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  1. Hi, I have 2 tables, Table 1 ID | Name 1 | Item 1 2 | Item 2 Table 2 ID | Name | nomb 1 | Product 1 | 1 3 5 I want to make something that will echo the rows in Table 2. However, if the user selects a product from 'Table 1' (like Item 1) they cant have certain item(s) from 'Table 2'. Example, If user chooses Item 1 (with id '1') they cant have a product from Table 2 because it is not compatible. Whether it is compatible is stated in the 'nomb' column. In there the ID's of none compatible items from Table 1 will be stored. At the moment the 'nomb' column states that it is not compatible with items from Table 1 that have the ID 1, 3 or 5. Basically I need to split up the column 'nomb' (remove the space) and give it its own variable. Further exaple, 1) User Chooses Item 2 from Table 1 so they can have the Product in Table 2 2) If user chooses Item 1 then they cant have another product because it is not compatible with Product 1 (the 'nomb' column contains the ID of Item 1) Thanks in advance and I'm sorry it is so hard to understand
  2. The forum is now finished! I need it testing again as code has been changed and added. Also tell me what you think of the 'statistics' and 'who is online' in the index of the site. Thanks
  3. Hello, How could I do a mysql query that does this: SELECT * WHERE date/time < 5minutes ago? Also, what type of field will I need to create in the database? date/time or just time? And, what type of date/time function would I use to insert the data? would I just use UNIX Timestamp? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the reply but I cant filter ' because some websites contain the (i think!) Is there anything else I need to filter apart from the ones mentioned?
  5. Hi, Thanks for testing. I was just wondering if you could ellaborat more on the above post! I think I have stopped the onclick functon along with some others!
  6. UPDATE: I have now changed the navigation accordingly and I have added formatting. Please continue to review and update me on any thoughts. BBcode is now enabled also
  7. Hi, I like the site, there dosent seem to be any major problems. The only thing I would maybe do is have a way of seeing what you have uploaded. You could show all images uploaded by IP. So for example when I upload the image it logs my IP. Then on the homepage it shows all images uploaded on that IP. Its isnt the best methos but probably the easiest! If you didnt want to do that you could make a simple login section for regular users?
  8. Hi, I looked at your site and cant find a way of fixing your problem however, you dont want users to need to scroll to read an article but on my netbook I have to scroll left and right to see the whole page! I would focus on making the page fit a screen that has a width of 1024! Maybe add a button to make the page smaller?
  9. Thanks for the replies! Does anyone know how I can make inputed text format the way the user typed it. For example when the user goes down a line (presses enter) the text will be formatted with a line break (<br>)?
  10. Hi, Does anyone have a link to a good BBcode tutorial. It may even just be a download or a script. I am struggling to understand it so far! Thanks
  11. Thanks for the good 'review'. I am next goint to be looking at introducing BBcode. This would make the forum a lot better but when looking for info about bbcode I am struggling to find some help!. I will add another profile button on the forum page right away! The forum is mainly to practice my PHP but if good enough I may use it if I go into PHP when I'm older! It is ment to be simple so that when implemented on someones site (e.g. client...) they will be able to use it even with basic computer knowledge. If they did want a complicated forum I would just install one!! I am not 100% keen on the white page messages but I dont like forwarding users straight to a page. I feel it is like someone is controlling you! Thanks for the comment again!!
  12. The way I wanted, sortof! I could have made it wider but I wanted it to be inside the site rather than attached (I wanted to keep the lefta nd right of the site) Thanks for the comment...
  13. Hi, I have recentley made a forum! Please test it, and tell me how it looks on your browser. I'm not too bothered about the code for the moment just functionality, looks and usability. Test with; Username: test passowrd: test My forum is here: http://dannyluked.comze.com/forum Please only comment on the forum as I have another thread to comment on the rest of the site...here
  14. Thanks, I have changed the message and hopefully I have stopped any xss into the forum! The forum will only be used by simple computer users anyway but I may use the code again, when I'm older if I go into PHP coding. Could someone please comment on the functionality of the forum and design please but I am still willing to hear of any other security threats...
  15. Again, thanks for the testing but could you ellaborate on how you are doing that! Also could you tell me of any ways to stop it. EDIT: I have now added code so hopefully you can't now XSS into a reply...
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