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  1. The solution to this debate isn't to ask a bunch of people who have the potential to be biased and uninformed. If anything, the poll will represent the biggest misconception or popular opinion. You should do some research.
  2. Alex


    i thought the same when i saw the title, then i starting thinking of making an web app with drag and drop elements from the periodic table to create compounds, to what end i wasn't sure Sounds like something that could make for an interesting and fun education tool.
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    Not for web developers.
  4. Alex


    Has anyone else been following native client (more info about it at the link if you don't know what it is) in chrome? Put simply, it allows native compiled code (C, C++) to run in the browser sand-boxed. The performance is impressive, only around 5% slower than it would run on the desktop it seems. JavaScript is getting pretty fast these days, but it's still nowhere near native code. Here's an example app that compares JavaScript to NaCl: http://gonativeclient.appspot.com/dev/demos/flocking_geese/ . As you can see, if you're using chrome, NaCl is much faster. One of the major focuses seems to be games. Native client promises bringing console quality games to the browser, which is pretty impressive. I was pretty excited about it the first time I heard about it and saw some crude demos a while ago, but now, with chrome stable supporting it, a bunch of much more impressive applications are showing up. The best one I've seen so far is Bastion, originally a console game. It's really fun, and great in full screen. I was really impressed that this was running in the browser. I even bought the full version for $15. I think this could potentially be big in the future. Especially if you take Eric Schmidt's bold prediction that by summer 2012 most TVs you see will have Google TV. Imagine a future where you can play console quality games on your TV through the web browser. What would be the point of consoles? What do you think about NaCl, or other up-and-coming web technologies? What are you looking forward to, what excites you?
  5. There's nothing wrong with making your application entirely OOP. Any performance issues will be with your code, not because of you're using objects. If you have any concerns you can do some tests for yourself. See this useful post by .josh for benchmarking.
  6. You can use the MySQL CONCAT() function. UPDATE mytable SET info = CONCAT(info, '$info') WHERE row = '$row'
  7. There are many ways to do this, one way: $str = '012345678912'; echo substr($str, 0, 7) . ' ' . substr($str, 7); substr
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  9. The simple answer is yes.
  10. I'm no expert on speech recognition but I do know this is BS. Technologies like speech recognition are implemented in far higher level "user space" applications. Yeah, there's support for a web speech API at least in Chrome (since about version 11?). I've messed around with it before and it's pretty simple. You won't get support across all browsers, but degrades gracefully to a normal text input if you want to add that extra functionality for chrome users. Here's a basic article on how to use it http://www.sitepoint.com/html5-speech-input-fields/
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  12. // fetch $num from the db $num = 50; if(rand(1, 100) <= $num) { // event occured } Note that this will only work for integer percents, if you want support percentages like 50.35% you'll need to tweak it a bit.
  13. I'd like a car that's good for long and fast driving, any suggestions?
  14. Alex

    beginner to flash

    You're not going to find a tutorial that specific. That's not really a game programming issue anyway. It's more of a general programming thing. When you're searching for solutions don't search for things specific like "character selection screen", search for more abstract terms that relate to what you're doing like "passing data between frames", or something.
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  17. Of course there's always room for improvement, but considering that there aren't any technical details released yet, there isn't much to discuss.
  18. Every time mysql_fetch_array is called, as is mentioned on the manual page, the resource's internal data pointer is moved ahead one. If there are no more rows left, then false is returned, thus stopping the while loop.
  19. PHP GTK always struck me as "Hey, look I can do GUIs in PHP too", a proof of concept made just because it can be done, and not for serious development. I've messed around with it before, and it's definitely not something I would use to create any serious applications. Although it was interesting to mess around and create GUI applications in PHP, there's a severe lack of documentation, and because not many people actually use it, it's hard to find solutions to problems that you encounter. Languages like C++ are definitely more suitable for this type of thing.
  20. That's not the alternative syntax. This is: if ($bal > 100): echo "you have over than 100"; else: echo "you have less than 100"; endif; How do you define "better"?
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  22. That's sometimes referred to as a "slug".
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