend_badge=$user_details[0]['friend_count_badge'];*/ require "notification/friend_request_notification.php"; // $new_friends="<span class='dropdown'><a href='#' data-placement='bottom' class='btn dropdown-toggle' data-toggle='dropdown' title='Friend Requests' data-html='true'><span class='count_friend' style=' height:33px; width:30px;'><span class='badge1 label label-pill'>".$count."</span><img src='img/logo/group-button-white.png' style='height:25px; width:27px;' alt='new_friends_alert'></span></a><ul class='dropdown-menu'></ul></span>"; //if($request_count[0]>0){ //$new_friends="<a href='#' data-placement='bottom' class='btn' data-trigger='focus' title='Friend Requests' data-toggle='popover' data-html='true' data-content='".$friend_requests."'><span class='count_friend' style=' height:33px; width:30px;'><img src='img/logo/group-button-white.png' style='height:25px; width:27px;' alt='new_friends_alert'></span><span class='badge'>".$friend_badge."</span></a>"; /*}else{ $new_friends="<a href='all_notifications.php'><img src='img/logo/group-button-black.png' style='height:25px; width:27px;' alt='new_friends_alert'></a>"; }*/ //echo $new_friends; //} $data=array( 'notification'=>$friend_requests, 'unseen_notification' =>$request_count[0][0] ); and the code for friend requests output: <?php //error_reporting(0); require_once 'includes/dbconfig.inc.php'; $sql = "select * from friends where friend_two=:session and accepted='0' order by friends_date_made asc"; $stmt = $conn->prepare($sql); $stmt->bindparam(":session", $_SESSION['uname']); $stmt->execute(); $numrows = $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); $friend_requests=""; if ($numrows < 1) { $friend_requests = "You do not have any friend requests"; echo "$friend_requests"; exit(); } else { foreach ($numrows as $i=>$row1 ) { $reqid = $row1['friend_id']; $user1 = $row1['friend_one']; $datemade = $row1['friends_date_made']; $datemade1 = strftime("%B %d, %y", strtotime($datemade)); $sql = "SELECT * FROM user WHERE uname=:user1 LIMIT 1"; $stmt = $conn->prepare($sql); $stmt->bindparam(":user1", $user1); $stmt->execute(); $thumbrow = $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); $user1avatar = $thumbrow[$i]['avatar']; $user1id=$thumbrow[$i]['user_id']; if ($user1avatar =="") { $user1pic = '<img src="img/avatardefault.png" height="50" style="float:left;" width="50" alt="'.$user1.'" class="user_pic">'; } else { $user1pic = '<img src="../user/user/'.$user1id.'/'.$user1avatar.'" height="50" style="float:left;" width="50" alt="'.$user1.'" class="user_pic">';} $friend_requests .= '<li><div id="'.$reqid.'" float="right" class="friendrequests"> <a href="home.php?u='.$user1.'">'. $user1pic .'</a> <div class="user_info '.$reqid.'" id="'.$reqid.'"><small>' . $datemade1 . '</small> <a href="home.php?u='.$user1.'">'.$user1.'</a> is requesting your friendship<br /><br /> <button id="'.$reqid.'" name="'.$_SESSION['uname'].'" sess="'.$_SESSION['id'].'" class="accept_btn btn btn-warning">Accept</button><span class="show-spinner"></span> or <button id="'.$reqid.'" name="'.$_SESSION['uname'].'" sess="'.$_SESSION['id'].'" class="reject_btn btn btn-warning">Reject</button> </div> </div><hr></li>'; } }
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