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  1. Think you just described his problem He went from a seperate page approach, which screenreaders can pick up since it's (an iframed) page changing to a part of the page changing that has already been read. So I'm with Amanda on this one, you'll most likely have to offer an alternative solution, such as a seperate window.. or use iframes and a doctype that allows the use of them... or approach the developers of the screenreader and tell them an object can function as an iframe, which their software fails to treat the same as an iframe.
  2. tbh, I don't think it does, sticking a div inside a table cell goes just fine though. I'm not too convinced a screenreader picks up changing/ajax text though as opposed to say a self refreshing iframe.
  3. Take a look at the PHP DOM , and in particular the loadhtmlfile function. You could build an array with files and write a script to extract the contents (Keep the max execution time in mind and don't try to do it all at once, by default that's 30 seconds). If you plan on using xpath to get to a certain node, firebug has a very nice "copy xpath" functionality which could ease the job.
  4. Axeia

    https issue

    It's the way it works, one insecure file leads to an insecure page. If you don't want it, don't use it.
  5. Free adless GOOD hosts are as you might image quite hard to find, there's a nice overview on http://www.free-webhosts.com/best-free-webhosts.php Comments on there might be worth a read as well.
  6. I can garantuee you that <html> <head> <style> html, body, div { padding: 0; margin: 0; height: 100%; } div { background: lime; } </style> </head> <body> <div></div> </body> </html> results in a very bright green screen. And I to would like to know what your definition of auto expanding is.
  7. height: 100%; is only as high as it's parent. So in order for a div to 100% high both body/html need to be set to 100% height, as well as any parent of your div. html, body, .main_body { height: 100%; }
  8. I was expecting style="overflow: hidden" to work, but it doesn't. So I'd say it's impossible. Tried doing some creative things with select[multiple=multiple] option { }, since firefox seems to be the only browser supporting styling of options. Didn't work either. Depending on the background you could try positioning a div with the same height as the select and the same background-color as whatever is containing the select OVER the scrollbar, covering it up?
  9. Can't do either as it's for adding a custom parser to jquery's tablesorter plugin. it will only be input fields, but the plugin converts the contents of the tablecell to a string. So not much choice but to use a regular expression, or come to think of it.. creating a new node using .innerHTML, but I think that would be slower. Anyhow Ken2k7's code works, any idea as to what's wrong with my regular expression? Did I use some feature not supported by javascripts implementation of regular expressions? And for the the curious, the total sorter code has become: $.tablesorter.addParser({ id: 'input', is: function(s) { return false; }, format: function(s) { var regex = /id=[\'\"]{0,1}(\w+)/; var arr = regex.exec(s); return document.getElementById( arr[1] ).checked; }, type: "numeric" });
  10. Yes using an image for a real fancy font is fine, I think CSS3 allows you to include fonts.. but that's not really usable yet, and most font license aren't that easy going that you're just allowed to do it about anywhere. I'd put all of the text on the image in the alt text though instead of just "welcome". Oh and you might want to make the image so that it fades into the background, I'm still seeing a bit of strong contrast edge (yeah I know, my resolution is ridiculous) And try setting the padding on #dolphinnav ul li a to 8px 0 0 20px makes it look a lot better in firefox/konqueror/opera (does mess up the mouseover though), not sure how it looks in IE atm. The top-right menu is still mis-aligned in both konqueror and firefox, however it isn't in opera. And a I wasn't suggesting another doctype, although not that you mention it.. Might want to use html 4.01 instead, using one instead of none was already a stap forward though.
  11. Firefox 3 / openSUSE here 5 tabs open and using a mere 151MB (and 27MB shared with other apps). So whatever it is isn't a linux/firefox combo thing. Haven't noticed any major slowdowns either, aside from myself messing up the occasional javascript loop in another tab
  12. Using the mozilla javascript reference as my guideline I thought this would work, but it doesn't. (s is the string) var regex = /<input.*id='([^'])[^>]*/; var arr = regex.exec( s ); if( arr != null) alert( arr[1] ); String is like this: <input value='whateverrrrrrrrr' id='g29' name='download[]' type='checkbox'/> I'd love to hear any optimisations I could make as well as this thing is gonna be used on several hundred strings. (and in that light it might be useful to know that the id will always be g followed by numbers).
  13. A yes I guess a screenshot might proof useful, That's what it looks like to me now. I see you've implemented some of the suggestions I made, such as reducing the number of stylesheets and setting a background color (maybe set the background image to bottom right as well, not sure what the look is you're after. (might also want to check how well a full color png would compress that image.. it's really amazing sometimes for gradient-like images)
  14. Although understandable given the type of site, I still find sound starting automatically in my browser extremely annoying. I'd pause it by default and add a really big PLAY button so people can enable it when they want to, instead of disabling it if they don't like it. At least use a cookie to store the preference. You're using <center> tags, they're depecrated, don't use them. Use margin: 0 auto; on the elements in it instead. I'd make the flash at the top play ONCE (and maybe a tiny 'repeat' button at the bottom right), it's distracting at it is atm. If you use javascript/normal images at the bottom instead of flash there's a far better chance search machines will do something usefull with them. You should probably should start a channel on youtube instead of linking to search results, gives a more professional impression. You should use a doctype . Check the page in firefox, the main menu links are positioned too high and the topright menu is further off to the right then the one below it. <p align="justify"><span class="maintext">We are so glad that you took the time to stop by our website. We pray that you would be blessed as you go through our pages, and keep up with our ministry here through music, news, videos and photos. You are so important to our ministry and we pray God's blessings on you! </span></p>[code] Do yourself a favor an move the align to the stylesheet (text-align: justify;) and set the class on the p instead of adding an unnecessary span. [code]font-family:"Calisto MT"; You should always have at least a default font as a fallback, not everyone has Calisto MT installed. Instead of <span class="subject">Shaback's Latest News!</span> used <h1> if the text carries greater importance than the rest it should have the appropriate markup, will do your search engine rating tons of good as well. (only one <h1> per page, other important text should be h2/h3-h6). Add a background color, something like html { background: #b4a77d; }, it's got nasty white edges at a resolution of 1920x1200. 6!!! stylesheets? Might be nice to keep an overview for yourself, but that's page requests where it could be one.. merge those together. If you want to keep them seperate let PHP include the files and then use the php file as the stylesheet for your page. (same thing for the 3 javascript files) edit Forgot, this one.. http://www.smushit.com/ysmush.it/
  15. Eclipse, or more specifically.. Aptana Studio. Was a bit sluggish opening files before, but with the recent patches (or my OS reinstall, don't know which of the 2) it's really responsive and since it's eclipse there's no shortage of other plugins.
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