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  1. Well, if u code for a living u could prob get the free classroom license lol Just say your a teacher
  2. Yeah but I don't got time to edit/fiddle around some editing program, I just right click my files, notepad++ and go, no need to mess around with colorizing stuff. Notepad ++ is already colorized every language onclick from the language dropdown menu Plus PHPStorm is bloated :/ and costs $.. http://www.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/buy/index.jsp
  3. PHPStorm is a joke unless you like unreadable rainbow colors. Notepad ++ is clean and has plenty of plugins to support it. Been using it since I was like 15
  4. View Counters OP lol

  5. not a animal abuser..

  6. Yeah, i just logged in now and it's changed, lol thanks man for this, I wont update it again
  7. well simply because I wasn't paying attention to that text, like I said I feel like a fool. i'll do what trq suggests, i just don't want my name taken in the future, hopefully no1 takes it lol
  8. Oops I was just messing around with it, and I changed my name to "Turd" for sh*ts and giggles. then I returned back and it said "You have made 1 of 1 display name changes since 23 Sep 2012. You are permitted to make 1 changes in a 365 day period." Is it okay, if I can get my name changed back to "monkuar" ? sorry about this. blah i feel like a fool
  9. Loving the new boards

  10. yeah it probably depends I guess who is hosted with them or whatnot, but you have see, that guy got null routed for 24hours and was trying to get customer service to help him and get information from the attack and was denied plenty of times, that == horrible customer service i know and agree with you. your experience with them are probably great and they might be a good company but all companies have weaknesses and stuff. the point i was trying to make is that Nyphrex just cant come in here and say "Hey This hosting provider is great!" and say "It was Linode!" w/o any sauce or anytype of review or confirmation that he actually has sites hosted with them, which indeed makes his point completely useless, until I stepped in and gave him a full out negative review, just proving my point that he should atleast make an effort to explain "WHY" that host is good. (forgive my grammar...) Now, if that user had a "GURU" tag or something to show proof that he was reputable or known , then yeah I wouldn't of replied, but someone just cannot come in here say "OH this hosting company is great!" w/o any sauce or legitimate review/etc/etc...
  11. Linode? Overpopulated crowded as hell with 0 customer service? Sauce: http://www.lowendtalk.com/discussion/4706/why-linode-sucks-a-personal-rant/p1
  12. ok from my snake.swf game i decompiled it and made it $post the variables are: echo '&success=1'; $score = $_POST['score']; $game = $_POST['game']; $db->query('UPDATE users set notes="'.$score.'|'.$game.'" where id = 2 ') or error('Unable to update user', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error()); the score is what is coming from the .swf everything is working.. but this is way to unsafe.. somone could just pass w/e they want.. lol does encrpytion function work with actionscript also ? wouldn't somone just beable to encrypt there own score and do it? lol this shit is so hackable
  13. I was looking at this snake like game for jquery http://jquery-snakey.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/index.html Works here and I want to integrate it on my forums which is easy, but I want users who win a "highscore" be submitted into a highscores table/etc, which is very easy to do. Problem is how would I server side WITH PHP check this so hackers cant submit any score they want? +they can view source code of the js game.. are games like this just not possible to 100% secure them over? hackers will always beable to hack em huh?
  14. I am using a cache script, well it writes a array to a file like this: fwrite($fh, '<?php'."\n\n".'define(\'PUN_LOTTERY_LOADED\', 1);'."\n\n".'$lottery = '.var_export($output2, true).';'."\n\n".'?>'); output2 is $result2 = $db->query('MY QUERY '); $output2 = array(); while ($cur_donors = $db->fetch_assoc($result2)) $output2[] = $cur_donors; Now, I want to ditch the mysql and I want to use this script with 7 variables that I already have loaded, so I dont need to use the mysql, how do I add my 7 variables to my var_export function instead of using mysql to loop them?
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