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  1. Watching a little girl use windows movie maker. ...yes, intriguing.
  2. You can't play games on a mac. Well, not proper ones anyway. And yeah, it would pretty funny to write a virus to wipe out all macs just to spite the advert
  3. I think it should be more something like this: <?php foreach ($_FILES as $key => $value) { if ($_FILES[$key]["error"] == UPLOAD_ERR_OK) { $tmp_name = $_FILES[$key]["tmp_name"]; $name = $_FILES[$key]["name"]; move_uploaded_file($tmp_name, "gallery/images/$name"); } } ?>
  4. Well it could be any number of reasons. Without an error there's no way of knowing. Try turning on error reporting : ini_set('display_errors', E_ALL);
  5. If you go to your table in your backup, click operations, then copy or something, you can copy the table to another (database/) table.
  6. Just put your current file upload script in this loop: foreach($_FILES as $key => $value) { //your stuff here //but use $_FILES[$key] rather than $_FILES['formElement'] } Something like that.
  7. Yeah. I'd probably still download my site in excessive quantities though. I get worried otherwise :D If I lost all my work, I probably would kill myself... I even email it to myself on a regular basis, so in order to lose it, 3 pcs must instantaneously die. But yeah, cheers, I'll look into that.
  8. Wow...this looks like I'm using Win 95 again. And hey, that would be useful. However, I doubt my £10 p/a hosts would allow me to install anything... That would save me a lot of time though. I download my entire site like 20 times a day when I'm editing it to make sure I don't screw anything up. And yeah @Daniel0, the closest thing I have to that is probably filezilla, which detects if the temp file has been changed or not and if so, prompts you to upload it back to the server. It'd be cool if it weren't for the prompt...it'd pretty much be a CVS. Except without the concurrent version and stuff :P
  9. Shit, I download file over FTP all the time; I find it damn tedious. I'm going to go and check out this bathtub cleaner....
  10. Yeah, same. However, I guess I'm pretty ignorant on your second point as I'm 16 and haven't really participated in any major projects :D I'm sure I'll discover the advantages of IDE's over time... :P I'm not paying for one though. Rip off... In fact, I don't think I'd pay for any software unless it was really good and there was no alternative.
  11. Meh. Guess I'm beaten. I still love my Notepad++ though. :P
  12. Yeah, I totally agree. But if you're actually paying for these features when Notepad++ does them anyways... I know netbeans is free. But people earlier on in this thread said they were paying like $150 for their IDE's...
  13. Notepad++ search and replace on highlighted text :D May take one or two seconds longer...
  14. [code]auto-complete features[/code] Yeah...pretty useful for people without a memory.. :P No, I'm just kidding, I can see how it would be useful. I guess I just don't really need/use it as I program relatively small projects, and I'm the one doing all the coding, so I know exactly what's going on.
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