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  1. Use absolute referencing like you said, using $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']. What is your code and file structure?
  2. Not entirely sure what you mean but somethin like this for($i = 0; $i < howmnylinesyouwnt; $i++) { echo '<tr><td>table row</td></tr>'; if($i % 3 == 0) { echo '<br />'; } } Althouh why you want a line break outside a table cell doesn't mke sense to me. And I doubt it's valid html.
  3. div .mainnav a { color: orange; }
  4. That single quote is supposed to have a backslash btw. Stupid code highlighter must have stripped it.
  5. UPDATE TABLE SET field=REPLACE(field, '&rd', '\'')
  6. Probably missed a semi colon in the line above.
  7. If that is indeed the case then you'll want to make use of $_GET.
  8. <?php $i = 10000000; $i = (string)$i; if(strlen($i) >= 6 && strlen($i) <= { echo substr($i, 0, strlen($i) - 6).'million'; } ?> You mean like that?
  9. Try putting or die(mysql_error()) after the query.
  10. Doesn't this happen by default? I'd have thought that you actually have to do something to prevent this. Enabling it requires nothing. Just check user info against the database. If it's correct, log them it. That has nothing restricting them from logging in on multiple PCs.
  11. Surely you don't need the while() loop. $SQL_selectOptions = "SELECT optionID, optionName, optionPrice FROM options"; $rs_selectOptions = mysql_query($SQL_selectOptions, $admin); $row_selectOptions = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs_selectOptions) Then $row_selectOptions will have all of the results in an array. Doesn't your while loop just kind of...put it into another array? Thus isn't needed. Forgive me if I am wrong Oh, and also, in your original code, $Name is not $name. You need to be careful with cases.
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